The Ideology of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Is Not about Racial Purity

In line with Marxism, the motivations of the Chinese Communist Party (hereafter CCP) are economic. It appears that increasing the Party’s wealth is high on the agenda. A large percentage of China’s entire wealth is in the hands of the CCP. Much of China’s population remains poor and they get hit hard by economic downs, whilst the CCP is getting richer and richer. The CCP’s identification with Marxism/Communism should be taken seriously in any analysis of the CCP’s ideological objectives. The CCP is the ruling elite of the last great communist country on Earth.

Marxism in China is frequently described as Communism or Marxism with Chinese characteristics. Buddhism with Chinese characteristics, however, does not make Buddhism originally Chinese. People say there are folk religious elements in Buddhism, but this does not make Buddhism pure Chinese folk religion. If you clothe an ape in human clothes, it still does not make the ape a human. Marxism, even if we put some Chinese elements into it, will remain originally Jewish (Marx is a Jew). Buddhism with Chinese characteristics is just Buddhism made ready for consumption by the Chinese masses, and Marxism with Chinese characteristics is no different.

Marxism can never be Chinese, and this puts the CCP in an awkward position, which is why they try to brand it as ‘authentically Chinese’ or ‘made Chinese’. Marxism will remain a foreign idea, a Jewish idea. The CCP, which declares Communism supreme, is therefore dominated by a Jewish idea. Marxism is an economical ideology, and it is based on a concept of universal equality. The CCP’s motivations and worldview can safely be expected to be economical. The Party’s opposition to different groups is not based on race but on the ideological differences between the CCP and those groups. The CCP is, for instance, anti-Western for Marxist reasons rather than racial ones – and this should not be forgotten when analysing the CCP.

The economical objectives of the CCP may affect different races, but this is not the primary concern of the CCP. The CCP is race-blind, and its ideology is based on the belief in the equality of mankind. It is then logical that the CCP is not concerned about Chinese racial purity as the epitome of Chinese racial interests. There are no policies in the People’s Republic of China (hereafter PRC) which show any concern for this. The CCP is dominated by Marxist economical concerns. The CCP is obviously concerned about its own power. People who get in its way may be exterminated. The CCP deeply cares about retaining and increasing its power. The CCP clearly wants to see itself as strong and therefore as good for China.

A strong government is not necessarily a government that is good for racial purity which is the epitome of the people’s racial interests. For instance, Western governments are strong but their propaganda is nevertheless decidedly anti-White. Legitimacy can therefore not be derived from a government’s strength or power. The most important question to be asked is this: Is the CCP good or bad for the racial purity of the Chinese people? The answer is negative, because there is an obvious dearth of concern about this in the CCP. They are more concerned about economics and power struggles – which tells a lot about the ideology of the CCP. If the CCP wanted it could have banned race-mixing immediately, but it is reluctant to do so. The CCP is therefore not loyal to the racial interests of the Chinese people, and the racial interests perspective (whilst human rights are overemphasised by the Western media which is dominated by liberal ideology) is sorely ignored in analyses of the PRC and CCP.

Preserving the people’s racial purity is a government’s sole right to exist, and the CCP has a long record of forfeiting this right. It was never even concerned about this issue to begin with. Its Marxist ideology cost millions of Chinese lives, and China has lost a lot of its invaluable cultural heritage during the Cultural Revolution. Whatever destruction French or British soldiers may have caused in past wars in China, the CCP has caused far more destruction in China. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to describe the CCP’s reign and the Cultural Revolution as China’s greatest humiliation.

We have suffered the greatest at the hands of the CCP, and we should not allow them to divert our attention from racial purity as the epitome of our racial interests. I am heavily censored on Chinese news sites for speaking the truth about race, racial purity and Jews, and this should tell you all you ever need to know about the CCP. The CCP is complicit with the Jewish agenda if not entirely on board with it. The uncomfortable truth is, the CCP has its own Jews, accepts Jewish money and is not about Chinese racial purity while Israel’s government is about Jewish racial purity. If this is too much for you, suffice to say that the CCP’s ideology does not endorse concern about Chinese racial purity. Conclusion: The CCP is not pro-Chinese but merely pro-itself. That may be a tough truth to swallow.


