A Race Can Be Seen as Water

That is right. Water is a symbol for racial survival. We all want pure water. There is a desire for the purity of water because it aids us in our survival. Humans naturally desire purity, even when they are race-mixed themselves. We do not condemn people as water purists for desiring pure water. Yet, those who desire a pure race are denounced as racial purists. This is a sorry state of affairs. The behaviour of racial purity is the historical norm. Suggesting that racial purity is a Nazi or Communist invention is absolutely preposterous, while it clearly ignores human historical reality. Racial purity is a human tradition. Biological factors may be involved for this human attraction to racial purity (here I briefly talked about the relationship between (evolutionary) biology and racial purity).

When you add a little bit of dirt to a pool of water, it immediately spreads to the entire pool of water. If I told you that a pool of water is 10% poisoned, would you still drink from it? I have a hard time believing that anyone would want to drink from such a pool. People want to drink pure water. Drinking is a behaviour that is the symbol for sex or reproduction, in this case. People want to reproduce or have sex with other individuals who are pure. Even mixed-race people tend to show a preference for the racially pure or what they perceive as pure. However, people tend to experience significant discomfort while being with someone who is racially unsuitable or dissimilar to themselves. People with Dutch heritage will feel more comfortable with people of Dutch heritage, while people of Kenyan heritage will feel more comfortable with people of Kenyan heritage. This is absolutely normal, and there is no reason to condemn this human traditional norm.

People want perfection, beauty and purity, for instance. We may never reach complete perfection, beauty and purity but that should not discourage us from pursuing those ideals with zeal. For most of human history, human beings have indeed pursued such ideals. Pathologising such normal human behaviours as perfection-ism, beauty-ism or pur-ism does not help us to achieve more empathy for the historical human situation. Instead, we should stress the need for empathy towards the human traditional norm. I cannot understand a text properly unless I am trying to be empathetic towards the author. People cannot understand racial purity either unless they try to be more understanding or open-minded towards it. The current lack of empathy with regards to the human behaviour of racial purity blocks the road towards deeper understanding.

The reproductive behaviours of individuals affect the entire race. Racial purity is therefore a fundamental racial interest. It is strange that this basic human interest is not protected by the international law, while it concerns the welfare of large groups of people. Law is supposed to be based on the protection of interests – the interests we see in the real world are made subject to the law. Western law usually condemns racial discrimination. However, this would be like condemning scientific categorisation or the normal human faculty of making distinctions. You cannot condemn people from making racial distinctions, because they will always continue doing so. Moreover, the concept of racial discrimination is based on the false assumption that distinguishing races is necessarily bad. This sort of black-and-white thinking has no place in reality.

While traditional Chinese wish to live in harmony with reality or the universe as one may say, a fundamental principle of Chinese philosophy is the Middle Way. We do not think in absolutes, but we think it is best to live in a state of balance. The idea that racial discrimination is absolutely bad suggests a lack of balanced thinking. The human faculty of discrimination nor the scientific tendency to discriminate is absolutely bad. We discriminate between animal and man, man and woman, White and Asian. These examples of discrimination are not the epitomes of evil. Western paranoia about discrimination feels incomprehensible to my Chinese heart. I am not at all bothered by people discriminating or distinguishing what they observe.

Impurity spreads fast in water, and that is why we do not drink from it anymore once we learn that some impurity has been mixed into the water. Genes spread fast through an entire population. Controlling the gene flow through racial purity is a basic human evolutionary need. To bring the racial destiny of a population under control by means of monitoring sexual/reproductive behaviours is something that aids human evolution as different caskets are created for humanity to put its eggs in.

There is for any human race no matter as important as achieving social harmony by bringing sexual/reproductive behaviours under the control of the racial group. Becoming an impermeable group is not an affair of political ideology, but it is a matter of pure and simple racial survival. Whatever leads to the protection or renewal of racial purity is good for the race. Essentially, racial purity must be renewed with each and every new generation. The intergenerational transmission of the value of racial purity cannot be stressed enough. Neither can the importance of bringing sexual/reproductive behaviours under the control of the racial group ever be underestimated.


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    1. I am curious about noaidi. I want to know more. I have always been interested in Sámi culture. I care about endangered traditional peoples in Europe and elsewhere. I know even entire races can be endangered. If endangered sounds too strong of a word for liberals, then at least let me say that the White race is on the decline. Liberals can agree with me about this, but they do not think it matters. They even celebrate the decline of the White race. I do think the decline of the White race matters, because White people matter. I do not feel there is a need for me to elaborate on that. Anyone with a human heart can understand something as basic as this. No ‘rational’ arguments are needed for this.

      While I am descended from a lineage of traditional Chinese, I am an adherent of Chinese folk religion. This is the pre-Buddhist religion of China. The Japanese have Shinto. Theirs is the religion of the Kami. Ours is the religion of the Shen. The ancient word for our religion is Shendao. Dao means ‘way’ and ‘shen’ means ‘the divine’. Shendao therefore means the ‘Divine Way’ or ‘Way of the Gods’. The Japanese word Shinto is obviously derived from this. ‘Shin’ comes from ‘shen’ and ‘to’ from ‘dao’. The Japanese restored their ancient religion during the Meiji Era. Major objectives of the Meiji Restoration were restoring Japanese absolute monarchy and Japanese folk religion (Shinto). I respect the Japanese.

      Chinese shamanism is intricately tied with Chinese folk religion (polytheism). There have been shamans in Chinese society for thousands of years. Since time immemorial these shamans have acted as rainmakers, sacrificers, soothsayers and healers for the Chinese people. They are the mediators between men and ancestors, men and spirits, men and Gods. The Chinese word for (female) shaman is Wu. That is why Chinese shamanism is also called Wuism. Remember that Chinese shamanism and Chinese folk religion can be distinguished as concepts, but they cannot be separated. Chinese shamanism and Chinese folk religion are part of the same whole. You cannot see them separately.

      Male shaman is called Xi in Chinese. Xi is pronounced like English ‘she’ because ‘x’ is a sibilant sound like ‘sh’ and Chinese ‘i’ is pronounced as the ‘e’ in ‘she’. Chinese still go to shamans for healing, while they go to fortune-tellers for advice. Religion and state were intimately linked in imperial times. People saw the Emperor of China as a Divine Being on earth. Communism heavily suppressed Chinese folk religion. So it retreated into the homes of the Chinese people. It survived Maoism. I have to say that even in my radical Communist days I never renounced Chinese folk religion. It was too closely tied to the identity of my family or lineage. There was absolutely no way that I was going to give up my identity.

      It is fascinating that you feel a close and special relationship with imperial China. I share your feelings about imperial China. For me it is as though I can step back into the past and that the present and the past are only divided by a thin invisible wall that we can just step through, for instance by means of dreams. I feel that the past is still very close, and I find this connection with the past very important. We should not cease to be Chinese and we should not lose our Chinese heritage. The Communists have done so much during the Cultural Revolution to destroy our Chinese traditional culture. Many temples were destroyed. The temples that did survive were turned into insane asylums, schools, hospitals, etc.

      It makes me feel so sad when I think about what happened during the Cultural Revolution. Not only millions of Chinese died, but our culture was also destroyed. The Communists tried to destroy our very soul and to sever our ties with the past. They wanted to create a ‘New China’. I have always felt mysteriously attracted to the ‘Old China’. I feel that the ‘Old China’ represents authentic Chinese culture. I hope that China will experience a Cultural Restoration that has three main objectives: restoring Chinese folk religion, restoring absolute monarchy, and bringing an end to foreign infiltration. Marxism is not even Chinese. I mean, Karl Marx was not a Chinese person. I feel Marxism can never be Chinese. We will always have an uncomfortable situation with Communism. We should be honest with ourselves. The only authentic Chinese culture lies in the past and so that is where we should look for it.


      1. You have the anger, the passion and the conviction.. as well as the truth of an idea whose time has come. If sufficiently guided by circumstance and faith the keys for true change is in your hands.

        The time of cyclical destruction is at hands.. as revealed in prophecy. This is a time where destruction will serve as a catalyst for extreme radical change.. A time for the old to give place for the new. For the rancid corpse of modern civilisation to serve as nourishment of a new order. A brave new world where those that saw through the flaws of the current system will have their chance to carve out a new civilisation, a new beginning.

        A renaissance in the truest sense of the word.

        For true change to truly flourish and prosper the old has got to go. This will be painful for many but in the end it will be worth it. Life is truly never ending.. and this is just another phase, another cycle. In the end it will happen again and again in infinity and we will be there. From samsara to nirvana..

        It will be a time of hardship, collapse and destruction but it will also be a joyous time as the old traditions finally reassert themselves.

        I could write about this for hours but I think that is enough. This is what the spirits have told me, this is the new age foretold by Blavatsky and Crowley. The great turning of the wheel..

        In mundane terms this will be accomplished by overturning the rule of the globalist elite. Jewish and others. I don’t know how familiar you are with this aspect of the globalist elite but they are themselves at the higher levels very steeped in ancient mystical doctrines and such theories. Mystical secret societies that use their knowledge for worldly gains. The black lodge.. with its tentacles like an octopus strangling the world.

        This is the number one problem we face.. our only problem from which all others arise. This one problem that will finally be rectified. A worldwide revolution.. but not like the others, this revolution will not fizzle out into nothing or blend into the old framework. No, this revolution will be a paradigm shift the likes of which the world has never before known.
        Uhm.. surely the time has come.

        Anyway, sorry for going off on a tangent like that.

        Curious about the noaidi huh.. well, I don’t know. There’s not much to say.. I said lineage, the truth is there is no lineage. The mystical dimensions of the sami culture is all but dead.. you cannot really find a noaidi.. that knowledge is lost, as well as large parts of the culture.. the evil Christians made sure of that. Modernity was just the last nail in the coffin.

        The only way to truly know about the ancient noaidis is through mystical means – through direct memory. But attaining such a high level of mystical knowledge is easier said than done.. hazy glimpses is one thing, really remembering is another.

