Interesting how China was infiltrated.

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Mao with several Jews Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, and Solomon Adler                     Israel Epstein and Chairman WU


Rittenburg with  WPPs Martin Sorrel

SIDNEY RITTENBERG (LI DUNBAI) (August 14, 1921; ) is an American interpreter and scholar who lived in China from 1944 to 1979.Rittenberg was born into a Jewish family in Charleston, SouthCarolina, and lived there until his college studies. After attending Porter Military Academy, he  attended theUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he majored in philosophy. While attending Chapel Hill, he became a member of the US Communist Party. In 1942, following the entry of the US into World War II — and after his leaving the Communist Party — Rittenberg joined the Army and was sent to Stanford’s Army Far Eastern Language and Area School to learn Japanese. Rittenberg did not wish to be assigned to study Japanese, and was able to…

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  1. The only revolutionary thing the Jews have ever done for the Yellow Race is depopulate it by getting Asian Americans to miscegenate at rates of over 50% rates (despite us making up less than 5% of the entire US population) and having directed and produced movies like Full Metal Jacket to stigmatise and justify anti-Asian supremacy against the Yellow Race.

    #StopYellowcide #YellowPride #JewWorldOrder


    1. The link between Marxism and Jews is ever made more apparent by this quote by Laura Goldman:

      ‘Until I saw the documentary “The Revolutionary” at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, I mistakenly thought that China during the revolutionary period was one country that had not felt the Jewish embrace. In fact, 85 to 90% of the foreigners helping the Chinese at the time of the Communist takeover were Jewish. This included the daughter of the founder of the brokerage firm Goldman Sachs, who left the comfort of her Park Avenue home to assist the Chinese.’

      The ‘Cultural Revolution’ is apparently the Jewish embrace that we have felt. Millions of Chinese died. This was not necessary, and neither was the suicidal one-child policy.

      It is interesting to note that Goldman Sachs was involved. China has a central bank today. Jews are influencing China through Jewish money.

      Jews are emphasising ‘common family values’ between themselves and Chinese:

      However, Jews are the ones most eager to break down our traditional Confucian values.

      It is said in Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ that radicals should pose as the defenders of what they want to destroy. Interchange ‘radicals’ with Jews and it will all start to make sense.


      1. I would beg to differ. Jews promote the traditional family unit only among themselves. They slobber at the fact that East Asians are being depopulated and genocided by their social engineering. How would the Jews feel if the Chinese infiltrated Zionist politics and made Israel 90% Muslim?


        1. That is what I meant to say. They are constantly and consistently pretending to defend our traditional family unit while they are the ones most eager to destroy it. They are trying to trick us: Jews want us to think they are good for us, while they are doing or are going to do bad stuff to us. This is a classical Jewish tactic.


    2. People at the top of the wealth (and intelligence) ladder tend to breed between themselves.

      What you think is an offense only means they hold those CHinese they marry in high regard.

      Jews are always at the top, so a lot of them marries the top Chinese and the top White too.


      1. Jews marry the best of other peoples on purpose so whatever good traits they have, those can also be found in others.

        Other peoples who are more numerous should be able to deal with a small minority like this because they have more brainpower and manpower.

        However, the unusual high ethnocentrism (altruism for their own group) has given Jews an advantage over other people who cannot imagine this.

        Gentiles are less ethnocentric than Jews. The essence of Jewish culture is ethnocentrism, and that is why they do care about racial purity for themselves.

        Although Jews are highly altruistic/empathetic towards their own group, they have an utter disregard to others. This collective mind-set resembles psychopathy.

        A psychopath does not lack empathy for himself: He knows very well what he wants for himself. He has, however, an utter disregard for others.

        Psychopaths are ruthless and ruthlessness is what is the essence of being a psychopath. It happens that Jewish culture values ruthlessness.

        Jews have the concept of chutzpah. This is the essence of their culture, this is how they relate to the world. Perhaps this is a case of collective psychopathy.

        Jews have accused Germans of collective narcissism. I sense Jews may seriously suffer from a collective form of psychopathic personality disorder.


  2. I am not too concerned about Jewish influence in China. I presume the situation is similar in Japan and Korea. Significantly, American (non Internet) media is for the most part Jewish controlled and operated. One cannot discount the pernicious influence of their mostly anti-White European propaganda.

