Lacking a Culture of Racial Purity

Westerners ostracise those whom they deem ‘racial purists’, which is the hallmark of a culture of intolerance towards racial purity. This means that if an individual does not conform to the prevailing culture of miscegenation, then the group will socially exclude this person and make his/her life very difficult. Social punishment is much more insiduous and efficient than legal punishment. Therefore, the threat of legal punishment is less frightening to people than the threat of social punishment. People can be much harsher to each other than the law can ever be towards individuals.

This has to do with group dynamics. These dynamics have been set up against explicit endorsement of racial purity in the West. Racial purity is still practised in the West by individuals. However, lipservice to mixing is required for one to be accepted by the group. This makes that there are huge social incentives among Westerners not only to support mixing in word, but also to practise it. This contemporary culture is inconsistent with the history of the White race, and it is unfavourable for the basic needs of the White race: group survival. Historically, Whites used to encourage racial purity among themselves, and the mere continued existence of the White race is a testimony to the historical practice of racial purity.

Whites had a custom of racial purity that they practised consistently and continuously. The point is that Whites exist because of a continuous tradition of racial purity. So a culture of racial purity was historically the basis of White racial group survival. The current culture is irreconciliable with that historical culture, and the former will logically lead to the increasingly rapid reduction of the amount of Whites worldwide, whereas the latter would gradually increase the amount of Whites or at least safeguard the status quo. Possessing a culture of racial purity is truly the essence of the protection of the White race, and that has been taken from Whites.

In other words, the right of Whites to exist as a distinct racial entity among the world’s peoples has been taken away. That right has been neglected and scorned, yet I believe that Whites do matter as a race. A right is something that can be taken away from you, but if it is taken away, you can still try to claim it. Some say that there are no ‘rights’, but I think that while it is a basic need of Whites to continue to exist, it is neglecting Whites’ right to exist if you ignore that need. I believe that this right has been aggressively attacked, and that it is even under constant attack in the current cultural environment which exhibits radical intolerance towards racial purity.

I think that there are many people who do sympathise with racial purity, although they feel deeply inhibited from saying so explicitly. An unsafe environment has been created for the open practice of racial purity, which means that it will be practised secretly and implicitly. Social exclusion is a severe measure that the practitioners of racial purity feel threatened by, and as the percentage of mixed relationships that produce offspring will increase, the social pressure on racial purity-based relationships is bound to increase. The latter type of relationships will be seen as increasingly ‘odd’, making the attacks on traditional racial purity-based relationships increasingly severe, while an environment of shocking, abusive tolerance towards these sort of attacks has already been created.


3 thoughts on “Lacking a Culture of Racial Purity”

  1. Astounding clarity and rigorous truth-telling. You understand us Whites better than we understand ourselves these days. It is heart-breaking to think that Whites are capable of such capitulation to a racially-destructive ideology. A very sad state of affairs. Selfishness and egocentricity are at the root of this problem. Whites are blind to what they are doing; they have no concept of where multiculturalism and ever-increasing miscegenation will bring their societies.

    There are several theories as to why this has happened. Perhaps the truth is large enough to contain all of them.


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