        That culture is never coming back.. and a part of myself miss it. Those times are never coming back.. like ancient China.. exactly how it was. The Taoism, Buddhism, the folk religions.. that unique mix. Never coming back.

        What I can say that can’t really be corroborated is that the samis became the heirs of the knowledge passed down through the survivors of Thule.. and they guarded this knowledge fiercely. Thus why they made the choice to live in the most inhospitable of regions.. a place where they could preserve the wisdom without greed or the lust for power corrupting and twisting the knowledge for its own gain. And for thousands of years this is what they did.. but given enough time everything is eventually forgotten.

        I wish I knew more but I am still young.. I am still in training. It’s important to have a master, but many people don’t realize that to non humans this information is still extant.. They know so knowledge can be transferred without a teacher even if having a real teacher is of the utmost importance when doing serious work.

        You mention endangered peoples.. and it’s ironic that liberals would do anything to preserve non white traditional peoples but the truth is they wouldn’t even consider white people the traditional people of Europe.. or at least that’s not how they would think of it at the first glance. Certainly they wouldn’t ever think of preserving white people. White people could never be traditional or natives.. in their mind. But they are insane.

        What I first admired when I read your posts was how you realized this. I had long noticed how common it is for non white people to almost instinctively classify humanity into two groups.. whites and non whites, and non whites as a large monolithic block as opposed to white people. Furthermore, a monolithic block in opposition to white people.. the scum of the Earth. It’s unusual to find non whites that would ever think of whites in other terms than those presented to them by the globalist propaganda.. just as deserving of life as all other peoples.

        Yes, that’s when I went.. “this girl is something special alright”..
        And to speak about it against such fierce opposition.. and really care. Yep, special alright.

        It’s interesting that you say you were a communist. Personally I was fiercely anti-communist even before I really knew what communism was which was a little bit weird. These days I am of the belief that I lived in the USSR in my last life and this put an imprint on my spirit, I hated the communists so intensely with all my heart.

        There’s some interesting stuff about Russia I could talk about that I’ve been interested in for quite some while now. Though information is scarce at best. Conspiracy type stuff.. I am of the belief that Christian mystics and others wrestled Russia back from under the control of the Jewish bolsheviks.. there’s not much to go on. I suppose Putin in some sense is the best evidence of this.. but there’s some other trails too. Hence why Putin is such a determined enemy of the western based globalists and their institutions of power.

        Either way I digress.

        I think this has also influenced my way of looking at China.. last time I was in China there were no communists. So ever since I was young I always had the view that China needed to be saved from the godless communist enemy. It’s weird maybe but that was my view and my opinion of China.. it needed to happen sooner or later. Just like with Russia. After that a renaissance could commence.
        We don’t need worthless bureaucrats we need philosopher kings.. like the legendary emperors. Enlightened rule.

        Are you familiar with “traditionalists” like Julius Evola? That is my belief. Enlightened rule has always been the most superior form of government. The only problem is finding enlightened candidates. True sages like in our most ancient past.. the mythical god kings and queens.

        As far as religion and Chinese folk religion I have always felt that such traditions are important.. but I also take the view of a scientist. Great masters have always been scientists.. from Laozi to Buddha and others. Truth is greater than any religion.. so to me that is the most important thing. To me Buddhism is the most superior science on the planet right now. I still respect other religious traditions and truth can also be found in other contexts but Buddhism is the best extant “system” or spiritual science on the planet as of now. As an occultist I cannot think of any other tradition that comes close. Sure there are others, other paths.. and they work. But compare with Christianity and the Western occult tradition which is a hodgepodge patchwork of different traditions. The former was immediately twisted after Jesus died and the latter isn’t a complete system in itself.

        Buddhism was complete and remained so.. all a student ever needed. And it has survived to a large extent. Spiritual infrastructure is also important.. and the greatest spiritual infrastructure in the world today has survived in Tibet: to have many lineages that are ancient and still alive.. to have a significant portion of the population that still knows and practices the same teachings. That is the most valuable treasure and that is why Buddhism is the most complete religion as far as I’m concerned.

        (A lot of teachers will tell a student that he should study the religion of his people instead of searching for exotic exciting religions.. And I agree, to a certain extent. The problem comes when there is no such complete tradition to study except mythology.

        The cultural revolution was horrible.. but in my mind this is exactly what Christianity did to Europe and other parts of the world too. They killed our religious traditions, our culture our spirit.

        So while I cherish the stories of Odin and others he didn’t really leave any teachings behind. Besides, in this day and age when we have the great opportunity to study traditions comparatively side by side that is what I will do. In the end truth is reached through personal gnosis and experience.. this has always been the teaching of the esoteric traditions, a practical science.. knowledge gleaned through first hand experience.

        Oh wow.. quite a rant at this point I think.. you wrote some interesting things about Chinese shamanism but for now I’m out of words, I suppose I don’t need to comment on everything.. (especially when I have no clue).

        Interesting stuff though.. so is Xi related to Xian as in immortal?
        And how do you feel about Taoism and Buddhism? Buddhism is one thing I suppose as it’s originally a foreign religion but Taoism is about as Chinese as it gets? Is the folk religion you practice divorced from both Taoism and Buddhism or does it incorporate elements of both perhaps?

        Well, ten thousand years to you.


        1. I enjoy listening to your stories, and I would like to hear more. You seem to be a person who has a lot of inspiration. I am someone who loves to learn. I saw Whites are in deep trouble as a race despite great historical achievements in philosophy, art, science and technology – I am someone who cannot ignore the cries of people who are in trouble. My awakening to the racial situation in the West has been quite a journey – a spiritual journey I can say – for me. I am just very grateful that I could learn these things, and I must say that it has not always been easy. I had to give up my Marxist views, and later I had to give up my liberal views – my personal evolution was quite tough.

          What helped me was that I wanted to receive things. I feel that being open-minded is the only proper way to practise Chinese folk religion on a psychological level – and the great thing is that you can carry open-mindedness with you wherever you are. I feel that if we are not open-minded, we cannot receive truths about the world, the ancestors, and the Divine. I am a zealous truth-seeker, and that is why I support the White race, why I support racial purity, and why I support absolute monarchy. I feel no anger, but I only feel the desire to know. I am not someone who bears anger against the world or universe in her heart – I believe and feel the universe is holy and divine.

          Moreover, the dire consequences of importing millions of people and White people mixing with them frightens me. What happens to the West will affect the East. Chaos quickly spreads arounds the world – and that is why I prefer there to be racial purity and social harmony in the West. Monarchies in the past would also help out neighbouring countries whenever there was a threat which endangered the institution of monarchy. I do not want the West to be destabilised because that is dangerous for the rest of the world. The attacks on the racial purity – hence the survival – of the White race are absolutely frightening. Amidst the chaos, a new order may arise before it is too late.

          The revolution Kai Murros predicts may indeed happen. However, what is important is life after the revolution – we cannot live for a revolution. I hope that people will be prudent enough to restore the tradition of hereditary leadership: absolute monarchy. I practise Chinese folk religion which does reject Buddhism. I feel that the greatest religious challenge for the practitioners of Chinese folk religion in this age is to seek authenticity within the system of Chinese folk religion because Chinese folk religion is whole in itself. At the same time, I praise the fact that Buddhists support (absolute) monarchy. Apparently they also listen to the higher messages from within our souls and consequently recognise that there is a human need for (absolute) monarchy. I am looking forward to listening to your stories. I sense you have a lot to tell.


          1. You want to hear my stories eh? Maybe some other time I tell you about the fairie realms or the realm of the Crystal Queen. Maybe I tell you about Ziyi Zhang in her elemental deva incarnation. It is true, Ziyi Zhang was once one of the most beautiful elemental maidens and I ruthlessly pursued her love. I had to have her, I had to conquer her haughty independent spirit. I was spellbound, but so was she. She had to conquer this arrogant human man that was impudently challenging her usual self-assured sexual superiority. You can still sense the elemental spirit of her character sometimes when she is at her most ethereal and seductive in her performances. She loved me but she could never stand me being with other women or even me looking at them with lust. Indeed this is the way of female nymphs, in the end she resorted to sorcerous means as a way to hurt me and another woman I loved. So I did what I had to do and I bound her to my service.. but that is a story for another day.

            Maybe I joke? Who knows, what I do know is that the following is no joke.

            Stories eh?

            Ok. Let me speak bluntly then. Let me give you a rare glimpse into a mind consumed by madness. The mind of an initiate. I don’t speak of these things to people, because few appreciate the perspective of someone like me.

            I had already written this comment and it wasn’t really supposed to be directed at anyone.. I just started writing though I suppose I had thought of you in the back of my mind.

            It started with one thought I had while thinking of your latest reply and our back and forth. The thought of the truth being out there in plain sight.. but no one caring. And then it snowballed and I ended up with a genuinely insane rant. As anybody would see it. I suppose I am insane but I am since long used to being an alien and a hermit among people. Besides, sanity is so boring.
            You may ignore the last part if you wish.. it is simply what flowed from my mind..

            So here we go:

            You know I just love spelling the truth out in plain sight.. Because while someone might dismiss it and laugh.. in truth I am the one silently laughing. Because they are the fool of this story.. It’s funny how they might stumble upon the truth and then just dismiss it and forget it like that, never knowing any better.

            Because no one cares, it doesn’t register in their minds.. and they are often too shallow to ever pursue it.

            That is why the truth doesn’t need to be hidden, it is not occult or occulted because people hide it although that too has happened. It is occulted because ‘the vulgar’ never consciously seek it out. They abhor it because subconsciously they know the truth is veiled in darkness, and to find it they have to painstakingly explore the darkness within themselves.

            And most are too busy with their lives.. arcane secrets? In this day and age it’s a joke that conjures up images of Merlin and Gandalf.. but in the ancient days these secrets were solemnly revered and afforded the highest of respects.