    Alternately, Chinese media is almost 100% Chinese sourced. For instance, the last several CCTV New Year’s Gala featured no Whites. Under the previous Hu Jintao regime, you might see a Canadian that spoke Chinese, but Xi Jinping administration appears to be more nationalist oriented, culturally. Nevertheless, Negro or Black influence can be seen–not in the physical presence of Blacks, rather it is within “bump and grind” dance routines. Even CCTV 11 cultural channel had some “traditional” dressed dancers doing the Jive last year. Very disheartening.

    Unlike America, Chinese produced movies never feature a”Magic Negro” as hero, and it is rare to see a White person, unless the story is historical, where the use of an Asian would be inappropriate. There are exceptions: in one rather funny scene from the state sponsored historical film, Founding of a Republic, character Soong Mai Ling (Xu Qing) was in Washington to beg for more KMT assistance. She walked by a Negro soldier who made a sublte sexual facial expression after her. Typical. Very popular Chinese fantasy movies hardly incorporate Western figures, but often take their story from the Classics, such as 西游记, the latest being Sun Wukong san da Baigu Jing.

    The thing is, Chinese have certain traits that lend themselves to a moniker, Jews of the East. Generally, however, in Western countries Chinese (and other NE Asians) are not a cultural threat to the indigenous White European Spirit simply because Chinese, unlike Jews, do not attempt to subvert host traditions, but rather do they adapt accordingly. In some cases, such as Asian parents’ (the Tiger Mom stereotype) embrace of Western Classical music, Chinese kids can be viewed as largely carrying on an indigenous Western cultural form, one largely abandoned by White kids. At the same time I remember reading a quote from the famous Peking Opera star, Shi Yihong, lamenting the fact that while now, post CR, traditional opera is state supported and the actors make a living, audiences are old, and the houses sometimes empty because the kids don’t understand it.


    1. Your observations about Chinese are accurate. At the same time, the influence of Jews in China, both historical and present, is being hugely underestimated. The Chinese Communist Party (hereafter CCP) is controlled by Jewish money and Jewish ideology (i.e. Marxism). Analysing the CCP as a globalist force on board with the Jewish agenda is the only analysis that has made sense to me so far. I used to be a Communist, but I see now that Chinese nationalism is absolutely incompatible with Chinese Communism aka the ideology of the CCP. Suffice to say that whether or not there are many Chinese faces in leading positions does not matter. What matters is who and what controls them. ‘Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.’


    2. Funny isn’t it? When the whitest people in the West are East Asians. At the expense of being mixed off at rates of over 50%. Stop all EA Immigration for a decade and there won’t be any Asians left. Asian males will be elbowed out in the hundreds of thousands in foreign countries and the rice cookers will mongrelise ever harder.


    3. It was only the 1950s when Paul Warburg (who with his family had played an essential role in financing Bolshevism) said, in the characteristic moderate, kind, soft, democratic, humble style of these people:

      “there will be a world government, you like it or not. The only question is if it will be reached through consensus or force”.

      When they say “world government” they mean THEIR government.

      When they say they want no barriers to trade and globally free markets, they say so because it suits their interests: in the world of economy and banking, they’ll out-smart anybody else in the world.

      They do their interests. The Chinese should be careful, and do their own interests too.
      Whites aren’t doing their interests; Europe isn’t.
      Russia is, and that’s why the New World Order powers are so angry at it.

      I am no Chinese, and maybe I can understand the Chinese less than I should.
      But also, it’s easier for me to see the Chinese shortcomings in their understanding of Western people.

      The Chinese are more calm and moderate.
      Their philosophy of life is totally diverse from the West.
      They don’t understand the thirst-for-dominance and expansion of the West.
      Yes, China wants its power to grow, to take Taiwan back, to keep Tibet, … but it’s places around her, near there.

      The philosophy of the West is different.
      You had the Roman Empire, the Islam Empire (still active today), Zionism, the American Empire, and all of them want to expand with no limits, in ALL the world. Because it’s the way of thinking of the West, who wants no compromises and no limits. Very hard for the Chinese to understand this.