17 thoughts on “The Ideology of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Is Not about Racial Purity”

  1. I used to like the old school KMT ideas a lot, like all of China being the same race. But looking at how Taiwan is right now i think that the CCP and its 56 minorities are not doing too badly. Countries allied to the west generally will adopt western ideas. We already can see China moving away from marxist ideas towards more nationalist and Confucian ideas. While Taiwan which used to believe in blood and soil now believes in anti racism. South Korea and Japan are also moving from the idea of blood and soil to anti racism. North Korea on the other hand with its Juche ideology still believes in the purity of the Korean race.

    With regards to China, i don’t believe in racial purity for it’s own sake, China ought to assimilate its minorities by mixed marriages for a more stable country. You need good economics for strong military, in this regard China is not doing too badly.



    1. China is not evolving in a more racial nationalist direction, but rather in a more globalist direction. Neglecting the fundamental need of racial purity will be the end of China. The CCP will bring about a multicultural China sooner or later. Han Chinese will mix with minorities, Indians, Africans, etc. The CCP is not against this on principle, and assimilating the world will be the death of the Han Chinese people. Minorities were exempt from the one-child policy, and this is obviously anti-Chinese. The lowered birthrate of the Han Chinese coupled with the efforts to ‘assimilate’ different peoples is a project that parallels that of the liberals in the West. It happens that the Communists and liberals are both leftist-oriented.

      They will never become ‘nationalist’. Analysing the CCP as nationalist is a grave mistake. Whether it is Western liberalism or Chinese Communism, it is not good for Chinese Gentiles either way. Racial purity is a means to an end, and that end is separate racial survival and evolution. Assimilation can easily spin out of control, and there are enough historical examples of this – the liberal West itself is the best example of the danger of assimilation.

      These sort of ‘artificial population planning policies’ are the greatest danger to the Chinese people. The liberal genetic engineering projects will end in failure, and China will not do too good either. Long-term policies matter and they speak volumes about whether a government is for or against the race it rules. Mixing with minorities will lead to liberal attitudes towards mixing with global diversity, and we can see this already among the Chinese population – be careful what you wish for. We must remember that China has opened up to the world, and that the CCP will continue to make efforts to open up China further because they seek global power.

      This is the exact same thing that – coupled with Jewish influence – led to the racial downfall of the West. An honest study and analysis of the West are absolutely vital for seeing China through the lens of the racial interests of the Chinese people – and for seeing why racial purity must never be neglected. To put it mildly, the CCP lacks empathy for the Chinese people’s racial interests. I put race before economy, because economy must serve race and not a corrupt, power-hungry elite. Economy does not matter if the race has no future; only racial purity can offer that future, because there is no future without racial purity. Mixed Chinese are not us.

      I am not a great fan of the KMT. I think they would have done much better on the mainland than the CCP had they been victorious. However, they were not perfect either with all their foreign ideas – and Jewish influences and links to Jews. I favour a return to the Chinese Empire which is based on authentic Chinese political tradition, and absolute monarchy has always proved to be an ethnocentric force throughout human history. Hereditary leadership is good for the race, because it creates a link between the success of the ruler’s blood and of the people’s blood. No dynasty can survive for long once the purity of the people’s blood is irreversibly lost.


  2. Assimilating the periphery is something that the empire has always done. Anywhere south of the Yangtze was considered non Chinese, inhabited by Austronesian speakers (LiangZhu culture). What the CCP is currently doing is the continuation of what previous dynasties have done, settling the periphery. Originally, Huaxia people were found only in the Wei river valley. I think it is possible to assimilate most minorities since they are of mongoloid stock. Africans and Caucasians on the other hand will be too hard to assimilate because they look too different. Muslims are another group that will not completely assimilate, both Hui and Turk. But i think the Hui at least will be loyal.