            It’s funny isn’t it? I could openly read some of these secrets on the internet just by typing a few words. All of it at my fingertips.. secrets that men once died to protect. Knowledge that priesthoods jealously guarded and kept for themselves.

            All out there in the open, in plain sight.. But who cares?

            I do. You know why?

            Because these secrets if afforded their due respect could single-handedly change the world, because all societal change has to happen within the individual first.. The final revolution can only come once mankind finally grows up and acknowledges and lives by these eternal truths.

            This is the truth of emancipation. This is the knowledge that if used right could help us develop a truly mature and responsible society. This is the complete opposite of our modern day societies, this is the complete opposite of using occult knowledge for the practice of control. This is using occult knowledge for the betterment of humanity and civilisation. In truth this truth is the greatest weapon and if properly understood and appreciated the greatest fear of and threat to any dark magician bent on control. It is impossible to control a sovereign being that knows his place and is cognizant not only of himself and his environment but of his spiritual station in the wider cosmos.

            You can not lie to someone that knows the truth, the only way to lie to someone is to keep them away from the truth.

            And this is where we’re at today, we are controlled by our lack of knowledge.. we do not who or what we are, every day of our lives we are assaulted by other peoples thoughts about what reality is, or how things are. Until we give in to the pressure of the consensus reality we are presented with. Furthermore, there is no serious challenger to this manufactured consensus reality and any real challenger could instantly be labelled a crackpot. Perfectly natural occurences goes on outside of that intellectual construct – that purely mental map as opposed to terrain – every day, just as real as you and me.. yet they are either wholly unknown or they might even be thought of as impossible. When one’s limitation of the possible is controlled in this fashion everything outside of that little box – that individually forged reality tunnel and personal map of reality – would be deemed impossible, anything could go under the nose of a person like that. They would not know it if they lived under a system of control, they could be living under a system of control and they wouldn’t know any better. Only one truth is permissible and everything else is derided as fringe. A people that is inculcated to protect their comfortable and familiar status quo ends up attacking anything that would seek to undermine or overthrow their current paradigm. Any subversive information that might upset one’s comfortable status quo worldview is seen as a threat not only to their intellect – because it’s an insult to their intelligence and the conclusions they’ve “come to”, or rather those that they have accepted rather blindly and arbitrarily – but also to the comfortable calm that they have gotten used to and lived inside of for their whole lives. Their normalcy bias does not normally permit them to transcend this intellectual obstacle, this distortion in their perception of how things are.

            Peoples perception can only register a fragment of our reality, beyond our perception there are vistas of experience that would blow the mind of all humans, views of perception that are so alien to us we couldn’t ever hope to understand them with our puny little minds. We limit ourselves, being born as a human is being born limited. Study the Buddhist cosmology on Wikipedia, “the 3 worlds”, the 31 planes of existence. Imagine having no perception at all. Just think about that one.. The formless realms, some of the highest of planes. This is the scientific description of reality and the different levels of planes by an avatar of God – a spirit completely awakened to the ultimate reality. Who could ever hope to provide a more accurate assessment coming from a place of knowledge and first hand experience?

            Either way I digress.

            You have already seen through part of this system of lies.. in some sense for you the veil have fallen. Whole societies believe in preposterous and absurd lies like in the West and you know this. But what more absurd lies have society tacitly and blindly accepted? This unconscious and blind force of collective consciousness.. which ideas have falsely become embedded as truths in this sea of people?

            Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth.

            “The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”

            “How you hate honest judges! How you despise people who tell the truth!”

            That first quote is George Orwell, the second one is scripture.

            Our leaders keep the truth away from us and only promote their own twisted predatory perception of things. We are controlled by what we know or think we know and what we do not know.

            A black magician wants only two things.. increased power and increased control. And he will use any means necessary to achieve these goals. And to him a persons lack of knowledge is a plus. He keeps knowledge to himself and strives to keep it from others.

            Let me speak a little bit about the nature of evil, I actually have to to accurately describe the situation on this planet. Not the evil as commonly understood in a modern Darwinian sense, but evil as understood by the spiritual traditions of our ancient past. Let me speak from the perspective of this perennial wisdom as the wise sages throughout history have understood things. I speak from this perspective but these are also truths that I have personally come to learn about intimately in my journey.

            Modern man has forgotten and dismissed the very real war of darkness and light, good and evil. But while mankind dreams away this battle rages on.. primarily between the highly evolved on either side of the spectrum. Yes, advanced evil exists and there is a negative spiritual evolution that mirrors the quest for immortality and union with the divine godhead, the quest for godhood or rather those two different quests.. One being an inverted perversion and a natural outcome of our free will. Spirituality turned in on itself, the exact opposite of union with the divine is the will to remain separate and this too can be taken to an extreme. An evolutionary dead end as far as real spiritual evolution is concerned, but nevertheless a path of its own with its own naturally inherent progress. Beings that strive to perfect their evil and follow their path to its natural conclusion. Taken to such an extreme this leads to endless selfishness.. this is indeed the path of darkness. To achieve godhood by one’s own means, not to serve others as a Bodhisattva but as a means to further one’s power and one’s limitless thirst for self-indulgence.. Oh, how they would have loved some of the lower heavens.. Plenty of self-indulgence there. Wrong path demon.. such spirits may end up being destroyed and returned to the primordial soup. Rehabilitation is all but impossible as you might imagine. But they end up liking their world of darkness. Their choice.. but one of the rawest, most painful and most serious of truths out there.

            People have zero knowledge of advanced evil. A demon lord is a being of such an utmost evil that most humans could not and would not want to understand. Well, you can sort of imagine the type of creature we’re talking about here

            The point here is that these demons do not sit idly by either.

            You do not believe me? Ask the Buddha.. ask any master. They may not speak of it directly but they all know of demons and they all acknowledge their existence. And this isn’t some cheesy metaphor either but the very real truth as described by all great masters and all spiritual traditions. People may believe in Jesus, Krishna or the Buddha quite lackadaisically and randomly but this is one of those topics that they usually will only skim the surface of or never think about deeply as far as what consequences to reality this would actually entail. The concept of a negative spiritual evolution for example.. which is a natural consequence of the existence of demons. Not even priests usually think of these things.. and they usually have no personal knowledge or experience of it. This is not true with the sorcerer or the shaman, they know of these things intimately through personal experience.

            This is the eternal war and unseen it rages on unknown to the vast majority of humanity.

            And since these beings do not at all respect other beings their favorite pastime is stealing negative life force energies from other lower dimensional beings. They may not be more advanced spiritually than most humans but their evolution still goes on, instead of developing their benevolence they instead ruthlessly pursue their mental evolution and anything that might give them an edge over any being that hasn’t chosen the same path: all of them which are nothing but and only prey. Such a being is a fearsome being. And such a spirit incarnated as a human would be the most vile of psychopaths – and yes, sometimes this is the true nature of a psychopath. If sufficiently advanced in its evil evolution this person could be a fearsome adept of the dark arts. This raises endless questions but these are questions that can not be coherently understood purely intellectually but can only be correctly understood as part of a larger curriculum of mystical education with a steep learning curve. Real gnosis as opposed to merely reading about something. So there’s no need to get into that as I don’t even have all the answers myself. I’m a low level adept at best myself but I know the basics.

            Either way. Continuing.

            So, this is the true nature of our current system of control. The black magicians are in charge at the absolute top, they run their organisation based on meritocracy, their ‘spiritual mandate’ and their knowledge of spiritual matters and thus only the most advanced spiritually(least advanced) get to be at the helm of things and make decisions on the most important matter – this is also because the black magicians are the only ones that can be in direct communication with the demon lords of the negative hierarchy they are under the authority of.

            In addition to this certain bloodlines are of the utmost importance to these families and they strive to preserve them meticulously through history – look at the European royalty – the so called black nobility descended from some of the very same bloodlines that ruled the empires of the ancient world. They see themselves as descended from gods like the ancient royals but the truth is they are impostors and they lack the true heavenly mandate for any such position. These secret societies have usurped the throne in their service to darkness. The true god kings of legend were great sages and teachers of the divine wisdom. Bodhisattvas descended specifically on a mission to order society in a lawful harmonious fashion. You might want to read up on the accomplishments of the fallen angels of the bible that the Jews later demonized – they procreated with man and brought civilisation and science to man – mirroring the story of other legendary gods like Fuxi and Nüwa. But I digress.

            Everyone in the hierarchy that is visible to the public are only puppets at best. And of course, above these demons in human form are the invisible decentralized negative hierarchy of the planet. Their operation is one of chaos and destruction.. and suspended animation since they feed off of negative energies.. in their eyes this planet is their farm and in many ways that is entirely true.

            These are the archons.

            So this is the planetary situation from the esoteric point of view.. a point of view and a story that was once told by the ancient gnostics. These gnostic groups that called Yahweh the devil were later persecuted and wiped from the pages of history. One of the last surviving groups that taught this doctrine was the Cathars of France and they were all ruthlessly slaughtered by the Church in the Albigensian Crusade. Coincidence I’m sure.. that all the groups that held mystical knowledge were ruthlessly persecuted by the church. Apostates, pagans, witches. The slaughter of the Cathars was the beginning of the Inquisition. In this way Europe differs rather heavily from the East. For some reason the dark powers have built their earthly institutions of power in the West with the US as the main enforcer of their global agenda.

            And on the war rages on.. the war is now on to dismantle their earthly institutions of power. Once the cat is out of the bag they will never be able to put that secret in the box again. Everyone will know and everyone will strive to undo the untold damage these groups have already done.. Everything will be scrutinised and thought of in those terms, in the context of that former system of control. Everything will be devised and constructed in those terms with safeguards built in. Everything that was flawed in the former system will be addressed and everything that was purposely twisted to conform to a system of control will be known. And for some time it will work too.. and then the cycle will begin again.

            The story of humanity they say.. How many destructions have we seen on this planet? And before that in infinity? A Brahma can create worlds and is still stuck in the wheel of samsara.. How old is he? And yet and still one day he will be an ant once again..