      Putin and Russia understand this, and they are CLOSED to the West’s banks and finance, media and propaganda.
      China is more trustful of the West, and more in danger.
      If they open their Internet, schools, media, and economy to Western banks, books, culture, social media and media, they will be conquered.
      Not by swords, but by words.
      Because that’s the strength of the West (and now of Jews, who are the most lively share of the West): words, speech, idea-making.

      Jews or not Jews, there would have been a revolution in China when it happened.
      What Communism did is it provided the rhetorical background, the right words to kindle the masses’ anger.

      Jews want no borders, no cultural/economic/financial/ethnic borders, in all the world because they know that if everybody is free, they will dominate everybody thanks for their matchless intelligence.

      If you don’t want “gay rights” “black lives matter” “gender theory” “feminism” and the rule of international banking OVER the government of China, you should play on the defensive, and keep your country closed.
      Because if you let Facebook, Google, the Western Media and Hollywood, and so on, reach the minds of the Chinese, I think you will see in China what is today in the USA by 2060-2080.

      You can’t compete with the West when it comes to propaganda and use of words and invention of political ideas (sorry if this makes you mad).
      You also can’t even imagine how tricky Western ideologues and demagoguery can be, because you don’t use words to conquer. But the West does, from the time of the Holy Books of Abrahamic religions.

      I think for the Chinese it must be hard to understand cultural aggression and warfare. If they fight they do it with the army.
      But in the 21th century fighting is done with ideas and words. It’s done smiling and speaking of “equality” and “solidarity” (that’s the mantra of NGOs who work abroad to politically subversive ends).

      You like compromise, and deals good for both sides. The West only understands winning and dominating.
      Don’t trust the West, and don’t open your culture and society to it if you don’t want to become like it.

      P.S.: Jews dominate the West as they are smarter, like the Han dominate China for the same reason.
      It happens naturally, if you play by fair rules, the smartest wins.
      But if the playground is the world, Jews will dominate, not Han. Because the Han aren’t the smarter in the world: Jews are. This is why they take center stage everywhere, not because “conspiracies”. They are no more good or bad than the other peoples; just smarter.

      Sorry if this makes you angry (I hope this doesn’t make you angry. East Asia traditional culture teaches to be mature and accept reality as it is), I just tell it as it is.

      The dream of the New World Order is a racially, politically homogenized world of “low caste” ruled by a central financial-capitalistic elite in a non-democratic way. The elite would maintain their racial features inbreeding, while the others would be a universal race.
      This would deal enormous damages to culture and civilization, and only advantage those with the power and wealth. It’s a power dream and cultural nightmare.
      Russia and China are the two last barriers between history and this goal.

      P.S.: I don’t know what you’ll think about this, but from my Western standpoint the hate between Japanese Korean Mongols and Chinese is really… not wise.
      You are… very similar people, and should be all friends.
      Europeans fought each other. Germany hated France, France hated Germany, England hated Germany, Spain hated France, Poland was hated by Russia and Germany, … and you see what happened? They lost what they had.
      It’s very silly to fight within the same family, and a proof of maturity to forget the wrongs of the past.
      If Korea China and Japan worked together and were friends, this would help all 3 of them a lot.


      1. Expanding without limits is not limited to any people. It would be mistaken to think that the Chinese Communist Party has no greater aspirations.

        Please also read my recent piece on the Chinese Communist Party:

        As for the claim that Jews dominate merely because they are smarter, Jews are an ethnocentric lot and this plays a major role in their dominance.

        Psychology is more complex than intelligence alone. How a racial group thinks and behaves socially matters. Group values and behaviours are vital to observe.

        Jews are probably the most ethnocentric people in the entire world. I know of no other people that is so ethnocentric. It is vital to study this.

        I am all for East Asian unity. I have nothing against Koreans or Japanese while I do think that racial purity is important. Chinese can stick to Chinese for reproduction.


