Dwelling among the Pure

The social relations between the pure and the mixed are usually characterised by a dependence of the latter on the former. In my previous article I mentioned that Jews have a strong historical tendency to depend on other groups who are racially pure. The fact that race-mixed people are strongly inclined to live among the pure proves to my mind that being race-mixed is not particularly successful. In order to survive, they have to adopt a racial strategy which is essentially about depending on others. Chinese philosophy condemns this sort of behaviour as being a burden to others. Chinese are usually very concerned about not being a burden to others and that is why they stress self-reliance. While race-mixed people feel they cannot survive on their own, they have a tendency to stress reliance on the pure. The daunting task for the pure will be to distance and eventually separate themselves from those who are trying to relying on them so much. Race-mixed people should try to survive on their own and they should not run for cover among the pure whenever things get hard nor should they condemn the pure among whom they live. From a Chinese perspective, you have no right to criticise the people you are depending on. If you live in their house, you should not criticise them. If you make use of their resources, you should not criticise them. However, many race-mixed people seem to be unaware of this social rule that is based on civilised human respect and propriety.


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