How Can Racial Self-Focus Be Achieved?

Seeking racial self-improvement is the ultimate racial self-focus. In my previous article I pointed out monasticism is about achieving purity through isolation. Monastics seek individual improvement. A race can be seen as the extension of the individual. An individual is a small organism, while a race is a big organism. The individual and race have this in common: Improvement is possible for them whilst they are organic entities.

When a people seeks its own improvement, it will be focused on itself. Its profound altruism, empathy and attention will all be directed towards itself. This is what monastics are also trying to do with their psychological self-focus. Monastics are doing what is good for their individual isolated from all other individuals. Monasticism is radical isolation that is meant to be good for the individual practitioner.

Seeking improvement makes one care about oneself first and foremost. It distracts oneself from all other matters – which potentially could lead to liberal obsessions. Altruism (re)defined by seeking self-improvement will be the cure for any liberal-minded people or race. Racial purity is a path. It is an ideal that is to be pursued. Racial self-improvement must essentially be about racial purity. I feel individual improvement that monastics seek is also fundamentally about the pursuit of purity.


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