    Will the CCP allow migration into China in the future ? They might, but currently they are doing a pretty good job in comparison with what is going on in western countries. The CCP will probably get a guest worker scheme similar to that of Saudi Arabia. Which gives the benefits of cheap labor but none of the negative effects of migration. The social instability caused by migration would be against the interest of the CCP rule.

    I like the idea of monarchy, the Japanese system of God emperor as a symbol of the country is a good example to follow. One problem that might occur is that the monarch might have globalist/cosmopolitan values, like the Japanese one.


    1. I am familiar with imperial and Communist policies. I know sometimes the Empire tried assimilation, other times they did not make this mistake. Past mistakes cannot be corrected, but we must look forward and create a better future. My point that tolerance towards assimilation is a dangerous choice in the long term still stands.

      The problem is that it is easy to lose control when you are messing with genes. It is better to be safe than sorry. When you tell people race-mixing in China is great, they will think that is also a great idea in a global context. It is therefore no wonder that Chinese learn English and have an attitude that favours race-mixing. We are living in a global world.

      We are not living in the isolated world of yore anymore. This means that we should be careful about what we are telling people. For instance, when we scorn local languages as being backwards and that we will all speak only one language in our country, it is not so strange that many Chinese are overzealous to learn English because ‘local languages’ do not matter anyways. What we tell them may influence the destiny of China.

      Any foreign migrant worker policy is a trojan horse. This is also how multiculturalism started in the West. The CCP may be decades behind the West in terms of these developments, but we must remember it was also only a few decades ago that a Western country like the Netherlands was racially homogeneous. These things can change very fast. There is a sexual revolution going on in China. Gay pride is entering the stage, for example. The sexual revolution in the West paved the way for multiculturalism.

      I believe China with its leftist-oriented dominating ideology is likely to become very multicultural if current trends continue. We are right now only witnessing the first signs of change. It is a continuous process – we have not yet reached full multiculturalism. A worrisome development is also a sharp increase in Jewish influence in China. The perception is being pushed that Jews and Chinese have some sort of common cause.

      Jews tell Westerners that ‘Western values’ like democracy and individualism are in their genes. Jews tell Chinese that ‘Chinese values’ like Communism and a strong family unit are in their genes. The same old trick applied to a different people. Jews know how to make other peoples more Jew-friendly, and the CCP is giving them an opening because they can earn a lot of money by doing so – and why not? Their dear Marx was a Jew, after all.

      Very few monarchs in the history of absolute monarchy have ever espoused true leftism, because they care about lineage and not abstract ideas that have nothing to do with lineage preservation (i.e. regime survival). See this article on national security:

      Those monarchs who do espouse globalism today are those who are living in countries that are no longer absolute monarchies but democracies with more or less symbolic monarchies. In such an environment, monarchs are encouraged to preserve their dynasty or lineage by supporting whatever causes happen to be fasionable in that democracy. The system which once worked to execute the people’s will is then effectively turned into a system of executing the elite’s will – the monarch becomes a puppet of the (usually leftist-leaning) elite rather than that he is a servant of the people.

      This is, however, relatively easy to correct. Traditional monarchs are essentially hostages of the people (and the popular will) and it is not the other way around. They should be put back in that role and all foreign republican ideologies should be put back in their box – whilst they break with the Chinese political tradition.

      Absolute monarchy is the people’s spontaneous style of government. Therefore, it will be populistic – it will be about the people’s needs and racial interests. Monarchy was always a collectivistic system. Looking at the people from a bird’s eye – basically from heaven – naturally makes one receptive to racial interests.

      A heavenly view of the people is a racial view. You see the whole. A holistic view of the world that many Asians share is imperial heritage. We can get the full potential out of the Chinese holistic worldview by returning to our political roots: absolute monarchy. The system of monarchy is dynamic, and it can be adapted to modern times and needs.


  3. Thank you for writing this as I enjoyed reading it. It reminded me of an article I read about China and how the Communist Party was only Communist by name and is actually very good for China and the world. This is different to your perspective I believe yet comes from a website I would describe as nationalist. The author has also previously said he wants to ensure the White race survives. It is a little known website that rebuts headlines from the New York Times amongst other things.