            You and me are both older than this universe..

            Buddhas we have been, and Buddhas we shall be again.. the wheel never stops. Unless one wants to jump off into the sea and become one with it.

            That is the end game of the endless game.. a game that can be played again and again and again.

            Endless love, endless pain.. just to experience ourselves and others, to love, to laugh and to cry in this game of ours.

            Now, the reason that I’m writing this to you is because the gods have told me that the time has come for you to increase your powers and to increase your understanding. They have been watching and they are impressed by your mental acuity and the intellectual progress that you’ve been making. None of it has been a coincidence, you have learned exactly what was designed for you to learn in order for you to play the role that the gods have awarded you with. It is now time for you to dive deeper into the mysteries of life in preparation for the grand show, that spectacle we’ve been waiting on for so long. They have your back and you will be where you need to be when you need to be there. You needn’t worry, everything has its own time and in time everything will be revealed.

            The curriculum has only started.. this is the part where it gets truly interesting.

            Now you are the chosen of the gods! It is time to take your demagoguery to the next level. The time to defeat the devils have come, that synagogue of Satan. To take a stand against the spiritual wickedness in high places. The time have come to kill the Jewish demon god.

            “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

            “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

            The true revolution will be forged in blood and destruction. No quarter will be given, we will fight until the last drop of blood and our marching feet will shake the heavens themselves! We will trample the enemy beneath our feet and by our will we will tear down the blasphemous edifice of the false demon god! It is our will and it is our destiny to destroy this hated enemy. In fact they are the same thing and we will die a thousand times over to make it so.

            That is our destiny. The Apocalypse.. The lifting of the veil, the great revealing..
            The ultimate victory of good over evil.

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            1. Despite not being written for me, much of what you have said here ( Infamous Rebellion ) resonates with me. I feel like you are a channel for Truth.

              It pleases me that I have had the good fortune to come across this comment of yours. I wish you all the best in our Dark Age – much of what you say reminds of me of the work of Savitri Devi. I’ve just finished reading her ‘magnum opus’ – The Lightning and The Sun.

              I too am still but a novice, learning all that I can and doing my best to fit the pieces together.


      2. Wow. I have reverence and respect for Chinese culture and history. The same respect for my wife.. she just happened to be born and raised in Suzhou. I happened to be born in USA. True, we will not have children together, she has a son from previous marriage. The people I encountered on my many trips to mainland China has been 100% positive. Her family is now my family. I was not only accepted, but also welcomed…. after mother decided I was a good man:) 9 years later… I could not imagine life without my wife and family. She is my wife… not my “Asian” wife.
        Although I cannot entirely agree with your point of view, some of your points are valid… I respect your intentions.


  1. I must say that I feel rather appalled about what I read here. I am a Spanish man married with a German woman. We have two children, both adopted. The elder was born in Spain, but her genetic roots are in Morocco. The younger was born in Jianxi, in China. We adopted her when she was 10 month old, abandoned in a “social home”. What you say about “race shock” is completely non-sense. I love my daughters and have a very tender, loving, close, intimate relationship with them. They are culturally Spanish (we live in Madrid) and, to a lesser extent, German. However, I can see some genetic features that enrich our family, just colorful aspects which are not at all endangering our harmony and love as a family. I have good friends that are Asian, and I can perfectly imagine having fallen in love with an Asian woman open to other cultures, and making a family with her. Why not? Of course, there would be some cultural barriers to overcome. However, is not that a source of wisdom, and, ultimately, a healthy challenge to overcome it and becoming a better, with a wider consciousness, human being? Your head, despite your excellent communication skills, and your strong personality, seems to be full of ghosts, of fear. You look you want to be reassured in something, it seems that you feel that your sense of identity (and, by extension, the sense of identity of the rest of the world) is at stack. You embrace fiercely race, as others embrace fiercely religion, nation, political views, or superstition. There is little in your view that is prone to be enriched form direct experience, or from reliable facts, or from rational thinking. You seem to reinforce emotionally your opinions as something similar to “a path to Heaven” for the fanatics. Just open your mind and your heart as much as you can for understanding this: Love is One, Goodness is One, no matter there are many races, many religions and many cultures. Whatever is worth to be preserved, will be preserved, but never will be preserved by dismissing, judging, annihilating anybody else’s Love. Who do you think you are to dismiss the love of two persons committed to bring up a family, whatever their circumstances are? Cultural diversity is not at stack, we are not racing to mix all races together frivolously, “by fashion”. But love appears in the most unexpected ways, and is the most powerful force on Earth. The opposite, what you advocate for, to avoid the mixing of races, to socially condemn any mixed couple, is not only unnecessary, is cruel and absurd. You seem still young, so you are still on time to rectify your steps into an abyss ultimately leading to hate, exclusion and emptiness. And, please, note that every of this words have been written from heart, from a person that, more than admiring, almost venerates Chinese art, philosophy and culture in general, and Taoism and Chang (Zen) Buddhism in particular (还会说和读一点儿汉语。)
    I hope you are still open to communication, for that would be an excellent sign.
    Regardless you decide to reply or not, I send to you my sincere best wishes,



    1. Feel free to look around on my blog and you are welcome to comment on my articles. I respect different points of view, and I welcome views that are different from my own – I am open to discusson on my blog. You seem to be a very dedicated parent, and I praise your dedication.

      Cross-racial adoption is a choice that affects your environment – Chinese would be cautious with this sort of choice. You choose to take people from another race into your country, and that is a choice with consequences. It is a fact that people did historically not adopt children from other races. This is only a novelty. Even if cross-racial adoption happened sporadically in history, this was so rare that it was completely insignificant. Today cross-racial adoption is more common and it is definitely shaping the demographic landscape. It is possible to adopt children from other countries today, and while the governments of the people have ceased to be the guardians of racial purity for the people’s sake, it is said that adopting children from other races is an individual choice.

      I appreciate that you have shared your deepest personal emotions with me. The deepest concern of my heart goes to you, your wife, and your children. I am concerned about the well-being of others, and while I know that it is a fact that cross-racial adoptions on average more often lead to problems than same-racial adoptions, I feel very cautious about adopting children from other races. I want the best for the children as well as the well-meaning parents who are open to the possibility of adoption.

      As a Chinese traditional person I feel it is best not to assume that the raising of children is successful until they have already been raised – humble caution is a Chinese traditional value. Your emotions may change, and I cannot predict either what may happen in the future. I can merely hope that the future will bring what is best for you, your wife, and your children – my heart goes to all of you.


      1. Thank you for your reply. So, do you think that was better leaving my daughters in social institutions, raising without the love of a family, and so avoiding the “race mixing shock”? It seems that you put race above all other factor and criteria. This seems to me completely out of criterion and proportion, and arguably arbitrary and unfair. If you are concerned about the wellbeing of my daughters you should be happy that my wife and I adopted them. We are not heroes, of course, we are just like other parents, that devote themselves to their children. Blood and race are completely secondary. We may have some problems in the future, but we will fight for overcoming them. For now our girls and we are happy, which does not mean that we are naive. There may be problems, similar or different form problems that happen in other families with a common race or common genes. however not even a second we doubtes about that giving our daily love to these abandoned girls was right in every sense of the word.
        Best wishes for you,


        1. I appreciate your sincere words and that you are pouring out your heart to me as you write and I trust you love your daughters deeply.

          How being raised by people of another race will affect them individually remains to be seen. We cannot judge that yet at this point. At the same time, what we need to realise is that the chance to be raised by people of their own culture has been taken away. They may experience difficulties with this later. Whatever may be said about being raised in an institution, being raised by people of your own culture is also worth something. I take the side of the children first and foremost. It would have been ideal for them to be raised by their own parents. Naturally biological parents are inclined to give their children everything they have – and more.

          I have not always been able to see my parents when I was young. I was raised by my grandparents. Sometimes I have travelled with my dad just to be with him. I love my family because they are my blood and I come from them – I know my roots and that gives me a sense of security in this world. Not everyone can be raised by their parents or grandparents. Some children end up in an orphanage. Even if they do not have their parents, at least they can have their culture.

          Terrible things happened when children were taken from their original cultures, such as among the Aboriginals in Australia. I do not blame Whites for this. They meant well by doing so – they were motivated by altruism. At the same time, we may feel that taking someone away from their own people’s culture is a modern form of imperialism or colonialism. Who are we to take others away from their culture? We may feel that question arising in our loving hearts.

          I know there are thousands of loving Whites out there who mean well by adopting children from other races. At the same time, love does not always save us from committing cruelty. We can do bad things to others even if we mean well. I do not know whether taking children away from their original culture – the culture of their parents and grandparents – is the best thing for them.

          I believe that institutions, despite imperfections, can also do a decent job at raising children. At least they can offer those adorable children their own culture. I feel it would not be proper to dismiss institutions outright. We also send our children to school every single day. Most of their time, in many countries, is spent with teachers – not parents. We feel there is nothing wrong with this. We even think it is good for them.

          Please stick around. I am deeply thankful for your perspective. Your voice is welcome here. I wish you, your wife and the girls the best.


        2. Hi Javier,

          I and am sure many other Chinese people sincerely appreciate your altruistic act of adopting the young orphaned girl from Jiangxi, and providing her a better life. Although I don’t necessarily agree with every aspect of (what seems to me to be) a fairly hardline position on race by the OP, I do reckon she brings up some very valid points, as one’s race and ethnicity inevitably makes up an integral part of a person’s identity, regardless of whether he/she wants that or not.

          You should give this NYT article “Why a Generation of Adoptees Is Returning to South Korea”(https://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/18/magazine/why-a-generation-of-adoptees-is-returning-to-south-korea.html) a read, as it might potentially provide some insights with respect to your daughters in the future. Of course not all foreigner adoptees would necessarily feel the yearning to return or even to learn about the land of their genetic ancestors, but I do wish to point out that for some people, even if they have grown up completely assimilated into their adopted culture, it may still not be enough for their personal journey of self-actualization.


