Is Purity a Fact or a Path?

So far time has been wasted by many on discussing purity merely as a fact – that can either be true or false, objective or subjective, absolute or not absolute. We should move beyond the discussion of absolutes, because the Middle Way, reason itself, is being neglected: Purity is certainly a path. It is an ideal you pursue and a tradition you practise. Purity is a moral and social imperative. Discussing beauty as a fact, for example, will often lead to liberals answering that beauty is subjective – it is in the eye of the beholder. It does ultimately not matter whether beauty is subjective or objective or both.

What matters is that human beings naturally desire beauty. There is an evolutionary reason for this desire: It helps us survive. Desiring beauty improves our kind – being attracted to beauty is good for us. We can observe, i.e. detect, beauty for that reason. We have the natural ability to discriminate the beautiful – the ideal – from all others. Purity works like beauty – we desire it and we do not need purity to be an objective truth for we can desire it regardless.


2 thoughts on “Is Purity a Fact or a Path?”

  1. I enjoy your blog, but of course, we have some differences of opinion.

    First, I do not think you can claim to be both an adherent of “Racial Purity”, and an adherent of evolutionary theory, as racial purity isn’t an evolutionary process or of evolutionary theory.

    Along these lines, and adding that of “beauty”, would you consider a racially pure, Black African to be more attractive than a hybrid Black-Asian or a mulatto? And if taken a degree further, would the cross-breeding of a mulatto and a pure Asian or White not likely be more sexually desirable than the original racially pure Black?

    What are your thoughts on this proposition?

    Further, and to be clear, I am not arguing for universal miscegenation, but, rather, selective. Could some kinds of miscegenation not yield a more desirable product that the racially pure original?


    1. Thank you for posting here. Feel free to post more.

      Darwin himself believed in racial purity.

      Racial purity, evolutionary theory and human history are completely compatible:

      The point about beauty is that purity can be compared to beauty. What is true for beauty is generally also true for racial purity.

      Furthermore, there is a strong human desire for racial purity:

      If there were no such strong desire, the traditional racial diversity would likely not exist.

      I argue for upholding the tradition of human racial purity. Let us not put all our eggs in one basket nor mess with genetics. Biological racial diversification is good for humanity.


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