Why Do Chinese Return to China?

A White friend of mine recently asked me this question. The answer is simple and straightforward: Chinese people wish to return to their family and friends (and the people of their village if they are rural people). Chinese traditional philosophy stresses family and social relations. Being with others whom we are familiar with gives us a good feeling. We long back to that familiarity once we are abroad. Fewer Westerners would travel around or move abroad if they had a traditional philosophy which stressed family and social relations more. I feel that Westerners can benefit from Confucianism, at least if they are open-minded to its original, authentic and traditional form. I am not talking about some sort of liberal or New Age rip-off of Confucianism, but the real thing.

The White race is suffering from extreme individualism. The development of the individual is important. However, his or her individual development should not be to the detriment of the race. Racial development is also important. There should be a balance between individualism and collectivism, otherwise the individual will not be able to survive relying on his or her racial brethren and otherwise the race will not be able to survive either. A race needs the support of its individual members.

To put that in stronger words, absolute loyalty to racial purity is the sole demand on which the survival of a race depends. Racial purity and racial existence are practically synonymous, because a group cannot be sustained without securing its own continuity by bringing reproductive/sexual behaviours under group control. This is also in the interest of the individual: the individual is provided with a racial group that he can rely on. It is a scientific fact that mixed-race people feel excluded from their ancestral groups and they experience identity problems. They do not have a racial community to rely on, maybe except for their parents. However, it has been found that racially pure parents also tend to be less altruistic towards mixed-race children.


17 thoughts on “Why Do Chinese Return to China?”

  1. This way of thinking is only found in the older generation of Chinese people. The younger generation are just as individualistic in their thinking as western people. They buy into the progressive narrative of feminism, lgbtq etc wholesale. The whole traditional Chinese way of life is very focused on collective identity, with clans and secret societies, not so much nowadays.


    1. Welcome! I hope to see you here more often. I am a very traditional Chinese and I tend to interact with other traditional Chinese a lot. I was chiefly raised by my grandparents in mainland China. I have lived abroad with my parents, though. The Asian youth is quite liberal – and sometimes they seem more radical than White liberals. I think this is because they experience liberalism as a newly earned freedom.

      Everything is still quite new to them, while Whites have already been infected with liberal ideas for quite a while. What ought to be stressed is that Asians are also suffering from liberalism and multiculturalism. This blog is to awaken Asians and Whites alike. I want a return to traditional Asian values – and I believe that Whites could potentially also benefit from adopting Confucian values.

      I hope to create more understanding between Whites and Asians with this blog and to explain Asian/Chinese culture from an authentic Asian/Chinese perspective – it is a big problem that Asian traditional culture is often misunderstood. Obviously I want to challenge liberal interpretations of Asian traditional culture.

      I know there are many Asians who agree with us about the need to return to old values and norms, and I know that many in the Asian community abroad and at home share concerns about racial purity. I think that racial purity is relevant for Asians in Asia and Asians in the diaspora and for Whites in the West and Whites in the diaspora.

      My hope is to encourage empathetic discourse. I feel empathy ought to be stressed while liberals lack empathy and I think that empathy for racial purity and human tradition is vital. Liberals are creating an unsafe environment where people show no empathy. Changing that would be a major improvement. Racial purity, for instance, is normal and human.


  2. Asian youth in western countries are definitely lost, even when they construct their identitarian movements they do it in a progressive/liberal framework. If you go to forums like reddit/asianidentity they adopt the liberal narrative of “white privilege”, anti racism, feminism etc. Such identitarian movements have already failed because they use western/liberal ideas.

    The whole idea of progressive thought requires a linear view of history. Of mankind advancing from a barbaric stage to the end of history in which liberal democracy rules supreme. Confucian thought on the other hand is cyclical. The idea that a civilization long divided must unite, and that a civilization long united must divide. As well as the idea of a changing mandate of heaven. Hence progressive thought is something that is alien to us.

    I think racial purity for Asians in the west is pretty much a lost cause. I had a look at the stats about 30 percent of Asians in America have inter racial marriage. If you look at the locally born Asians its higher at 50 percent. The main priority should be in our Asian homelands where we have a rather homogeneous population we should never follow in the example of the mass migration.