    2. As in men fan twa, docht it me sear om jo reaksje te lêzen. Faaks kinne jo myn reaksje net sa goed begrype, mar it liket my wol mooglik dat jo it eefkes it útprobearje om myn reaksje te oersetten nei jo taal, of it Ingelsk, it Spansk, it Dútsk of sels it sineesk, as jo wêsbern it foar jo oersette kin!

      It gebrûk fan it wurd “ferryking” (jo “enrichtment”, as ik it Ingelsk goed kin) is ferkeard, tink ik. Jo beredenearje allinnich fan jo spanske eftergrûn as in man dy’t de genen fan ús genen besykt te stellen. ik bin sels in Fries dy’t suvere germaanske genen by harrensels hat. en dêrom binne myn dochters en neikommelingen heechwierskynlyk suvere as jo frou dy’t út Dútslân kommen is. Ommers is de tsjinwurdige Dútslân net mear sa fol mei minsken mei blond hier en blaue eagen as yn it ferline. Faaks krije jo in minderweardige frou, harren bloed dy’t al fermengd is dejinge fan de saneamde “minsken mei in immigrasjeftergrûnd”.

      Ik fyn dat jo gjin ear hawwe tsjinoer de oare rassen. Jo prate fan “ferryking” allinnich fan jo eigen eagpunt. Jo ferryking is de efterútgong fan ‘e oare ras. Jo hawwe ommers de karsfrijheid fan jo frou of jo libbenspartner ûntnommen om in op syn foarâlderen lykjend bern nei de wrâld bringe te kinnen. Ienfâldichwei hawwe jo gjin acht nommen fan it feit dat jo de oare ras oantast hawwe.

      Nettsjintemin, doarre jo noch fan “leafde” te sprekken? Dat liket my it ALDERRAARST!

      Wat betsjut “leafde” (love) as jo gjin leafde hawwe foar ‘e besûndere eigenskippen fan ‘e oare ras? Jo sjogge dingen allinich oan fan jo eigen perspektyf. Hjit dit net eins “selssucht”? Is selsucht dan nei jo miening in foarm fan leafde?

      Ik wachtsje jo reaksje stil ôf.

      (Jo meie “Google Translation” brûke as jo it net begrype wat ik te sizze haw).

      Folle sukses!



      1. You Tieneke are just a disgraceful Nazi, do not deserve a word from me. Go and learn something (English, for instance), get some culture outside your little Frisian countryside. You can go admiring all kind of racist people from other races. Ridiculous, and sad. Very sad.


        1. Tige Tank foar jo berjocht!

          Ik fyn it sels ûnfersteanber wêrom’t jo sa fijannich binne tsjin my en ek tsjin de oare groep minsken. Jo hawwe sein dat jo wolle dat ‘e oaren iepener steane foar ‘e oare tinkbylden. Mar jo hawwe it sels net dien. Jo libje noch altyd yn jo wrâld fan ûnwirklikens.

          It docht my sa sear dat sokke selssuchtige persoan sa’t jo bestiet.

          Ik kin jo Ingeksk goed lêze. Mar ik wol dat jo dermei ophâlde om sa ferskriklike namme te brûken. Jo binne sa ûnbeskaafd yn jo gedraging dat ik sels net wit wêr’t jo wei komme.

          Om jo “leafde” sjen te litten, wolle jo ek in bytsje Frysk leare? Of hawwe jo der gjin sin oan, om’t jo eins gjin leafde foar ‘e oaren hawwe as josels?

          Ik sjoch nei jo reaksje út. Ik moat no myn dochters noch eefkes mei harren wurken op skoalle helpe.


            1. Ik bin tige teloarsteld mei jo opstelling. Wat betsjut dat jo der ‘e foarkar foar hawwe dat jo myn berjocht net begrype? Ik kin jo spansk wol begrype mei help fan Google Translation. As jo it oer leafde foar ‘e oaren hawwe, wêrom binne jo no sa fijanich tsjin my, in mem fan twa dochters?

              It is in ernstige diskusje, en jo kinne net samar sizze dat wy oan it spyljen binne. Ik haw der nocht oan, en ik wol dat jo jo foar ‘e ûnfreonlike opstelling ferantwurklik meitsje.


        2. Trying to understand is a mark of Chinese traditional morality – to judge is to block out understanding. Frisians, Sámi and many others are small indigenous peoples which historically really had to fight for their existence. This is to be understood. These European minorities tend to be more aware of ethnic or racial realities, because they are more vulnerable and they tend to be more confronted with the possibility of extinction. This awareness is reflected in their culture.

          Studying indigenous minorities made me realise on thing: these people want to survive. I can empathise with this, because I do not want to die either. These indigenous minority Europeans or Whites are human, and perhaps even more so because they tend to be more confronted with human ethnic or racial realities. At the moment, Spain is still a country with a White majority. However once the majority status of the Spanish Whites is severely endangered, they will start acting more like other indigenous European minorities. As seen with Trump’s victory, Whites in America are already doing this.

          I am currently staying in the Netherlands, which is a country that is 80% ethnic Dutch (not excluding ethnic Frisians). This country used to be 100% Dutch only a few decades ago. It used to be a country with a common culture and common racial background. I expect a major nationalist revolution in this country. Dutch people, like other Europeans, also want to breathe. No one wants to become endangered in their own country, their own cities or their own neighbourhoods. Many Dutch with whom I have spoken do not feel safe anymore.

          Tieneke is writing here in her own language. If anything, that is cultural diversity. I am tolerant towards it, because I can just use Google Translate to understand it. I see no need to force her to write English if Frisian is what she prefers.

          I have so far not yet replied to Tieneke. However, I did read her posts. She said her husband was a doctor who did foreign aid work in Africa. He died there. I can feel this must have been a major shock to her and her world was turned upside down. I can also understand her anger if she has any.

          Here she tells more about herself:


          I have also lived in Africa. This did aid my racial awakening. Africans are really different, and there is a genetic or hereditary component to this. They cannot be changed, nor should we try to do so. We should just try to understand they are different. This is the most realistic thing we can do.

          Tieneke is not an unreasonable person in my eyes, and I merely want to understand her personal story. She is welcome here. I accept her as a human being of course. Calling people idiot, racist, fascist, etc. builds no understanding. Patience and empathy are required.

          Tieneke’s culture may be more focused on survival while Frisians have been faced extinction on a day to day basis for centuries. When you face death so often or when you feel particularly close to death, you will embrace life more. These people want to breathe. They are human, and they need empathy.

          I am not going to ignore their needs. Racial purity, for instance, is something the Frisians, Sámi and other European groups need so they can guard their unique heritage. There are so many beautiful native peoples, cultures and languages in Europe. That will all be lost when racial purity is not recognised as a fundamental need. I am very worried about the native European diversity. I realise I am blessed to be able to observe all these wonders and I realise this may soon be gone if no one suggests something to be done for its protection.

          Your personal story is important. Tieneke’s personal story is also important. It is important to reflect on what Tieneke is feeling. Merely focusing on your own emotions may inhibit the ability to see Tieneke’s perspective. She is just as welcome here as you are. I do want empathy to be showed here in this blog’s comment section. We are talking about complex things, and we are experiencing many emotions. It is vital to recognise the other’s emotions in this situation. Aggressively condemning the other as fool, Nazi, racist, fascist, etc. has no place here. Everyone is equally welcome, and all have the same human duty to show empathy. We can disagree without resorting to condemning names such as idiot for others. How can we work together to keep to this basic human principle? That is the only question my heart keeps on repeating out of instinctive love for humanity.


          1. Dear YunLi (forgive me for calling you this name that is not yours, in this my last post)

            There is no such a thing as “indigenous people”. All human ethnic groups of Homo Sapiens Sapiens originally come from Africa. All. Current European people came, secondarily, partly from Africa and from Asia (remember the “indo-european” common language roots, for instance). They actually change physically through the centuries adapting to the colder lands and less Sun irradiation (and, to a lesser extent, by marginally mingling with Neanderthal people, other Homo Sapiens which finally were extinct). A territory is nothing given from Heaven to people for ever. We have to share the resources, yes, respecting the concept of “homeland” but also respecting justice and everybody’s needs. There have been always migrations. Everything is connected in our little planet. Nowadays we can no longer ignore our brothers and sisters in far away lands.

            On the other hand, about “insulting” people: If someone is offended by the word “Nazi” or “fascist”, then it is not a real “nazi” or “fascist” (or is bit in a non-declared and assumed way). This purity-race people you like so much are the grandsons and granddaughters (in a figurative sense of the word) of the Triple Alliance of Japan, Germany and Italy. There is zero empathy in their ideology. They conquered the lands and killed systematically any “inferior races”. I assure you that Chinese were a inferior race for the Imperial Japanese, as you for sure know. Chinese were killed and tortured by hundreds of thousands, and as many women raped and cruelly humiliated.

            Now there is raise of xenophobic nationalism in Europe. You belong to a ethnic minority in The Netherlands. You want to feel secure, showing your love and support to the Whites. However, remember my words: never, EVER, trust the racist whites. When the time comes, they will burn your house and kill your people. Maybe not directly the politicians, the “intellectuals”, but the barbarian mobs with their triggered hate for the aliens fed by the racist elites. Same they did with Jews or Gipsies, among others, 75 years ago. And the white politicians and “intellectuals” will do nothing to prevent it. I pray this will never happen. But supporting racism in Europe seems like paving the way to make this happen.

            Follow my advice: if you advocate for ethnical purity, run away from white racist people. They are dangerous. Be a courageous defendant of human rights, instead, without discriminating between race, culture or religion. In such a way you will gain a lot of good friends (white and non-white), courageous and reliable people that will always respect and support you, irrespective of your origins and physical appearance. Otherwise, the ones you think are your white friends, the racist ones, will end up spitting on your face and humiliating you. Your sadness and disappointment then will be so terrible. I pray this will not happen, and you will not need to remember these my words at any such moment.