    Their rebuttal to a New York Times story about Xi Jinping and China can be found at the bottom of this page: – ( just go straight to the bottom then up a little. )

    I would be interested to hear your perspective on it if you are interested in providing it, as I find your writing style and viewpoints as interesting as that website’s author.

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    1. Marx and other prominent Communist figures are dear to the Party. It is rather strange to say that the CCP is not Communist. It may have evolved (Chinese are good at improving systems) but we are still seeing Communism here. To see China as something different than a leftist-oriented Communist country would be entirely misguided. The myth that the CCP is not Communist is perpetuated by people who want to see China as an alterative to globalism and Jewish power – but they are globalists themselves who happily accept Jewish money.

      The fact that Xi is making moves to increase his power does not mean much – he is just making cunning moves to outsmart his Communist rivals. The CCP has a long record of these kind of power struggles. This is no new phenomenon. Xi himself is a strong supporter of Communism. If you call him a nationalist, then nationalism is somehow synonymous with globalism. There are two competing globalisms at the moment: Liberal globalism and Chinese globalism. They are two sides of the same coin.

      I have never understood why some nationalists are so eager to support the CCP. They have no idea that this love is not mutual, and that they are absolutely mistaken. This Party is not about racial survival through racial purity. This Party is about spreading the ‘Chinese’ brand of Marxism (I call it Marxism ‘made’ in China) and increasing the CCP’s power.

      The Marxist legacy lives on in the CCP and it is not a secretly fascist or racial nationalist Party. Some nationalists may be looking for confirmation that the world is turning in their direction, but supporting all the wrong people will prove fatal. A realistic view on China is the way forward for any racial nationalist movement. Supporting globalist causes will be our downfall. From a Hitlerite persective, the CCP would be closer to Soviet Communism than to National Socialism. Hitler would not have liked the comparison with National Socialism. The CCP is pro-power, pro-money and pro-CCP – that is where their values end. All other things like morality, business, peace, people, religion and ethics are merely means to those ends. The CCP has an interesting habit of somehow using all those things to benefit just itself.

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      1. Thank you for the response. I guess the author on the other website doesn’t have a very thorough understanding of how the CCP works. It did occur to me when I saw the author mentioning Xi Jinping believed in Confucian values and quoted him saying some words Confucius had spoken; that it could simply be Xi was saying those words to make himself look good…

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  4. While i agree that the CCP is globalist in its outlook, it’s vision of a world order is rather different from the one that is being pushed by the west. The Islamist also have a globalist goal of a caliphate and pan Islamic identity which is found in Islamic moral values. There are different types of globalist ideas pushing for different outcomes.

    The western view of globalism believes in the end of history where liberal democracy will be the only ideology left in the world. This view is espoused by Francis Fukayama in his book ” the end of history”. The state department faction of the United States government is pushing this goal. They try to push for an increasingly tolerant society where human rights, democracy, feminism etc are the main pillars of society. They do this mainly by the academic institutions and the media. This is belief in egalitarianism functions like a religion in the age of unbelief. There are other factions within the USG, like the pentagon. This is the empire of the bases and the military industrial complex, they are rivals of the state department.

    China’s globalism on the other hand is one economic strength and pragmatism. Where China goes it does not change the culture to promote liberal democracy nor feminism. Russia also also adopts a similar approach to China. The only issue is cost benefit analysis in terms of profit and military alliances.

    The Jews that support the globalist cause are conversos. They lost their religion and instead have adopted progressivism as their religion. The religious Jews like the Hasidic Jews aren’t globalists at all.


    1. Thank you for your reply.

      The mythology about the CCP is complex, but the CCP is essentially no different from other globalist/imperialist powers: They all claim that they are different and that they do not change the culture. However, they do change the culture. The assimilationist policies of the CCP we talked about prove just that. The CCP cannot accept the world as it is – the CCP has to change it in its image, and that image is Frankensteinian. Chinese globalism is, after all, not that different from Western liberalism and it remains a fact that with globalism, we all lose. People are deluded, confused and self-deceived about what the CCP is. Apart from propaganda, what the CCP also makes use of is the fact that people like money. They buy people’s loyalty.