    Liberalism is the ruling ideology of the western elites they are spread by the universities and institutions. It basically is Protestantism in a world without god, with the same universal values. In Asian countries it is being spread by the media/entertainment/education/NGO complex. The Taiwanese now think that they are not Chinese, and that they should have gay marriage. It is a very destructive force we should all oppose.


    1. Most of our people (East Asians) consume the mass media narrative of self loathing in the West and our media must comply with that of Japan’s status quo for example. Is it a good thing to state that in the West you are a Chinese or a member of the Yellow Race? It is almost tabooed in the West to even want an East Asian family raised with Western values, or for East Asian males to date and procreate with anything that moves. East Asians should be made well aware that diversity and interacting with other races outside of ours is not only harmful and undermining but genocidal. The interracial rates among our people are just really pathetic, and yeah they happen at over 50% rates and many of the culprits are Rice Cooker women. If this same thing happened to whites in their own countries with the same rate with Africans and other non-whites they will be wiped out in a matter of around 2 or less decades, not a century or to and maybe even never given their IR rates are below 5%. Only the East Asian male is emasculated and targeted for extermination by the lower IQ races, white males only have the Feminists hounding at their necks. It is we East Asian males who suffer in a multiracial liberal/neo-conservative/Socialist Western establishment. And we must accept this to be the one and only reality heavily censored by the mainstream media because many non-Asian males benefit from our undermining and extreme tolerated racist suppression.

      I suggest East Asians support White Nationalists or some other group that is pro-segregation and even if that party decides to deport us all out to East Asia, our race must be preserved and the pigs and other non-Asians should just stick to their own or risk a race war. But honestly, trusting a white male to stick to their own race and away from East Asians is like trusting a groid to stay away from white women. Only except white males are 2 times more notorious (given AFWMs happen around 2 times the rate of BMWFs).

      The alternative is to buy out half the West, take control of their political institutions and then do our own justice on the traitors. I tend to favour the latter because respect has never been given or begged for throughout humanity. It is earned through violence and bloodshed. Unless East Asians learn from how Africans and Middle Easterners protect their tribes which is through segregation and tribalistic crime against the ‘natives’. We as a people will continue to live under the model minority lie. And yes, the model minority is just a label for a minority group who is extremely complacent and willing to accept rules and norms even if they go against their own ethnic interests.

      ‘Why did Rome fall? Because they went fucking diverse’.


      1. I do not deny that liberals are also working towards the extinction of the White race. The West is more anti-White than anti-Asian. The liberal ideology is decisively and primarily targetting Whites. The liberal orthodoxy teaches that the original sin of the White race is essentially White privilege. Anti-White narratives like White privilege need to be accounted for. It is well-documented that the propaganda in the West is primarily biased against Whites. The liberal media can safely be said to be anti-White. While liberals are working towards the extinction of the White race, they see other races as means to accomplish their goal. Asian, for example, will merely be seen as a means to an end: liberals want to create a post-racial man. Also see this article:


        The liberal media is anti-White, but in order to be this they also need to employ other narratives. These narratives are not merely intended for White consumption, but universal consumption. This is what I call the anti-racial bias and the miscegenation bias in the West. The liberal propaganda is against race (anti-racial bias) and thus it seeks to eliminate race through mixing (miscegenation bias). Whites are the primary target of these narratives, but Asians are also the victims of these narratives. Liberals want us to mix with Whites, because that is the way to get rid of ‘that nasty White race’ (they obviously hate Whites). As Asians we should not comply with this. We should challenge the miscegenation bias and support Whites in their efforts to challenge this.

        There are genetic factors underlying the reality that Asians are suscptive to liberal propaganda. They may not be the primary targets in the West, but they are nevertheless victims. There is no Yellow privilege narrative, for example. However, my fear is that a multicultural narrative or perhaps even a narrative of hereditary guilt comparable to that of White privilege will eventually infect the East. The Communists in China are not going to do something about it, however. They do not care because they already thought that there were too many Asians/Chinese on the planet. The loss of a certain percentage of people in the Asian diaspora is, moreover, not the end of the world for us. It can also be seen as a way to help us evolve. Certain genes are being selected for.