            If you feel that pure race is so essential in your life, I friendly advise you to go away from the barbarian racist whites; never ever trust them nor mingle with them. In the mean time, I will give all my love to my German wife, my North-African lively elder daughter, and my Jiangxi’s little treasure. My family knows I would give my life for them, if necessary. Besides my several good foreign friends, very especially the Chinese ones, whose friendship I treasure in my heart.

            Wishing the best for you and your family from heart, I say goodbye to you.


            PS: You have my email address, and you are very welcome (I even encourage you to do so) if you want to comment anything in private. However, I will not come back to this blog. I hope you can understand this.

            PPS: Out of courtesy and respect to you, I will unsubscribe from this blog tomorrow in the evening, giving you the chance to reply to this my last post, if that is your wish (I would welcome a sincere reply).


            1. I find it very unfortunate that you do not want to continue writing on this blog, because I think it is good for your voice to be heard. At the same time, we should be open to being challenged. The uneasiness that you may be feeling is part of the learning process. I believe that we can learn from every exchange, no matter what our viewpoints may be. Being open to interaction is vital.

              Trying to link racial purity to Nazism, fascism or Marxism is not a strong argument. Racial purity already existed before that. It is not a Nazi or Marxist invention. I have analysed racial purity as a human behaviour. It is a human tradition which has already been practised since time immemorial. I have talked about this in my article on how racial purity is born or conceived:


              Chinese people who live abroad also practise racial purity, and they have been doing so for generations. I have also talked about this in my previous post:

              “Living among other peoples has not prevented Chinese from practising racial purity. There has been a Chinese diaspora in other countries for a very long time. There are 1st generation Chinese, 2nd generation Chinese, and 3rd generation Chinese. They have practised racial purity for successive generations and they interacted with other peoples at the same time.”

              This behaviour is absolutely normal, and it makes sense from a Darwinian perspective.

              I am familiar with the history of the species Homo sapiens, and I also talked about this in the article I linked to above. I talk about racial purity based on human history.

              You warn about ‘barbarian racist whites’, but in the other post you talk about water which does not struggle. According to Chinese philosophy one should be like water, and accept fate. One should do something because it is good, no matter what the consequences for oneself may be. One should be like water and hope for the best, and just accept whatever happens. One should be loyal, and one should not oppose. This is all for the sake of the purity under Heaven.

              This is an article (2 Nov ’16, use Google Translate) that a Dutch friend sent to me recently:


              A total ban on adoption from foreign countries is seriously being considered in the Netherlands now. The article says an advisory organ of the Dutch government takes the side of the children and says that there are compelling reasons to forbid the adoption of children from foreign countries. This advisory organ is called ‘Child Protection’. They say it is better for children to be raised in their own culture, and so the children should, according to Dutch ‘Child Protection’, be raised in their own country. Chinese feelings fall apparently fully within the mainstream. ‘Child Protection’ strongly advises this ban for the sake of the welfare of the children; they have altruistic reasons.

              I hope that you will come back to this blog and keep on facing the challenge. As I have said before, you are welcome here. If you stick around, it is merely reasonable that I should mail you. It is fascinating for me to learn from your White Western perspective.

              Best wishes from my heart and I hope this is not the last time to see you here.


            2. I realized you said you won’t be returning to comment on this blog, but I figured I’d still leave my comment up for others to see in the future.

              You stated, ‘There is no such a thing as “indigenous people”. All human ethnic groups of Homo Sapiens Sapiens originally come from Africa.’

              Yes that is true, the ancestral humans indeed originated from Africa, but it is a fallacy for you to use that fact to imply there are no indigenous people outside of Africa. The hominidae genus shared common ancestors with that of the modern great apes, who in turn share ancestry with all other primates, who actually have an origin as an European species some 60+ million years ago. Should that then imply all its primate descendants should be considered indigenous to the land of Europe? Undoubtedly you’d say no, since that would be preposterous, because you might argue that the ancestral primate lineage giving rise to the modern ape species, including that of humans evolved in Africa. And of course you’d be right. So we now have a reasonable definition for determining what population can or cannot be considered to be indigenous inhabitants of a land, if the land in question and its associated environment have exerted their influence on the population living there, thereby shaping them. Even you implicitly acknowledged the importance of this evolutionary process (evolution is exactly what this is) when you stated of the Indo-Europeans, “They actually change physically through the centuries adapting to the colder lands and less Sun irradiation”. So to that end, every race (and even most ethnic groups) of people can unequivocally be said to be indigenous to the land from which they hail.


      2. Hello Tieneke,

        ‘Enrichment’ should not happen at the cost of any people or race.

        The liberal concept of ‘cultural enrichment’ is clearly nothing short of a genocidal assault on traditional European peoples.

        For instance, I feel the racial purity of Frisian people should be understood and respected.

        Best wishes to you and your two daughters.


  2. Thank you for your reply.
    It is clear that you are mixing concepts. You use the word “culture” almost indistinctly from “race”. A new born human being has no (not yet) culture. His/her culture is acquired as he/she grows up, from the environment. My daughters are spaniards (and, to a lesser extent, German), because that is the culture they have grown up in. Nobody has been uprooted, because new born babies have no roots, at least in the sense of their lived experience. Nevertheless, we have always approached with love and respect their biological origin, and the culture of the countries if their ancestors. The bottom line is that to be a Human is essential, whereas to have a given culture or race is circunstamcial. I can be proud of what I have done, but how can I be proud of what I have not even chosen, like the color of my skin or the place I was born?
    Finally, I must confess that I am very disappointed about your apparent lack of empathy (and/or profound ignorance) of saying that your abandoned Chinese girls are better in a cold and sad orphanage (no matter in which country orphanages are VERY sad places, believe me) than adopted by a loving foreign couple. These words are difficult to describe without disqualifying you as a person witha heart (and nit a hard and cold stone) inside. I am very sorry to have been compelled to say these harsh words. I truely find a barrier here probably impossible to overcome in our communication. I feel sad and disapointed, but nevertheless send to you my best wishes.


    1. You are welcome and the gratitude is mutual.
      I understand your disappointment.
      Culture is the expression of a race, and a culture belongs to a race. There is an important intricate link between race and culture.
      Chinese people are not very enthusiastic about Chinese kids being adopted by foreigners. There are many bad stories about this. It is vital to understand a view that is shared among millions and millions of Chinese.
      I get that you may start feeling disappointed with Chinese culture after learning this. At the same time, it must be stressed it is vital to understand the Chinese perspective. We should try to focus on building understanding between us.
      I am sure that I will never be Spanish, even if I had a Spanish passport. This is also a view shared among millions and millions of Chinese. Wherever Chinese are, they will remain Chinese. This is a Chinese view which should be understood.
      Race is not merely about skin colour or physical features. The physical features are merely the tip of the iceberg. Race is also psychological. Furthermore, people tend to instinctively group themselves with people of the same race.
      I do believe that babies have roots, and I feel empathy is lacking for the babies once their roots are denied. Everyone needs roots. They need to be able to accept where they are from. Being proud of your background is healthy. This should be empathised with.
      Personally I find it shocking when a baby’s roots are neglected. I am worried about the baby’s well-being. Chinese people feel it is vital to have a close relationship with your ancestors. If the opportunity to develop that relationship is lost, anger and hatred may grow.
      I have heard and read stories about Chinese kids who were raised well by foreigners yet still felt negative and uncomfortable feelings toward their adoptive parents. I know this is a common phenomenon. This is to be understood.
      Even when I do not blame the parents because I see their altruism, I know the adopted children may do so – no matter how much I regret their negative feelings. Rationally, we may think hatred and anger would not be appropriate.
      However, we have to look at it from the child’s perspective. There are many adopted children who will later try to reconnect with their racial roots. These children are looking for a sense of belonging that suits their racial background. I do not condemn this.
      I understand the foreign parents’ good intentions. I also understand the children’s perspective. It is not surprising when a child later starts identifying more with their racial background – because that is truly what makes them who they are.
      My firm belief is that racial identities cannot be constructed. These are biological. These are linked to cultures that are fundamentally about race. I think you can agree that you can never be Chinese nor can you identify with Chinese culture the way a Chinese does.
      Chinese do not feel people can “become” Chinese. They are born Chinese. This is a view shared by the vast majority of Chinese people. Empathy for this is needed. Westerners may have decided for themselves race is fake or that it does not matter, but a billion Chinese feel and know racial differences are real and should be respected.
      Chinese are different, and this cannot be changed. Westerners may be prone to feel responsible for everyone on this earth, but that altruism may not always be welcomed. People want to be primarily responsible for themselves. Chinese stress self-reliance.
      The Chinese people wants to be strong and rely on themselves. Chinese people often form their own communities across the world. We have our own race to rely on and we identify with that race. We are very concerned about our people.
      At the same time, I do care about the White race. I love White people. They are wonderful. I have many White friends. I do reject any romantic or sexual relationships with them though. I know that I am Chinese, and I care about my parents, grandparents and ancestors.
      It is Confucian to care about family. We feel a religious obligation to revere kinsmen. Chinese see their race as one big family. We are related. We feel proud of this. This is not my view alone, but it is shared among millions of Chinese.
      Chinese tend not to explain or speak so much. These things are implicitly understood. I happen to know how to communicate in a Western way. I learned that. At the same time, the real feelings of Chinese should be handled with empathy, not anger or hate.
      Chinese do not say what they feel, because they do not want to offend. However, I believe we can help people by telling what we really think – people should be told the truth. I like this Western value that you should just tell people the truth.
      I hope that you understand me and my people better now. You are welcome here. If you like, you can also post under other articles. I post new articles every few days. I enjoy reading other views, because I find it fascinating. What I find the most wonderful about this is that I can deeply feel others’ emotions and learn from their thoughts.
      My best wishes to you, your wife and the girls.