      We do not have a stake in globalism because that is not our cause. Racial preservation is our cause. Let the globalists fight among themselves and exhaust each other, whilst we are organising for our own cause. Racial nationalists have no reason to support whoever will not support them. There is no reason to have a one-sided love for the CCP, and realism is what is needed for restoring racial values. We need to ask, is it good for our cause to support them or not? What will happen if the CCP becomes the next global superpower? Will they adopt our ideas or not?

      The answer is that they will eventually wipe us out along with others whom they consider ‘traitors’. They may use us as useful tools for their plans, but a bullet will be the reward for that one-sided love. If the CCP becomes stronger, it will only start doing more of what it already does: Changing the culture. The CCP has a long historical record of doing just that. The CCP is not the Empire and that is why it would be misguided to look at the Empire for clues about what the CCP would do once it becomes the next world superpower. In conclusion, the cause of the CCP is not good for our cause, and neither is the liberal cause. We are not them and they are not us.


    1. I know the likes of Derbyshire and Buchanan more or less support the CCP and/or Xi Jinping, but their analysis is based on mistaken assumptions. They do not see the CCP for what it actually is. They are looking for confirmation that the world is turning in their favour, but their mistaken conclusions are dangerous. I have addressed Buchanan’s mistaken assumptions in the past (though not on this blog yet). Moreover, Derbyshire’s and Buchanan’s nationalism appears quite cucked to me. For instance, Prof. MacDonald is more realistic. We need more people like him. He is also critical of Jewish influence in China, though he seldom writes about this topic because he is focused chiefly on the West. The Holocaust narrative is also reaching China, and the Holocaust has been used as a tool to subvert the West.


  5. I know about the Kevin Macdonald and his work. I think though that we should not over focus on the Jews. They Jews are a recent entrant into leftist politics during the 1960s in America. The shift leftwards began a long time ago, ever since the enlightenment period, after the french revolution.

    First, power was taken away from the monarchy and given to white men. Then, white women wanted equal representation too, and they started the suffrage movement. These were all started by white people. Only in recent times have non white, non christian people been accepted as equals. Hence, the whole shift leftwards begun with the actions of white people themselves. The progressive Jews are the ones that abandoned their culture in favor of white values. The religious Jews on the other hand are insular and self reliant.

    Its the same process with Chinese people. The ones that follow western culture are the most liberal ones, and the ones that race mix the most. While those from a Chinese speaking background still have conservative values.


    1. I sense you sorely underestimate historical Jewish influence. As a law student, I know that the development towards the left started with the French Revolution and the Enlightenment and that liberalism is not a phenomenon that started yesterday or in the 1960s. There has been a gradual development towards the current world situation. The Jews have played a significant role in undermining the old monarchical world order. They were hostile to the ‘feudal order’ because they were not as free to carry out their plans as they wanted to be.

      Leftism has been in the making for a while now. Enlightenment thinking is characterised by pathological altruism (universalism, universal values). Jews could manipulate this to their advantage. Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s work does not solely focus on the 1960s. Jewish influence on the demographic destiny of Whites started to take off really from that time. However, Jewish power already existed long before that, and what happened in the 1960s was only one important event in the long history of Jewish power.

      I am from a Chinese-speaking background and I can tell you that China is changing fast. Communism is an ideology of equality, and this is in line with the global development towards increasingly radical leftism. We are not moving more towards the right: Absolute monarchy. Instead, China under the CCP is being guided towards the same things that you and I despise about the West. Today typical leftist concerns characterise China. Leftism, which is ideal for Jewish influence, is China’s greatest misfortune.

      Communism itself is a Jewish influence in China, and therefore it would be mistaken not to focus on the Jews. What the Jews have been doing in history has affected us, and that is because we are not isolated from world history but part of it. The fact that a Jew created communism is significant for world history and for China. The fact that Jews disproportionately control the media in the West (a view shared by many Chinese) is absolutely significant for China. Studying the Jews is important.

