Walking with Your Foreign Lover

I see White people walking with their foreign lovers. However, there seems to be a sense of discomfort among both parties. It is as though they implicitly recognise that something is wrong about this, and they feel ashamed about this. I can attest to this feeling as well. I notice that native-foreign couples look very different from native-native couples or foreign-foreign couples of the same ethnicity or race. What is it that I notice? They suit each other. Human beings are naturally very concerned with whether we are proper or suitable for each other. We find it shameful or uncomfortable to be with someone who is not suitable for us. I can imagine that if I had a foreign boyfriend and walked with him in the streets, I would feel very uncomfortable and ashamed. I have my pride as a Chinese, and I do care about what my parents, grandparents and ancestors feel or think.

People who have a foreign lover or partner may be inclined to blame their discomfort on their environment. However, that is wrong because their sense of discomfort chiefly comes from within themselves. While they are so inclined to blame their environment, they fail to recognise they are struggling with themselves. People who do notice this may be far less inclined to accept or give a chance to a foreign love affair. I know for certain that I do not want a romantic or sexual relationship with a foreigner, and this is in keeping with how my ancestors felt about it since time immemorial. This is not irrational xenophobia, but it is evolutionary human habit that is based on millenia-old tradition. Our behaviour can be seen as part of our biology. There is even a branch within biology that studies behaviour. Our habit of racial purity has a biological basis. We are creating different baskets for humanity to put its eggs in. We are creating new (evolutionary) opportunities or new ways for humanity to survive by means of racial purity.


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