Denying People a Racial Identity Is Cruel

I know where I come from. I love my parents, grandparents and ancestors. I am proud of my Chinese heritage. It is normal for a White to have a White racial identity and for an East Asian to have an East Asian racial identity. People have identified with their race since time immemorial. A sense of belonging is, in my view, an important factor in the racial or ethnic diversification of humanity. People felt they could be ‘possessed’ by something greater than themselves: their people. Human beings are ‘possessions’ of their race. Your own race is also the greatest possession you have in this world. Belonging to a race has its evolutionary advantages: it increases your chances of survival. Human beings are racial separatists.

People of the same race possess each other. Their social relations are a complex web which may serve the purity of the race. Confucianism, while it recognises social relations as fundamentally important, is essentially a racial philosophy. Social relations are the key to purity. When people do not possess each other in a healthy way, the purity of the race cannot be properly renewed each and every single generation and the race may eventually cease to exist as a separate biological entity that is subject to evolution. Therefore, race-mixing is not a personal choice. A prudent observer will recognise too many fundamental collective (human) interests are involved to ignore race-mixing. Furthermore, Chinese see nothing wrong with possessing each other. They even see that as an ideal.

Chinese philosophy stresses social relations. You should be good to your elders, superiors, parents, etc. You are expected to recognise the higher status of others – this is the way you ought to show empathy. This is what one may call Confucian altruism. This is normal human altruism the way it has been simce time immemorial. Confucianism merely codified normal human (evolutionarily adaptive) behaviour. Confucianism comes straight from the human heart. I might even say straight from the human soul. While we are possessed by our racial background, we cannot avoid having similar physical and cognitive traits as others who belong to the same race. Background or lineage matters for predicting one’s biological traits. A race is just a big family, so racial lineage is just an extension of family lineage.

We cannot deny our racial background and neither can we deny our physical looks or else we will live hating ourselves. It has been sufficiently proven beyond doubt that self-hatred is bad for our entire psychological well-being. Many children who have been adopted by foreign parents (many of whom are loving and well-meaning) grow up hating themselves and feeling (racially) insecure. This may eventually lead to anger and hatred directed against the adoptive parents – a very painful situation for both parties. Cross-racial adoption is something that did practically not happen in human history. Since time immemorial people only adopted children of their own race if they adopted children at all. Cross-racial adoption, therefore, is a novelty that seems to run counter to the well-established human tradition of same-race adoptions.

While it harms a person’s psychology, denying him or her a racial identity is cruel. Race-mixed people – although they may blame it on others – often face a similar cruelty as they do not belong to either of their ancestral peoples or races.

In the case of race-mixed people, the situation cannot be changed because they were unfortunately born without the evolutionary blessing of racial purity. They will live a hard life, and this usually also reduces their reproductive success. Being mixed is simply maladaptive in a biologically racial world. You do not belong to a group and no race can truly ‘possess’ you. Race-mixed people also feel this on a deep level their entire lives.

However, in the case of adopted children, assuming they are racially pure, the situation can be changed. Their adoptive parents may deny them a racial identity or neglect their racial heritage, but with much conflict – and this happens quite often – they may reclaim their racial roots. This may, nevertheless, be unnecessary suffering. People just belong in their own racial-cultural environment and they should certainly not be denied a racial identity.

An authentic racial identity cannot be constructed because a racial identity has a biological basis. In the West people are being told race does not matter and that we are not so different at all. Whites are collectively being denied a racial identity. I feel this is one of the worst crimes in the history of mankind. A racial identity does matter for White psychological well-being – and even more for the biological continuation of the White race, i.e. survival.


4 thoughts on “Denying People a Racial Identity Is Cruel”

  1. Not only is the East Asian racial identity denied, but the East Asian male identity is denied and skewed heavily by Hollywood (which is also slowly seeping into our media, whitewashing the characters with Caucasians and making East Asians feel even more inferior and humiliated).

    One thing I do hope is that Donald Trump puts a tariff on Rice Cooker mail orders from SE Asia coming into the West, which is being colonised by old white sexpats who can’t stand the sight of their own pig hags XD


    1. Hello Matthew,

      First of all, welcome! There are many Asians who agree with us and they see the truth. We need to get organised and that is what this blog is for. I have read all your posts here and you seem a great contributor. This blog is dedicated to redpilling Asians and Whites and that is just what you are doing. It ought to be stressed that Asians are also suffering greatly from Jewish-led liberalism and multiculturalism. For instance, Asians are miscegenating at shocking rates in the USA alone. I feel empathy is the only way to saving Asians and Whites from racial extinction.

      You are a great contributor. I hope you will keep on coming back.


  2. I suspect you know the European problem was created by Richard couldenhove kalergi. The protocols of zion are being implemented. The wanderers had to wander to spread their evils whispers. This is not merely a plot on the material world there is much more afoot than that.


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