      1. Dear Mrs. XXX (unlike me to you, you have not made me the honor of revealing your name, or at least a way to refer to you that is not a cold description of the way you label yourself),

        I really appreciate the time and effort you take to carefully reply to me, and to provide me with information about the traditional Chinese views. I will be very honored if you take the time and effort to read this rather lengthy message.

        However, I think this exchange will, I am afraid, be probably fruitless, for the most of it. The reason is that I see too many and too deep contradictions not only in what you say, but in you as a human being. You have had, from your words, very interesting life experiences, like living in Africa and Europe, after having born (and raised up, if understood well?) in China. You have had the opportunity of knowing a lot about other cultures. You even say (and I think you are sincere) that you have learn to appreciate, even deeply, other cultures, like Western’s. No doubt, this diverse cultural exposure has contributed to you growing as a human being, has widened your spirit and your intelligence. It is clear from the beautiful and precise way you use English, a language that undoubtedly you master, that you have opened your mind and your heart to different ways to think and feel that from the ones of your original Chinese culture. You have benefitted form the openness of White people, which accepted you as part of their country (the Netherlands?), and from open-minded white people, that have seen you first as a human being than a foreigner with a different race and culture. For sure it was also your open attitude which allowed such a enriching exchange. You even have had close male friends, to the point that at least one of them fell in love with you. Imagine that you were in ancient China, and that your family was as traditional and race-conscious as now you pretend to be. Would you ever even be allowed to interact with any (unlikely) local White people? Not to mention the possibility of traveling all around the world. As a profoundly traditional Chinese person, you would have been raised neglecting other cultures and other races. You know that we European people were considered “white devils” in those places in China where they went (and I will not deny some good reasons, in many historical situations, to receive this denomination). An authentic traditional Chinese looks only for China, does not open to the rest of the world. Does not “love White people”. Probably does not even admire them, at most fear them, laugh at them, hate them or despise them. You are not like that, actually, you are very far from that. This is why I am saying you are not only falling into deep contradiction in what you say, but in what you are, what you have lived, and what you advocate for.

        The world from the past should not be judged form the eyes of the present, I know. So, I am not “judging” traditional Chinese views on foreigners. Same that I do not judge barbarian attitudes of Westerners towards Asian people, for many centuries (and, unfortunately, still to these days a little bit, although it is getting so much better thanks to a growing mutual knowledge). All I am saying is that you have got a lot of advantages of living in a more open world (open to different races and cultures). Do you want to be rejected in the Netherlands for being a foreigners from a far away country, with a different cultural background and a quite different race? Would you be happy to be “socially spotted”, bullied, disrespected, for being an immigrant? How can your sensitivity and love grow towards different cultures if, at the same time, you advocate not only for not mixing races at all (too late for most of us, which are happy to come from a big mix of people and cultures, in Spain case: Celtic, Fenician, Roman, Greek, Goths, Jews, Arabs, and so on) but advocate of not mixing cultures at all? Is not your inner view of life and world, after all, a result of how you have enriched yourself as a human being through the contact with different cultures and ways of life? Has not your “individual culture” change for ever as a result of these interactions? Do not your realize that to be open and to travel unavoidably result in being “contaminated” (i.e., exposed to have a bigger opportunity to learn and grow as a Human Being)? Or would you prefer to have not had to travel and to be exposed and to learn? Humbly, I tend to think that we can all learn of each other. That different cultures are not threatening ours, but adding a valuable plus. I have no fear, because anything good remains, and any other good just makes Goodness to grow. Chinese people are never going to stop being Chinese people, and same with White. However, we are going to grow and get better persons through a better knowledge. Very few of our families will have mixed race components. However, we few will make an effort to transmit something good to our communities. Our experience will enrich each community.

        Dear XXXX, I honestly, from heart, appreciate a lot your efforts to communicate, to carefully listen, to transmit your views. You are, it is very obvious to me, a very valuable human being in many respects. However, let me tell you what I think, without not even the least intention to offend you: you are trapped into a deep personal contradiction. Probably because of you need to go above a step in your personal evolution staircase (marxist, liberal, now a traditionalist racist Chinese). As you wise Chinese people know very well (as well as the way words are constructed in your amazingly beautiful and rich language), a crisis is an opportunity. In this case, and in my view, the crisis is your profound contradiction. Please, do not think that I lack humbleness. It is out of respect and appreciation that I express myself sincerely.

        Just please, have a quick look at the “gang” of admirers you are getting with your racist opinions. They do not even get close to your serene attitude. They are (yes, they do) contaminated by hate, something that, fortunately, is far from you. I honestly think they are either mad, or ignorants, or a mix of the two. What are you aiming at, dear XXXX, by getting the sympathy of these Nazis? I do not understand you being such an “eccentric racist”, but I hope from heart that your current contradictions are the experience to pass through before of a much deeper and powerful inner renaissance comes. After that there is no fear, and every Good remains Good. White remains White, Yellow remains Yellow, but contemplation of the symphony of all colors and vibrations is ecstatic and profoundly loving and inclusive.

        Please, I apologize if I have been too direct in my exposure. That is a typical Western fault, I know 🙂

        With my best wishes to you from heart,



        1. My family’s culture has remained authentically Chinese, even with the shift of the government’s policy from isolationism to opening up to the rest of the world. There is a continuity between now and then, and other traditional Chinese feel the same way about it.

          I have pointed out in this article that racial purity is a human tradition:


          Racial purity is an ideal that is naturally pursued by people. A historical mix may have occurred in Spain, but nevertheless this did not prevent Spanish people from practising racial purity. Jews are historically mixed, but they still practise racial purity among themselves. Beauty is not absolute, for there will always be imperfections. However, that does not stop humanity from pursuing beauty, because we feel attracted to beauty. We are attracted to pure water, because that is good for our human survival. There is still time for the Spanish people to restore their traditional culture of racial purity. They are still Whites. They have been practising racial purity for centuries.

          I love White people and so do my relatives and other Chinese people. At the same time, I know my parents and grandparents and ancestors want me to practise racial purity. I do not merely live for myself. I would be a bad daughter by Confucian standards if I did not listen to my family’s wishes. Living among other peoples has not prevented Chinese from practising racial purity. There has been a Chinese diaspora in other countries for a very long time. There are 1st generation Chinese, 2nd generation Chinese, and 3rd generation Chinese. They have practised racial purity for successive generations and they interacted with other peoples at the same time.

          Jews have lived among Whites for centuries. This did not prevent them from practising racial purity either. Contact with other peoples or exposure to other cultures does not necessarily lead to mixing.

          This is the message I have for Whites who may not yet be aware of the social dynamics of purity: you do not have to give up your racial or cultural background even if you interact with other races or cultures. Others are generally also not going to give up their racial or cultural background. Whites seem to be prone to racial and cultural assimilation, which will eventually lead to their total extinction if they do not learn from other peoples how to preserve their purity, instead of merely claiming to learn.

          Whites belong to a weaker race, and that is why I support them. They are a race in need of aid which at the same time fails to recognise it is in need of aid. Chinese do, furthermore, not belong to a particularly strong race either, so I can empathise with Whites. It appears less strong peoples live in the global north, while stronger peoples live in the global south. This weakness is just something to keep in mind, and it is merely something that needs to be stressed.

          With the best wishes from my heart to you, your wife, and your daughters.


  3. It liket my wol nijsgierrich datst it figuer fan “wetter” gebrûkt hast om it út te lizzen wêrom’t rassen suver bliuwe moat. Ik hâld tige fan dyn fergelykens. Faaks moat ik no nei de bebliotheek ta gean om wat boeken oer ‘e sineekse filosofy te lêzen.

    Oan’t sjen.


  4. And, according to 老子 (道德经), water is the symbol of perfection, because it accepts everything in it, it goes at the lowest places, and gets in touch with everything on the Earth. And, nevertheless, it is always filtered and renewed, to the point of being accepted in Heaven, where it falls again in drops of pure goodness, to fill in the rivers and the vast Oceans. Water can never be a symbol of exclusion. It is our should what stains and poisons what is simple, generous, open and pure.



    1. This is a Western interpretation of an Asian symbol. We want pure water as Asian human beings, and that is why Koreans, Japanese and Chinese practise racial purity. We desire it simply because it is good for us.

      North Koreans, for instance, do deeply care about their racial purity, on an intuitive level. North Koreans are quite intuitive, in tune with their feelings, and this makes them sympathetic towards what is good for them.

      I wish the best for North Koreans, and I can understand why they want purity. This is not a political discussion, but this is about being empathetic towards the basic needs of North Koreans. They know what they need, and apparently they assign purity an importance that is not inconsequential.

      It is healthy and moral for North Koreans and other peoples to embrace what is good for them.


      1. 上善若水。水善利萬物而不爭、處衆人之所惡。故幾於道。居善地、心善淵、與善仁、言善信、正善治、事善能、動善時。夫唯不爭、故無尤。

        The highest goodness is like water.
        Water easily benefits all things without struggle.
        Yet it abides in places that men hate.
        Therefore it is like the Way.

        For dwelling, the Earth is good.
        For the mind, depth is good.
        The goodness of giving is in the timing.
        The goodness of speech is in honesty.
        In government, self-mastery is good.
        In handling affairs, ability is good.

        If you do not wrangle, you will not be blamed.


        1. I get the feeling Westerners are not reading this the way Chinese are reading it. It talks about where Tao (‘fate’) can be found. Water is an assistant. It is like the relationship between Emperor and subject. Water is a bystander. It does not fight, but it is also not aloof. While Chinese like loyal subjects or followers, Chinese people praise water, and water’s trait of being a bystander gives you good luck. How it is so is explained in the Chinese quote. The English translation is not so good, if you ask me. The low ground where water collects is where all the impurities under Heaven are to be found, and this is how the low ground is the (Confucian) symbol of immorality. Men hate the low ground, but it says it is still good to be of a lower rank in the hierarchy. What is implicitly felt is that water above ground is better and higher in rank, because it is pure. It is like the relationship between Emperor and subject. Chinese can feel it is about hierarchy, and this hierarchy is ‘fate’ (Tao). It basically says some are destined to be ‘superior’ and some are destined to be ‘inferior’ in the human hierarchy. That is just the way the world works, and it is just to be accepted.