        Only the Asians who manage to stick to their own despite propaganda manage to reproduce with other Asians. The fact that the miscegenation rate is so high will only mean that evolution will happen at a much faster rate, and we can expect that within a few generations, Asians in the diaspora will be well-equiped to deal with the pressures experienced abroad. The loss of people in the diaspora is not the end of the world, because there are still Asians who do manage to reproduce and these are people who tend to be more traditional than those who do outmarry. Therefore, the evolutionary pressure is towards traditionalism in the Asian community. Ideally we would not lose anyone, but an argument can also be made for letting nature run its course and there is fortunately no shortage of Asians in East Asia and mixed people do usually not immigrate to East Asia which means that there will be pure East Asians even if the diaspora is lost.

        My position is that we should try to save anyone we can, because that is the moral thing to do. Racial purity is an issue that ought to be discussed openly and honestly. This is the only way to challenge race denial, anti-racial sentiment and miscegenation bias effectively. The objective is to achieve the survival of the race wherever it is. I do not see Chinese in the diaspora as lost. There are many who successfuly reproduce with other Chinese, and this has already continued for generations. Those who are lost are lost, but that is not the end of the world. The Amish also lose a certain percentage of their own, and this influences their evolution – it makes Amish more loyal to Amish. Asians are undergoing a racial evolution in the diaspora, and this is a struggle we can afford because it is not affecting Asians at home in East Asia so much. Rather, it is a one-way relationship. East Asians go to the West, but if they mix, they do usually not come back to East Asia and make the West their home. To Westerners this is apparently more of a burden than to us.

        The Chinese Communist Party (hereafter CCP) has ideological differences with the West, and hence it opposes the West for ideological reasons. This should not be mistaken for racial opposition. The CCP does tolerate miscegenation between the races. It even advocates it occasionally. I have been studying the Communist news for news, and it ought to be noticed that the Communist news features race-mixed couples or marriages quite often despite still being quite rare in China. I see an incipient miscegenation bias in China, and it is actively supported or tolerated by the CCP. If the CCP wanted, it could have ended miscegenation right now. However, they do not want to invest resources in that because the protection of the racial purity of the East Asian race is not their primary objective. This betrays their true loyalty. There are plenty of examples where the CCP works against the fundamental interests of the East Asian race while pursuing its own agenda.

        Few people in the West have analysed the CCP from the perspective of Chinese racial interests rather than the usual liberal narrative of Human Rights. I would like to urge readers to be more empathetic towards those interests so they can see what the CCP means for the Chinese people. Given that the CCP is not good for the Chinese people, I cannot support it. The question is very simple: Is the foreign Jewish ideology of Marxism made ready for consumption by the Chinese masses good or bad for Chinese racial interests? The resounding answer is a no. The CCP can be analysed as a hostile elite in Chinese society that is highly susceptible to foreign (i.e. Jewish) ideas and foreign (i.e. Jewish) money – these are uncomfortable truths. The corruption of the CCP is very deep, and we will only know after the fall of the CCP just how corrupt it was and what the exact scale of its crimes against the East Asian race were. What is important to me is the racial purity of Chinese. I do not applaud the efforts of the CCP to encourage the Han to mix with the Uyghur, for example.

        I believe that both Whites and East Asians are worthy of empathy, and that authentic empathy towards the fundamental needs of the races is the way forward.


        1. You are sympathising with White Nationalists when we should be sympathising more with our own divided race. You should be supporting their cause to segregate or, to bluntly state this, ‘to get off our race’. White Nationalists do not care about East Asian homelands because it is not smacked with diversity and they like the other movements throughout the West play the victim narrative and the pride card. The miscegenation bias is that all races who arrive in the West are stripped of their identity (anti racial bias paves way for the miscegenation bias if I am correct) unless you are a Muslim or an unsuccessful minority from the third world (where the anti-racial bias does not apply). Not if you are an East Asian with a high IQ and a high prospect for a better more prosperous and stable future, the anti-Asian narrative is strictly enforced in an implied manner on a societal (or global) scale where ever diversity is, this becomes the anti-Asian bias, more specifically the anti-Asian male bias.

