How Racial Purity Is Conceived

It appears that Westerners think that the idea of racial purity is dangerous and subversive. I feel that there is too much focus on the name of the idea, while the focus should be entirely on the content of the idea. Names are not perfect, and they do not have to be in order for them to work when it comes to grasping the content of an idea. Names work for us, and that is why we have words in human languages.

Whatever may be said about the imperfect nature of names, they do help to remind us of the content that those names refer to. The content of ideas needs to be felt. We have to intuitively grasp what something truly means in order to make sense of a name. That is why the emphasis should not be on the name, while it should be purely on grasping the content.

The name can be used to trigger a reaction, which will help us to discover what people think the name means. For instance, I might have a negative association with ‘John’. I can have this negative association because something bad happened between me and ‘John’, or at least this may be the case in my perception.

To me, ‘John’ does not feel like a nice person because I perceive that I have a bad history with him. So whenever the name of ‘John’ comes up, this will be my first reaction. However, the content which I associate with ‘John’ may not be true for all ‘Johns’, and it may not even be true for the one ‘John’ from which my negative perception originates. This is just a hypothetical example.

Chinese believe that the Middle Way is the best. A negative perception of John is an extreme. As a traditional Chinese, I will try to understand John even if I feel that he may have done bad things to me. This attitude towards John will make my perception of John more reasonable; it will put things into perspective.

You will often see in Asian dramas (Korean, Japanese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese or mainland Chinese) that characters are not perceived as being absolutely bad, and there is always a good reason for their behaviour which explains why they do what they do, which leads us to emphathise even with the ‘bad guys’ or ‘villains’ in Asian drama series.

An attitude of understanding towards racial purity is consistent with Chinese traditional philosophy. Empathy means hard work, and hard work rather than intelligence is valued in Chinese traditional culture. Let us now try to take an objective look at the content of the idea of racial purity.

I will quote an anthropology blogger:

Some comments:
  • The 140ky divergence time between Eurasians and West Africans is consistent with my idea of Africans being divided into Palaeoafricans and Afrasians. The 140ky gap includes both divergence since Eurasians left Africa, as well as divergence between ancestral Eurasians (“Afrasians”) and earlier African populations (“Palaeoafricans’). It remains to be seen whether the bulk of the 140ky occurred in Africa itself (in which case conventional Out of Africa c. 40kya is affirmed), or outside Africa (in which case Out of Africa c. 100kya, evidenced by early modern skulls acquires a new significance).
  • East Asian – Native American divergence of 22ky predates the known settlement of the Americas. But, this is not a problem, since we must split the 22ky into 15ky (since the settlement), and 8ky, which is reasonable time for divergence between the ancestors of the Chinese and the populations that headed north, and perhaps stayed in Beringia before crossing into the Americas.
  • East Asian – European divergence of 23ky suggests, in agreement with recent mtDNA evidence, that Europeans are not primarily descended from the earliest (or even the latest) Upper Paleolithic population of the continent. This seems to also be in agreement with Y-chromosome evidence that suggests interesting East-West connections in Eurasia that are not easily explained by a simple early divergence model with no subsequent link between east and west (e.g., western E vs. eastern D, western R vs. eastern Q, northern N vs. eastern O, etc.). It is also in agreement with the mtDNA picture (West Eurasian N dominance, East Eurasian mixed N/M).

Read more:

We can argue about minute details, but let us take Europeans and East Asians and assume that they have been distinct for about 23,000 years. If we say that there are 4 generations per century, then there have been about 920 generations for the last 23,000 years where no significant amount of mixing has occurred between East Asians and Europeans, producing separate racial evolution. This shows that racial purity is an ancient/traditional human behaviour. Humanity has practised this since time immemorial, because it is part of evolution. New groups form while they branch off, and racial purity becomes part of their tradition which keeps them distinguished from other groups.