          1. Yunli,
            I could not agree LESS. I have read several books of world experts about taoism, and talked with some Chinese people about this topic. I think your interpretation is following classical Confucianism. Maybe this is the root of all our misunderstanding and divergence in opinion. Maybe I am too old for grasping a Confucian way of seeing life, people, order, countries, races, … I feel so free, so close to Mother Nature that all these words of Emperors and hierarchies are cacophony to my ears and my soul.

            Remember that any universal human creation is a gift for all human beings. So it is “taoism”, the Greek “logos”, “El Quijote”, or the plays of Shakespeare, just to mention a few. You can not impose me “the Chinese way to interpret taoism”, when it is not really “the Chinese way”, it is just your (very Confucian, clearly) way. There is something open and universal in all big human achievements, and the wonder of taoism is as much mine as yours. I say this from my respect to Confucian wisdom, but also from my distance to that tradition.

            In any case, I truly appreciate your time and effort to teach me interesting things, and to discuss with me. You know where you can find me. Thank you!

            With respect to Tieneke: I want to apologize if I have been unfairly harsh to you. The thing is that trying to correctly understand a message through Google translator is very often a difficult endeavor, even a lost battle. I called you “Nazi”, Tieneke, because I interpreted your words like an attack to me for having a mixed-race family, with too much emphasis on “blond hair and blue eyes”, “contaminated blood” thing and other similar expressions. In any case, if I misunderstood you, I humbly apologize. I also wish you all the best to you and your family.

            We live in the same world, but we are like inhabitants of different planets. I just hope that, if any time in the future any of us is faced with the dilemma of helping a Human Being or denying help, or even attacking her/him, never ever any of us base our response in the color of the skin of that human being, but, instead, look inside at his/her soul, and see if it is clean, generous and transparent. Of course, we can only see this if our own soul is also clean and transparent, not distracted from spurious thoughts and emotions (like race purity, natural hierarchy, supremacism, fear for the different, etc.).




            1. Hello Javier,

              I still hope you can muster the courage to stay.

              I find the exchange fascinating.

              To reject Confucianism is to reject Chinese culture, because Chinese culture is Confucian. We have parents, grandparents, teachers, and we feel we must be good to them – this is one of the most basic moral feelings in Chinese culture. We see hierarchy as the source of moral virtue. Chinese see hierarchy as moral. The idea that hierarchy is bad is merely a Western perspective.

              I feel a Western ‘universalist’ perspective is being imposed on Chinese philosophy – a perspective which assumes there are ‘supreme universal values which cannot be disputed’. I am dumbfounded by the sentiment of Western moral supremacy. When I sense this, it seems compelling to me that the Chinese perspective be explained. Westerners read what they want into Chinese philosophy.

              I merely hope to achieve more empathy for the Chinese perspective on Chinese philosphy and I find it vital that Chinese philosophy be understood from a Chinese perspective. Taoism is fundamentally Chinese, and to suggest otherwise is Western appropriation – I do not argue either that Mozart is Chinese. Taoism cannot be seen in isolation from Confucianism. Everything is one in Chinese philosophy.

              Isolating Taoism from Confucianism is a Western way of thinking. Taoism and Confucianism can be distinguished, but they cannot be separated. Chinese do not have the either-or mind-set that is characteristic of Westerners. Taoism and Confucianism are inevitably tied, and very intimately so. The authentic thought of Taoism is what matters. Without authenticity, it is no Taoism.

              My best wishes to you.


              1. Hello Yunli,

                I think things are clear.
                It is not a matter of courage. I would love to discuss with you on western and Chinese culture, history, politics, religion, sociology, etc., but I will not do it in a blog devoted to racial purity. That is for me just a particular aspect, not the center around which the Universe moves.

                If I had your email address I could make the effort of expressing my views on a lot of things about the relationship between Taoism and Confucianism, and related topics, in which I also consider a fascinating exchange between west and east views.
                You can write me if you want. It would be a valuable opportunity to learn from a highly cultivated Chinese person interested in western culture.

                All the very best,



                1. Hello Javier,

                  It seems that you find it difficult to post here. Racial purity is an important issue on this blog, but it is not the sole purpose of this blog. This blog is my personal blog. I write about whatever interests me at the moment, and I am merely following my feelings. Everything is spontaneous.

                  I will consider sending you a mail. I hope you can reconsider about posting here.

                  Best wishes.


  5. Spitichgenôch is myn foarige berjocht weinommen wurdt troch ûnferwachte problemen dy’t ik tsjinkommen bin. Ik sil no eefjes werskriuwe moatte.

    Neffens jo is it wetter tige suver. As wy de situwaasje hjoed ‘e dei ferlykje mei it wetter, dan miskien kinne wy it fêstlizze dat it wetter no tige fiis is.

    Mei jo ferryking is it dan ûnûntwynber dat der in tige ynfloedryke gebeurtenis bare sil om it wetter fan ús wrâld nochris skjin te meitsjen.

    Binne jo it der mei iens?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do not know why your comment was removed. It must have been a technical problem. Empathic comments, no matter from which perspective they are written, are welcome here.

      Water purification is something everyone applauds, because we desire pure water. Making the world pure again seems to be something Westerners fear, even though purity renewal is the historical norm.

      As the result of scientific research, the modern methods of water purification are quite suffisticated:


      There are quite a few notable religions which also value purity:


      Purity is something that human beings (subconsciously) desire, and this is absolutely normal.


      1. Purity? Have you ever tasted distilled water. It’s as pure as you get.. It’s also bland and will not sustain life easily. Also, remember that any culture that is too pure tends toward inbreeding. Mixing, actually helps to dilute genetic problems that are made more pronounced with inbreeding or as you call it… Purity.


        1. What a complete strawman. What matters if effective population size, which native citizens of all nation states possess in abundance, those of East Asia (China, Korea, Japan) especially. The genes that need to be diverse in order for a population to thrive are indeed kept as such via balancing selection, such as the alleles of the MHC genes of the immune system. Outbreeding is not at all guaranteed to introduce beneficial gene variance to a native population in such cases, and could even be detrimental since the immune system of the foreigner is unlikely to be optimally adapted to the environmental conditions of the host population.

          Furthermore just as inbreeding is problematic, there is also such a thing as outbreeding depression, which occurs when individuals sufficiently different in ancestry mate, likely due to non-optimal compatibility of their genes. This should be intuitively easy for you to understand if you just think generalize the mechanisms responsible for outbreeding depression by extending them toward the more extreme end of the continuous genetic distance specturm, where the parental lineages are so different that they’re in face distinct species, such as the classic example of donkey + horse = mule (infertile). Of course interracial offspring are not going to be at that end of the spectrum, but you need to be aware that genetic distance is a spectrum not discrete.

          And here’s the final kicker: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/when-incest-is-best-kissi/ A study based on the extensively documented genealogy of the Icelandic people have found surprisingly that 3rd to 4th cousins mates seem to be genetic sweet spot for maximizing biological fitness (number of offspring). It is speculated that this is the point where both the negative effects of inbreeding and outbreeding are maximally minimized. Of course more research should be conducted along this path to see how well this generalizes to other populations. But the point is, you should do some thorough research before spouting off erroneous platitudes like “purity == inbreeding”, because reality could very well disagree!


  6. First, let me say that I reject your concept of race altogether. Humans, homo sapiens, are one race, and no group, whether Han nor Aryan, nor anyone else is less than 99% the same according to DNA. We are not dogs and cats, but more like different breeds of dog. As for purity, I am not so sure about that: recent geneticists have shown that as a species, we are almost all still carrying homo erectus DNA, probably from mixed race, um, relations. The purity that you speak of, really has nothing to do with race, but rather cultural identity. In the end, as reasoning thinking beings, we all make the choice to choose our cultural heritage, our traditions. Chinese isn’t a race. Asian isn’t a race.

    Now I understand that you like the idea of keeping traditions, keeping values, but even traditions change over time. Even recipes within China have changed over the last 100 years. If a man and a woman are loving, sensitive to the needs of their partner, and have a willingness to deal with the cultural issues, I see no actual issues.


    1. “Humans, homo sapiens, are one race, and no group, whether Han nor Aryan, nor anyone else is less than 99% the same according to DNA.”

      Wrong. Race is a biological reality. And we share 50% of our DNA with bananas. Dropping statistics with context or understanding, as you’re doing, is utterly meaningless. Our DNA has 3 billion base pairs, 1% of that is still a whopping 30 million base pairs. So any two randomly selected humans will have on average 30 million base pairs of difference in their genomes, any one of which could produce drastically different traits. Needless to say, people descended from a common ancestry will ALWAYS share more of their genes together, and thus less base pair differences. This is exactly how the recent fad of ancestral identification can even work in the first place.

      “As for purity, I am not so sure about that: recent geneticists have shown that as a species, we are almost all still carrying homo erectus DNA, probably from mixed race, um, relations. ”

      This erroneous claim just further shows your ignorance. Non-Africans have 3-5% homo neanderthalensis DNA, NOT homo erectus.

      “The purity that you speak of, really has nothing to do with race, but rather cultural identity. In the end, as reasoning thinking beings, we all make the choice to choose our cultural heritage, our traditions.”

      Wrong. A people’s culture is in large part just an expression of the people’s underlying biological predispositions, and thus will be racially, and to a smaller extent, even ethnically different.

      “Chinese isn’t a race.” Okay.
      “Asian isn’t a race.” Wrong.

      “If a man and a woman are loving, sensitive to the needs of their partner, and have a willingness to deal with the cultural issues, I see no actual issues.”

      That’s your only point which is irrefutable, because it is based on your subjective values. And that, I can respect. Your scientific assertions however, were completely off the mark.


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