          The liberal West is hell bent biased against East Asian males. Every Asian man (should) knows this and if they are unaware of it the education system has successfully turned them into high SAT/ATAR/GPA scoring drones. It does not explain why East Asian women are encouraged to also defecate on their own males. That is what Cultural Marxism does to a race and we have seen its full effect on our race in China during the cultural revolution. Today there are millions of Chinese males who will never have kids. And in the West, hundreds of thousands of East Asian males are stealthily exterminated and elbowed out of our own race by muds, pigs and fuckbars.

          East Asia must enact racial laws or else without this ethnic security we are heading towards a mass extinction through liberalism and Cultural Marxism being smashed against the Yellow Race.

          “God didn’t make the Yellow race great, it made it perfect enough to not go obese, rob non-Yellows like niggers do, smell or age like Cauc-raced muds and pigs”


    2. @ Xiahou Dun

      I would not write off the entire Chinese diaspora as a lost cause. There may be some people who are lost, but there are also Chinese people who are successfully reproducing with other Chinese. I do think that radical empathy is the right approach towards those who are ‘lost’ (i.e. those who do practise race-mixing of some sort) because they should be strongly encouraged to be on our side. Humans change during their lives. These people may not be permanently lost. I do not want to give up on them that easily. Either way, the Chinese diaspora as a whole is not lost.

      As I have also said in other posts in this thread, there is even an evolutionary pressure towards traditional values (such as racial purity) because certain genes are being selected for. Generally the more traditional-minded Asians manage to reproduce, and there is definitely a genetic component to being traditional. Some people are genetically more predisposed to liberalism while others to traditionalism.

      The former group are the likeliest to outmarry in my estimation, while the latter are the likeliest to survive. It is to be expected that the Chinese diaspora will only become more traditionally oriented over the years. This same evolution is happening with Whites in the West, and Asians in the West are not the only ones undergoing this evolution. The conditions in the West are different from those in Asia; other genetic traits are more successful in the West and hence they will be selected for.


      1. You might want to target Asian Americans or Asian Australians (East Asians) who have ‘assimilated’ and been elbowed out of their own identity and been supplanted by a pseudo emasculated Jewish one the West expects out of them. The old, perverted mindsets of East Asians back in East Asia tackles problems that don’t exist when it comes to Globalist diversity and Tolerance. They only tackle other nationalities of the same race within the same region. This is why Marxists and Diversophiles can stealthily sneak their system in while the Asians are bickering against each other. Until every East Asian wakes up from their cucked state then our homelands would become a better place. We are on the path of following in our foot steps of the Native American Indians. Because our interracial rates are approaching what their rates are in the USA and Australia.

        I personally feel if we had more Westernised East Asians who can think on equal if not better terms than your ethnic rivals versus the copy-cat-throw-back attitudes of the elites back in East Asia we would at least match them and beat them in their own game. There’s no point convincing an old Asian who still loathes the Japanese and other East Asian ethnicities when you have a better chance of convincing an Asian who has lived and experienced diversity and has been socially oppressed on a societal scale by the non-Yellow savage races. But again, you might also have to fight their Marxist conditioning.

        ‘Racism in non-Yellow countries benefits non-Yellows, racism in East Asian countries benefits non-Asians. Think about that Yellow man and woman’


  3. Why do the Chinese wish to return home? it’s simple, because the West is not a friendly place to be an East Asian in. Why is the Japanese and South Korean government begging and almost throwing Asian women at non-Asian males living in the West just so they can maintain military presence and continue to socially, politically and economically colonise a divided Orient? Add Trump to the equation and your own homelands will no longer be given almost free money from the West. And that’s not all, Trump will increase US military presence in East Asia with or without Japanese, Korean or Chinese permission. That is why WE MUST find a diplomatic solution between the countries of Japan, Korea and China. Then give them Nuclear weapons.

    Many of our people who live in the West do not realise this but there is NO OTHER LANDMASS on this planet besides your own indigenous homelands, East Asia, where the East Asian male is allowed to walk with his head held high, where the traditional East Asian family unit is praised and where we can maintain our identity without being shamed by SJWs and other liberal racists and even Vegans who have spent too much of their time on Liveleak watching the ‘evil gooks’ boil dogs alive while ignoring the whales being beaten to death in the Faroes. Albeit, our homelands are being steathily turned into Thai brothels for non-Asian sexpats at the expense of the East Asian cucked male and even one day, shockingly, might turn into a race mixing multicultural nightmare. And this will be the final nail on the Asian man’s coffin for his extinction.