Although the name may be imperfect, I embrace racial purity. It is one of my interests for various reasons: ancestral, historical, traditional, etc. It is correct for me to say that I am interested in racial purity, while I do realise that names are not perfect. Empathy for racial purity, which means empathy for the content of the idea, is sorely lacking in Western society, while there is an environment which seeks to demonise the idea of racial purity. To free ourselves from the perception that racial purity is absolutely bad, our focus should be on the content rather than the name of the idea, while the name is actually irrelevant. A name is merely a tool to describe a complex reality.

Racial purity is complex, and the fact that it has been practised between Europeans and Asians for over 23,000 years is stunning. It is difficult to grasp what such a number means. Truly, I can only feel marvel for that 23,000 figure. What the complex idea of racial purity is about is the sexual relationship between racial groups. Human groups start to diverge once they lose sexual contact, because sex/reproduction is obviously tied to evolution. The lack of significant sexual contact between Europeans and Asians is already a 23,000-year-old tradition, and it is Confucian to respect such an ancient tradition. Practising tradition, according to Chinese traditional philosophy, is a vital source of social harmony in society.



5 thoughts on “How Racial Purity Is Conceived”

  1. goeie dei. Ik wit it net oftst it Frysk lêze kinst. Mar ik kin my gjin net sa goed útdrukke yn it Ingelsk, sels as ik in bytsje Ingelsk lêze kin. Sa kom ik tafallich by jo bloch telâne, en ik fûn jo ynsjocht tige yndrukwekkend.

    Yn Nederlânnen binne der wol Sinezen. Sy binne faak allinnich op harrensels sletten. Ik haw it begrepen dat der sinese skoallen yn myn omjouwing dêr’t de sinese bern leskes oan krije. Dat hawwe myn twa dochters op it fuortsette ûnderwiis my ferteld. Witsto ek wat oer de sinezen yn Nederlannen?

    Ik meistje my in protte soargen oer it feit dat beide dochters no yn leafde reitsje mei de flechtlingen út it midden-easten. Sy hawwe blond hier en blauwe eagen lykas ik. Mar sy fine de oare jongen mei dizze eigenskippen net sa oantrekklik binne. Sy hawwe my sein dat de flechtlingen mei swarte hûd der sterker útseagen. Ik meitsje my no grutte soargen dat miskien ien dei ik in swart bernbern krije kin. Myn buorfrou hat in dochter dy’t lêste moanne ferkrêfte waard troch immen mei swarte hûd. Wat myn buorfrou argewaasje bringt is dat har dochter dat bern net loslitte wol. Dêrom is sy in beppe fan in swart bern wurden. Sy komt by my elke dei gûlend, om’t sy it net ferdrage koe dat sy in beppe wurden is fan in bern dat der sa mâl útsjocht!

    Ik hoopje datst myn berjocht lêze kinst mei Google Translation nei it Ingelsk ta. Ik fyn it tema fan “rassensuverens” bêst wol nijsgierrich. Skriuw me mar werom asto de tiid dêrfoar hast. Ik sjoch dernei út!

    Oan’t sjen.

    Tieneke Stienstra
    In mem mei twa dochters

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    1. Good Day fellow European Nationalist.

      We East Asians support Europeans sticking to their own race and segregating from our race as well. As well as the purging of traitors and all sorts of trash that will undermine the ethnic integrity of a people’s culture, identity and heritage. The Chinese living in Europe should return back to our homelands and whites should also move out of E (SE and NE) Asia back to Europe. And traitors hanged.

      We do not wish diversity on any race except for the Jews as it is genocide and for us it is Yellowcide.

      Regards, Matt.

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      1. Racial purity is relevant for Asians abroad and at home. A lot is needed to bring all Asians back home and for all Whites to return to the West. At the moment there is still a huge Asian diaspora. That is why I wish to win their hearts and to keep them Asian – I also have that wish for Whites. Racial purity can be practised even when there is protracted contact with other races. Racial or ehtnic nationalism is ideal. At the same moment, racial purity is the highest priority. Before there were nation-states, we already practised racial purity and that ancestral traditional is significant.

        Thank you for all your contributions. I enjoy reading them. I hope to see more of you here.


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