  3. My take is a little different, in that I think we really need to get away from any interpretation of historical events attributed to theoretical Marxism. What I mean is that Marxism as a univocal concept is essentially meaningless, and historical events must be discussed from an entirely different angle than whatever Marx was writing about on any particular topic. If we use his name at all, we ought to speak about “kinds” of Marxism, or communism, as a shorthand for systems I’ve found are really better explained ethnically and racially (in the sense of racial spirit). For example, Soviet style Russian Bolshevism was not primarily an economic based revolutionary force, and was certainly not anything flowing from Marx’s textbook (as Solzhenitsyn so well outlines). Rather is it more easily explained as the imposition of a non-indigenous but primarily Jewish elite’s drive for social control—that is to say, it was a minority led reaction derived from the minority’s resentment toward both the aristocracies’ and peasantry’s incommensurate ways vis-a-vis their own ethnic ways, along with a countervailing anti-Semitic paranoia flowing equally from resentful Slavic Russians. The fact that the revolution was successful tells you a lot about the dynamics of the old regime. [It was not just that the old regime that had lost its legitimacy within its borders, either. Western liberalism was decidedly anti-Czarist, especially among intellectuals (and their ideas are the ones that count) as seen, for instance, in the then contemporary pages of the literary-political British newspaper, The New Age).

    In any case, once the initial revolutionary inertial push waned, a more indigenous authoritarian Russian nationalistic spirit (one that had been effectively suppressed) awoke, Jews lost their favored status within the bureaucracy, were once again seen as a hostile elite, and by the time of the Nixon administration they began emigrating as fast as they could in order to avoid the pendulum swing. To the West it was of course an example of Soviet anti-Semitism. For Russians it was reclaiming their individual soul by tapping into Spirit.

    By the end of the Soviet era, the economics that had broken down were in the process of building up, liberal financial arrangements and foreign loans were to be had, Jews again became large investors in liquidated state owned operations gathering up mostly worthless distributed shares (at least worthless to the poor Russian who was happy to get some small remuneration for their paper). Power consolidated once again. Like clockwork, resentment rose. We saw how Putin, originally the choice of the post-Yeltsin financial oligarchs (such as Boris Berezovsky) reverted to a more indigenous (i.e. natural) authoritarian social path, turning his back on Western-oriented capitalists, and embracing traditional social institutions such as the Orthodox Church. The secular West did not understand it very well—at least popularly. For its part a lot of the popular Western concern wanted to criticize Russia over issues of right, such as a supposed lack of “free speech” highlighted when some Pussy Riot women were arrested for desecrating an Orthodox church.

    Chinese communism was, likewise, less an economic theory of proletariat revolution than it was a cloak or a hood worn by one faction in an ethnic civil war among competing warlords—the strongest being the KMT (supported by the US) and the Reds (supported by the Soviets). The fact that collectivism was easily abandoned once the country was unified and political institutions secured, once the Big Man died and the Gang of Four arrested, and Deng Xiaoping faction triumphed, demonstrates that Marx and his thinking had nothing at all to do with any of it, other than his lending a name to the process. In fine, I suspect that the Great Helmsman was more influenced by Hong Lou Meng than Das Capital.

    I think it is not wrong to point out that conflicts tend to be economic, ethnic and racial, and far less abstract ideological (except for within the popular imagination). We always want to think our wars just, and fought for ideals. Yet if there are ideological wars (I don’t want to call religious wars ideological since that dilutes the term’s meaning), the last place you will find them is among so-called Marxists. They fight over other things. After the Chinese communists gained complete control, the first thing they did was break from their communist comrades in Russia and fight some border wars. To the south, communist cousins in Vietnam warred with China over the fate of other Cambodian communists.

    Whether the CCP is “controlled” by Jewish money is another question. That would surprise me, actually. I have never encountered much discussion about Jews from Chinese, but it’s not exactly something I speak to Chinese about. My impression would be that the two groups would not get along very well once competition for resources began. At the end of the day, Chinese have demonstrated an ability to create and preserve high culture for thousands of years. Jews have not, as they depend upon others, hosts, to “fund” them (via their business/financial interactions). The Jewish model is parasitic. Not so the Chinese.


    1. It remains a fact that Chinese Communists rely on Jewish ideas. It remains essentially a Jewish ideology. You cannot say a monkey is a human once you have clothed it. Chinese Communism (or Maoism back in the old days) is a Jewish ideology, Marxism, for Chinese mass consumption. It may seem there are different ‘communisms’ but the essence or source remains the same: Jewish.

      What seem to be different ‘communisms’ is just Marxism that is to meant to be consumed by a different public. Make no mistake about it: it is still Marxism. I have concluded this after years of intense reading and thinking. Moreover, the Marxism in China is real Marxism. If China were an absolute monarchy, it would not look like this. I see Marxism in China, and it ought not to be forgotten that Marxism is not merely a political ideology but a culture and state religion. Marxism is the Jewish antithesis of Confucianism.