      Following liberal culture, although a problem, is not the fundamental problem here. Things must be seen in the context of world history from which China is not isolated. Leftism is a global plague. Much of humanity has been ‘lost’ (although perhaps not irreversibly) to leftism. Jews practise rightism among themselves. The political rule they live by appears to be this: Leftism for others, rightism for themselves. It is wrong to see Jews as being primarily occupied with concerns about ideology because they are primarily concerned with one question: Is it good for the Jews?

      The Jews are a people that deeply cares about racial lineage and the practice of racial purity – no matter whether they are religious, Marxist, liberal, multicultural, feminist, Zionist or racial realist. It is quite telling that Jews do not regard themselves as Jewish Americans, for example, but as American Jews. The emphasis is always on being Jews and not on other matters which they regard as superficial. This is the awareness or knowledge they use to preserve their own racial purity in a world of assimilation. They are not so much affected by race-mixing since their racial purity tradition will survive.

      Jews can survive in an impure world and that is why multiculturalism and assimilation is not a problem for them, but can we survive in an impure world? It seems that yet we lack the ability to stay a distinct racial entity for centuries while being exposed to other peoples. This issue becomes ever more important in a globalising world. No matter what, it cannot be denied that the world is becoming smaller. Jews are prepared and well-equipped to deal with the challenges of the modern age, but we are not. The fundamental question to address on this blog is: With or without racial nationalism that eventually gives us an ethnostate free from (the influx of) foreign genes, how are we going to survive in an impure world and is there anything we can learn from Jews?


  6. We have survived in multi racial societies for a long time. There are about 30 million of us in south east Asia, i’m from Singapore myself. The Ethnic Chinese in most south east Asian countries are quite economically successful. There are various degrees of assimilation. Some countries like Thailand used to have a large percentage of people of Chinese ancestry, but have largely assimilated. Chinese in Malaysia on the other hand are relatively un assimilated because its harder to race mix since the indigenous population is rather insular.

    From my observations even when south east Asian Chinese assimilate into the indigenous population, they will tend to form the business elite and practice endogamy. The only reason that Jews can remain distinct is that they have a common religion. The non religious Jews are disappearing fast. We should bring back Shang Di worship for our people.


    1. I am aware that there are ethnic Chinese abroad in countries like Singapore. I feel you are doing great work over there by preserving your purity for generations. Whilst the Chinese who are more prone to mixing naturally disappear from your gene pool, the Chinese over there are evolving towards becoming more resistant to assimilation.

      The Chinese have been in other countries for generations and established their own communities that stayed distinct. This behaviour is to be praised. I do recognise this as good for the protection of racial purity. My point is that this ought to be kept up for many centuries. The Jews managed to do this for millenia. The question is, how can the tradition of racial purity be upheld for millenia?

      The CCP is obstructing true progress in this area, as are other leftists. The CCP wants Chinese religion to be shaped in its own image rather than that they want to be shaped in the image of Chinese religion – there is a one-way relationship where everything has to go the CCP’s way. This is profoundly hindering for Chinese religion because it prevents it from having the function Shinto has: protecting the people’s purity.

      For the atheist CCP, Chinese religion is just feudal religion although they ‘tolerate’ it more today. To be saved from destruction, it had to retreat back into people’s homes. Today it is gaining more prominence in public life again, but not unless the CCP approves of it. The CCP has an unhealthy tendency to try to control Chinese religion, and Christianity is hugely benefitting from this. China is projected to become the largest Christian country.

      People becoming Christian is the result of the CCP’s attitude towards Chinese religion. They have failed us tremendously since they suppressed the religious force that was helping us to preserve our racial purity. To be frank, if I wake up tomorrow and the CCP is gone, I will not miss it. However, if I wake up tomorrow and find I am the last Chinese person alive, I will feel very sad. I care deeply about the Han Chinese people.

