The Practice of Racial Purity in a Nation-State Yields National Security

Purity is destiny. When a people secures its own racial purity, then it means that this people wishes to secure its own racial evolution. Racial purity and evolutionary separation are closely tied. Humans are ‘separatists’ because that is good for them. The ‘universalists’ who wish to see a single mixed human race are fighting against human nature – and they are fighting against human history.

What is universal among humans is their separatism, and that is why I also expect an increasing global backlash against ‘racial universalism’. In fact, this is already happening. Nationalism is on the rise, in Asia and elsewhere. Peoples’ legitimate interests in the practice of racial purity are denied by the ‘universalists’. When you have racial purity, you are working towards an ideal future for your own people – and I should emphasise this, it is a future that is separate from that of all other peoples. Not all peoples have the same ideals nor should we have the same ideals.

Having our own ideals is what makes us separate, it is what makes us unique. We are bound to lose our people’s uniqueness when we commit ourselves to a universal humanity. We will lose an emotional sense of belonging that we had before. Humans have been living in small clannish groups since time immemorial, and the ideals of those who wish to create a single mixed race of humanity are at war with that historical human reality. Humans are tribal or clannish, and that is what helps humanity survive. Altruism for our clan helps us to benefit our clan – universal altruism would not do that.

National security is what benefits the nation’s people the most, at least if we assume that the government’s ultimate purpose is to protect the people. In such a nation-state, government survival and the people’s survival would be intimately linked. This has been the historical situation in many countries. There were territories controlled by a people and their leadership was focused on the people’s preservation. People gave power to the King or Emperor so that he would aid their survival. In other words, they gave the King control over their lives so that he would protect the people. Monarchy is a system of altruism for the people – it is a creation of and for the people.

While a people needs racial purity, national security is then closely tied with racial purity. A nation-state will devolve into a situation of conflict once the devotion to racial purity is lost. After all, racial purity is the source of a people’s security, in other words, national security. If democratic states fail to secure the people’s fundamental interest of racial purity, then absolute monarchies will spontaneously arise to lead the people, while the people will be intensely willing to support central leadership which will secure their fundamental interests – racial purity cannot be excluded from those interests.

Totalitarianism or absolutism merely arises from the people’s desire to live and to be pure. That is how strong the people’s inner desire for life and purity is. No monarchical leadership can ignore what purity means for the people. The people’s destruction is the last thing that the monarch needs. He needs their survival in order to secure the continuity of his own dynasty – he needs the people’s support and survival in order to make sure he can pass on his power to his (usually eldest) son. The people’s survival is vital for dynastic continuity. In other words, monarchy relies on racial purity.

Protecting the purity of the race is a nation’s sole right to exist. Once a nation has forfeited that right by giving up its dedication to the protection of racial purity, it must be destroyed by those who are willing to protect that racial purity or else the people will soon be gone. Western democracies, since a few decades, have thrown out the concept of racial purity and they have opened their borders to immigrants from around the globe – thereby importing the entire world’s racial diversity. This failure to protect the borders for the sake of racial purity will be punished by the Gods: either the government will perish or if they remain loyal to that government, the people will perish along with their government. The Gods will spare no one who disrespects racial purity.

Chinese traditionally believe in the concept of the Mandate of Heaven. Once an imperial government lost this, it was time for regime change. Another dynasty would take over. The Western democratic governments have lost the Mandate of Heaven, because they have given up on protecting the interests of their people. The only reason for a government to exist is to protect the interests of its people – no matter how much propaganda a government feeds its people, it does ultimately have to deliver on its implicit or explicit promises to protect the people’s interests. Protecting universal interests or the interests of the globe is what ultimately no one cares about – and Heaven forbid, protecting universal values that are linked to no interests at all is even worse. When things get rough, a people will choose its own side – and it will not support sell-outs to other peoples.

Today the concept of profound loyalty seems to have been forgotten. Loyalty is traditionally a basic concept in monarchical or imperial philosophy. Confucianism teaches people to be loyal to their (grand)parents, elder siblings, superiors, elders and rulers. When people know that loyalty matters for their survival, they will be very eager to identify traitors. Treason and loyalty are basic concepts that matter for survival. When someone betrays racial purity, they betray the entire group – no matter whether they are aware of the consequences of treason. Sooner or later those who have endangered national security will be punished by the Gods’ wrath – and perhaps the people will be doing the Gods’ work by punishing whoever committed treason against racial purity.

The dynamics of the universe or Heaven were felt by the ancient imperial philosophers of China and they did their best to improve the philosophy of the Chinese Empire. When one works hard to perfect the people’s character in order to achieve the protection of (racial) purity, one can achieve a higher moral status – recognised by Gods and fellow men. Through the pursuit of racial purity, a people can improve itself on a moral level. It can evolve itself into a moral people that is closer to meeting its own ideal moral standards. That is what the separation of mankind into different races and peoples is useful for. The fragmentation of humanity into numerous peoples is merely evolutionary progress.

National security is fundamentally about protecting racial purity – and protecting racial purity is about protecting human progress. Whatever government does not obey the people’s need for racial purity will suffer the consequences. No government in history has been able to sustain a higher moral level of being or civilisation within its borders in the absence of the protection of racial purity – racial purity is the key to human moral progress. I do not see civilisation necessarily as merely technological or scientific achievements, but I see moral achievements as extremely relevant. A people’s improvement, just as an individual’s improvement, needs to be constant. When commitment to racial purity is lost, then the continuity of that improvement is lost.



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