The Curious Relationship between the Mixed and the Desire for Racial Purity

The desire for purity does not end with being race-mixed. Despite being heavily mixed with other groups, the Jews do still desire racial purity for themselves. I have analysed racial purity as a behaviour. To be exact, it is a behaviour of sexual commitment to one’s own group. The flip side of the coin of racial purity is sexual non-commitment to other groups. For instance, a White Nordic may only try to find a White Nordic spouse. This behaviour is absolutely normal and it is vital to try to empathise with this. Empathising with normal human behaviour is the way to solve the demonisation of absolutely normal human behaviours. The wider historical context of such behaviours is often ignored, and this inevitably leads to negative stereotypes and biases about racial purity.

Racial identity and sexual commitment to a racial group are usually synonymous. Racial identity makes no sense unless it has sexual/reproductive signficance. What is interesting about mixed-race groups is that they may be confused about their racial identity while they may also be jealous of what they perceive as pure groups. A mixed-race person may experience psychological issues while trying to figure out what group they belong to. Mixed-race persons often end up forming a world of their own within a racially pure society because they do not strictly belong to either of their ancestral groups. However, they may often actually identify with the group that they look most similar to physically. African-White mixes often end up identifying with Africans and usually never with Whites, for instance. This may, nevertheless, feel like an uneasy relationship for them because they realise deep down in their hearts they can never be completely like those whom they identify with, and this hurts them deeply, on a very personal level.

While they are different, race-mixed people may feel inclined to be apologetic about their own existence. Race-mixed people usually punish themselves the most. They end up being their own psychological enemies, because they want to be like others so much. It is human to feel a desire to be like others. While mixed-race people cannot be like their ancestral gropus or like their parents, their success as individuals and as a group is seriously lowered. However, if they do somehow manage to overcome the depression or the trauma associated with being different, which means that they will have to accept who they are, they may start forming a group based on a notion of racial purity. It is quite difficult for people to accept things, and likewise it is very difficult for race-mixed people to accept who they are. Accepting themselves is an intense struggle for racially mixed people, and I can only feel sorry for them because their suffering would be unnecessary in a pure world.

Despite the fact that race-mixed people are a fast-growing demographic worldwide, there are few concrete examples of truly successful race-mixed groups. Liberals are very eager to praise race-mixed individuals whenever they are somewhat successful. This shows their bias against racial purity; they are constantly seeking confirmation that being impure is superior. But are there any successful race-mixed groups on this planet? Actually, Jews are a good example of a successful mixed group. Nevertheless, they are extremely dependent on peoples who are pure. They even need the blood of pure peoples for their own racial improvement. What I mean by that is that they rely on the genes of others. The relationship between Jews and other groups is historically one where Jews rely on other groups, even for their blood. This is no mean statement, but it is based on fact. Jews have historically used the lineages of other groups to improve their own group. Judaism is a genetic strategy. This does however not negate that there is a strong movement for racial purity within the Jewish community. Jews do care about racial purity, because they understand that sexual commitment to their own group is necessary for group survival.




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