Explicit Racial Purity Still Reduces Reproductive Success

Unfortunately, those who are deemed ‘racial purists’ are subjected to severe social punishment and exclusion in the West. While these individuals become personae non gratae, this significantly reduces the reproductive success of individuals who desire to practise racial purity openly. White men who are explicit about their support for racial purity are essentially denied access to White women. This is a serious punishment, because it further undermines the continued survival of the White race. If racial purity cannot be practised openly anymore while mixing can, then mixing is bound to become the norm, or at least that seems to be the way miscegenationists are reasoning. Whether or not this may have the effect intended by miscegenationists, it is clear that miscegenationists do not want ‘racial purists’ to successfully reproduce themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 16.45.51.png


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