The Race Which Needs Moral Imperatives

I have learned since I came to the West that Whites need things to be explicit. They do not understand implicit messages so much. This still strikes me as somewhat odd. It is as though the entire White race can be characterised as somewhat autistic when it comes to getting basic messages across. I have noticed that Whites do not do stuff unless they are told to do so explicitly. They need to be told things that I see as totally obvious. I find the way that Whites communicate somewhat repetitive and tautological, because they say things that I would never say so explicitly in my mother tongue Cantonese. I do not mean this as a mean-spirited criticism, but merely as a meaningful observation.

I feel that this observation is about the essence of White psychology. Whites value books and articles and speeches a lot. When there is an explicitly spoken or written consensus, especially a moral consensus, Whites will be inclined to follow whatever it is that others want them to follow. I find it remarkable how much Whites can be influenced by the written and spoken word. It is true that Asians can also be influenced by words, but there is something unique going on with Whites. It seems they do not exhibit basic survival-oriented behaviours unless they are told to do so. They need a (moral) command and then they will follow their leader(s). This has led me to the conclusion that Whites need explicit communication for survival reasons. They may never exhibit ethnocentrism unless it is a (moral) command that is told to them by some (moral) authority figure(s).

Asians may just be inclined to follow. However, Whites are following in another way. Whites want to follow the explicit morality that comes from their leadership/elite. They want to feel good about following. There is, moreover, nothing wrong with following. It may even help with survival. The point is that implicit messages may never be picked up by Whites. They will, for instance, not act very ethnocentric when they are not told do so eplicitly. Jews do not need to be told to act ethnocentric. No matter whether they communicate something explicitly or implicitly, other Jews understand. Jews tend to understand each other implicitly. Let us say you can rob them of their ability to communicate explicitly. If you can do that, they will still act ethnocentric. They do not rely on explicit communication so much. However, explicit communication is a life-or-death matter for Whites. Ice Age evolution probably made it that way.

My theory is that Whites will never act very ethnocentric or tribal unless they have (moral) leaders who can give them the (moral) command to do so. This is also what Hitler’s regime seemd to be doing. It makes no sense to me, from a Chinese perspective, to focus on so many ideas or concepts, because (implicitly) feeling the content is all that matters to me. I do not need a whole word to get something. However, it seems that (moral) self-sacrifice was the way in the past for the White race to survive. Whites are good at being (moral) martyrs for their leadership or whomever they perceive as their (moral) leaders. Whites are willing to sacrifice themselves in the millions for a (moral) command. I never understood why ideas are so important for Whites, but they are life-or-death matters for Whites who rely on explicit communication as an evolutionary survival strategy.

Ideas are commands for Whites. The idea of purity is therefore all the more important for the survival of the White race. I have seen few White nationalists talk about purity. Perhaps they shun this topic for fear of being compared to Nazis or Hitler. However, practising purity is the essence of racial survival. Japanese and Korean nationalists, for instance, do certainly care about racial purity. Making purity a moral taboo is the ultimate attack on the survival of the White race. Many Whites find it apparently moral to reject racial purity. I have heard all sorts of weird reasons why racial purity is supposed to be wrong. People come up with the craziest of reasons to justify White non-survival. White extinction apologetics is based fundamentally on the rejection of racial purity (for the White race). However, Jews practise racial purity in Israel and in the diaspora.

The only way for Whites to survive is to be ruthlessly explicit about White interests. Talk about your White self all the time. I think that the social structure of fascism/nazism is proper for Whites: top-down moral commands for ethnocentrism. However, my conclusion based on the White need for explicit communication is that National Socialism was not explicit nor radical enough in terms of fostering or cultivating White ethnocentrism/tribalism. The boundaries of free speech about pro-White ideas should constantly be pushed. Fascism/nazism was too soft while the message was still too implicit for Whites.  A moral elite needs to establish itself among Whites that will give them the moral command to be ethnocentric. For constructing a proper moral command, some sort of an appeal to White altruism is required. Therefore, ethnocentrism should be analysed as altruism. Caring about your White neighbour is the right thing to do.


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