      If everything is alright, the Chinese people is meant to outlive the CCP. A government must only be a chapter in a people’s history. Governments come and go, but the people must stay. We have seen so many dynasties and we have outlived them. The CCP was never meant to be with us forever. I can only hope that once the CCP disappears, there will be enough to work with to make the Chinese people great and pure again.

      Restoring Chinese religion and the old political system adapted to modern life would be high on my list for making the Chinese people great and pure again. A revolution that parallels the Meiji Restoration is needed for the Chinese people. We have had our own Shogunate in the form of the CCP, and it is time to turn things back to normal once we accept that the CCP’s death is ultimately inevitable and even desirable.

      Religion is not the only thing that helped the Jews, but what matters is the content of their religion. I practise Chinese folk religion that rejects Buddhist influences. Chinese religion is whole in itself and it does not need other influences. I do recognise that Chinese religion helps me to stay very dedicated to racial purity. It renews my dedication every single day. I derive great zeal from my grandparents’ religion or philosophy.

      I believe that just religion is not the answer to the fundamental question I posed. I do recognise religion is the ultimate expression of our human emotions and this should not be suppressed. At the same time, I know that content matters. We must explore all the ways to achieve the protection of the tradition of racial purity. Not just religious Jews keep to racial purity, but also non-religious Jews.

      Jews, whether religious or not, may mix with people they regard as having desirable traits. They adopt or absorb good traits of other people. They use money as a way to measure whether those people have good traits. If they are wealthy, then Jews are interested in adopting them into the Jewish family. Jews know how to turn human behaviour/emotion into their favour. Jews love money yet also upkeep racial purity.

      Jews may mix but they do, however, stay sexually committed to their own people generally. This means that even if there is some strategic admixture (e.g. to adopt the best genes from others or to adopt just enough genes to look more like others in their environment), Jews do manage to protect their purity. This requires an unusual amount of dedication and we ought to find out how to achieve that dedication.

      Whites and Asians need to learn how to adapt to this world where race-mixing will only become more of a problem – even with the global rise of nationalist sentiments among the European and East Asian peoples. Any nationalist revolution will be in vain unless the protection of purity in an impure world is made the conscious object of study. All revolutions are made undone unless we figure out a way to normalise/stabilise things.


  7. Chinese folk religion or Shen Dao as a state religion is an interesting idea,I thought about it before. But there is a trend towards monotheism with time, in countries where there is a Chinese population if you look at the statistics there has been a gradual shift away from Shen Dao towards monotheistic religion,in this case especially Christianity and unbelief. This trend is consistent in world history as the monotheistic religions replaced paganism in Europe.

    Even in a country like Japan where Shinto is the state religion, what we see is that with modernity Japanese people becoming secular. Shinto today is more of a cultural thing rather then a system of pure belief. Hence, in order to have a religion with a lasting impact we need a monotheistic religion that has a good afterlife.

    Christianity and Islam are not good choices because they are universal, so it defeats the purpose to prevent race mixing. Our religion must be particular to our people only. I think Shang Di worship as done in the Taiping heavenly kingdom is a good choice, if it remains particular. It functions like monotheistic religion for a particular people, similar to Sikhism. If you could have something like that racial purity for a few millennia will not be a problem.


    1. I am thankful for your considerate answer.

      I have often considered why polytheism repeatedly lost against monotheism, and I have concluded that this mainly has to do with propaganda tactics. It is a fact that polytheists employ archaic propaganda tactics whereas monotheists use more modern ones. The way the religion is propagated should be updated. We must adapt to this day and age.

      Christianity is also constantly updating its tactics according to newly available technologies. Based purely on technologies, it is easier to spread Shendao or Chinese religion in the 21st century than it was back in the 19th century.

      I have hope that Chinese religion can survive for a long time if it remains authentic while employing new adaptive strategies to spread its religious message among Chinese people. Codification of the spontaneous religious feelings would help.

      There are certainly eternal tenets and principles in Chinese religion and there are many stories that could be included in a sacred book that codifies (the complexity of) Chinese religion. I know how law developed from oral/unwritten law to written law. Chinese religion can follow the same evolutionary path as law and still retain its spontaneity.


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