    Look at places like Australia, where East Asians, more specifically, the Chinese are demonised and stuffed into Sydney brothels or working at dollar stores. That’s the sort of identity we have. We don’t have a properyl defined identity in the West and even if we did it would be a fetishised or an emasculated one.We’re not talking about our East Asian identity. I am talking about the identity we take on when we live and behave like Westerners. And no, ditching your roots to be something else is treasonous and degenerate. We should know and the Jews KNOW THIS FOR A VERY LONG TIME that assimilation, integration, Multi racialism and multiculturalism will not work.


    1. Whether the West is an unfriendly place to live in is a moot point. I have my own experiences in the West, and I have also lived in non-Western countries. I know for a fact that Western countries are much more welcoming towards Asians than African countries are, for instance. I do generally not have any negative experiences with Whites, and my view of the White race is actually quite positive. I do have negative experiences with Africans, however.

      Furthermore, I do know that it is hard to convince many Chinese in the diaspora that China is a better place to live under its current government. Many of the Chinese who have left China are those who do not sympathise with the government, and they may be more ready to assimilate than others – not to deny that Asians already do have a strong tendency to assimilate by themselves, for which there may be a genetic basis. Asians tend to adopt ideas quite well and this makes the vulnerable to liberalism.

      I do believe that Asians in the diaspora are not a lost cause and that they can maintain their racial purity. The forces of assimilation, integration and multiculturalism (i.e. multiracialism) are not invincible. These forces are not the strongest forces on the planet, and people can ultimately overcome these forces. Some people may be lost, and this is unfortunate because ideally I want to save everyone.

      At the same time recognising that I cannot realistically save everyone, I focus on those who allow themselves to be saved. My concern is that they preserve their racial purity – I am not very concerned about ideology. I see racial purity as a habit – it is something that ought to be done. I do not care so much about ideas. I am sympathetic towards certain ideas but others are free to disagree. I do care about truth though, and I think that being realistic is important for preserving racial purity.

      The whale consumption by Faroe islands and Iceland would be quite small, because those places have but small populations – although they are quite dependent on fish consumption. In contrast, the consumption of whale meat by Asians is much more because a country like Japan has a much larger population. The liberal focus on Japan is understandable, and it has nothing to do with race. I have, moreover, also seen liberals heavily criticising Iceland and the Faroe Islands.


      1. You do what most other ethnic nationalist groups do and point out where the system has failed them and then use that problem to recruit members. East Asians are a successful minority group only because we earn the income needed to sustain ourselves in a foreign country. However, socially on the ladder, we are rock bottom. We are not super heroes, instead the media paints us as these desexed super villains. East Asians are essentially paid, socially deprived slaves in the West. We are not privileged because many of us are not on welfare and affirmative action is not helping or benefiting us (which is not because it is keeping Asians out of Universities thanks to the quota system).

        Many East Asians are too brainwashed to worship whitey and the muds. To indulge in self loathing. To save their own faces and to refuse to challenge the status quo and a system that has been rigged against them. Like I said, the only possibilities is that the West goes White Nationalist and leaves the non-white races alone and hangs their race mixing scum. Or we take over and do our own racial justice in their”s and our countries. One cake or the other. You can’t mix unequal races and expect equal outcomes.


        1. It is easy to be influenced by environment, and the challenge is to learn to deal with that environment properly – whether or not the world turns nationalist. The primary goal is to secure racial survival by upholding the tradition of racial purity. Jews teach inverted racial values to Gentiles. The West is currently an environment dominated by them. These values are transmitted from victim to victim. It works like a virus.

          The diaspora offers opportunities to experiment to find a cure to that virus. Jews have managed to survive among other peoples. They figured out a way to protect their own tradition of racial purity despite pressures of assimilation. There must be ways for Asians and Whites to achieve that same result. These are social strategies. There are social problems that need to be dealt with.

          We can study race-mixing as a social or psychological problem. There are different aspects to this problem and these must be made the objects of conscious study. I should emphasise that I recognise there are many social strategies to achieve racial purity. There are many roads to Rome. We must explore, study and be creative. All our options ought to be considered. Jews learned by trial and error. There is nothing holding us back from developing new social strategies for racial purity.


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