      We may say there are different ‘liberalisms’, but does it matter for the conclusion that liberalism is generally bad for us and good for Jews? We may say there are different communisms, but does it matter for the conclusion communism is generally bad for us and good for Jews? I think the answer is that it does not matter, because the essence is the same. Let the competimg factions of liberalism or communism fight among themselves. I do not have a stake in their causes anyways. I do not support either of them.


  4. First, I don’t mean to monopolize conversation. I guess my final word in this thread is to suggest that one measure of government legitimacy is to determine what groups are supported within the country. China has ethnic groups, but in spite of that difference it remains more homogeneous racially-thnically than the US. To contrast the two, prior to 1865, the US government consciously supported White folks. After that, the decision was made to begin a slow process of White dispossession. First was the expansion of universal civil rights and, later, affirmative action, along with the various Great Society welfare based plans. Since 1965 or so, there has been massive non White immigration along with illegal migration from Mexico, etc. This demographic imbalance changed the entire political landscape to the point that a coalition of minorities will probably decide future policy. Trump’s election can be seen as perhaps the last gasp of the White majority. It is a big question as to what will happen now, and whether it can be maintained. As Ezra Pound might have said in one of his Confucian moments, and if he were alive today, diversity (contention) is never a strength, but rather the polity must strive for an organic unity through synthesis.

    In China (Japan and Korea, likewise), as long as the government does not expand non-Chinese immigration, the country will be more easily governable, regardless of whether it’s called communist, or something else (the official term as we know is Socialism with Chinese Characteristics). On the other hand, if we start to see a big push for foreign immigration, and an effort to integrate or otherwise affirmatively act in favor of, say, Africans in Guangzhou, you know it will be the beginning of the end for China as an ethnostate.

    For it’s part, a traditional Russia is even more difficult to manage since its makeup is less ethnically homogeneous than China, but easier than what is going on in America, or with the attempted destruction of Europe via the on-going Moslem importation.

    Lastly, I will keep my eyes open for positive signs of Jewish influence in Chinese affairs. That would interest me, although I would certainly not see it as anything positive for them. Again, my guess is that the Chinese spirit will not tolerate the Semitic spirit very well–at least in the long run.


    1. I am very familiar with what is happening in Guangzhou because that is my hometown. The Communists have been allowing Africans into our country for a while now. Mao was already cozying up with the Africans. I expect that the amount of Africans in our country will only increase. Furthermore, there are already millions of illegal aliens in our borders. The Communists are reluctant to do something about it because a. they are corrupt and b. illegal aliens mean cheap labour.

      China may be a few decades behind the West, but it is not that far behind the West. The youth is already pretty ‘liberal’. For me, the difference is hard to see between ‘Western liberalism’ and ‘Chinese Communism’. They seem to be two sides of the same coin: Globalism based on dogmatic Jewish ideas. A multicultural Communism is definitely possible, because there is already a multicultural Communism in China: They have supported ethnic minorities from the beginning, and they have granted them special rights (e.g. exemption from the one-child policy).

      It is telling that Jews have been involved in the Chinese Communist movement since the beginning. Refer to this quote by Laura Goldman that I also mentioned above:

      ‘Until I saw the documentary “The Revolutionary” at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, I mistakenly thought that China during the revolutionary period was one country that had not felt the Jewish embrace. In fact, 85 to 90% of the foreigners helping the Chinese at the time of the Communist takeover were Jewish. This included the daughter of the founder of the brokerage firm Goldman Sachs, who left the comfort of her Park Avenue home to assist the Chinese.’


      1. ” The Communists have been allowing Africans into our country for a while now. Mao was already cozying up with the Africans. I expect that the amount of Africans in our country will only increase.”

        My God, I had no idea that these sub 80 IQ Africans were being allowed into China! I confess that I thought this was strictly being done to the West by Jewry. I am American, and of course this is not covered by any media outlet here, and other than your blog, I haven’t seen any mention of it on the Net. The chaos that will eventually erupt from this in the form of crime and rape will be unimaginable. It seems that only Russia is holding the line against the globalists in this regard. I appreciate your blog, by the way. There is much to learn being shared here, and thank you!


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