Race-Mixing Is Not a Personal Choice

People who favour miscegenation are often heard saying something along these lines: “It is not your business. Race-mixing is a personal choice. You should not be concerned with my private life. It is unhealthy for you to be so obsessed with the lives of others.” Reality is that miscegenation may quickly affect the entire gene pool. A race is like water. Therefore, the concerns of individuals about racial purity are definitely legitimate. It is traditional Chinese philosophy that you should not burden your environment. Choices that affect your environment are definitely the business of your environment. It is thus inevitable that the people of your environment are going to comment on choices that affect them, and it is unreasonable not to listen to them. It is equally unreasonable to try to shut them up by saying that it is not their business, because it is their business while it affects them.

While a race is like water, all individuals of a race are linked by a common destiny. This makes that any choices that have to do with reproduction affect the race. However, there is no choice that affects the race as greatly as the choice to race-mix. If an individual gives a chance to a sexual relationship with a foreigner, then we may reasonably expect that this may result in them having children and those children having children. You get the idea. Mixed-race children are going to come into existence, and they are going to try to find a spouse in their immediate environment. This could reasonably be felt as a burden by that environment, while racial purity is what racial survival is ultmately based on. Chinese philosophy stresses that one should be receptive towards the needs of others around. The mixed-race dwelling among the pure may not exactly be experienced as ideal by many. It is vital to be empathetic towards family, friends and ancestors – which sums up Confucian values pretty well. Chinese traditional philosophy is based on the human reality.


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