I Find Whites Beautiful. So What?

I like natural blonde hair and blue eyes. I enjoy spotting people with these features and I like their company because I find them particularly beautiful. However, this does not prevent me from practising racial purity. To the contrary, I recognise that for these people to continue exist, it is best to leave their gene pool undisturbed. It is like walking in nature and you find some beautiful sceneries. Out of respect for nature, you will not disturb those sceneries. As a traditional Chinese person, I have an altruistic personality and I take responsibility for my actions. I want to keep things as they are so that other people can enjoy the same things I enjoy observing. The fact I like Whites does not mean at all that I want to mix with them. It actually makes my desire stronger not to do so at all. I reject race-mixing on principle, because it is bad for the people that I care about. You wish no harm to whatever you love.

I love nature, for instance. I enjoy walking in forests. I am fascinated with the diversity of plants and trees. I feel alive when I can breathe in the fresh air of the forest after rainfall. Destroying some plants or trees would be totally out of character for me. From the perspective of my love it would make no sense if I did. I deeply respect nature and I feel that it is sacred. Therefore, I will never do harm to it. I have the same attitude towards Whites. Profound empathy is a way of life for me. I feel that it has value for humanity to preserve the racial purity of Whites. I am merely trying to understand the intricate link between the needs of Whites in particular and humanity in general.

I am proud of my Chinese heritage, and it would hurt my pride to race-mix because that would make me feel like a guilty sinner towards all of my pure Chinese ancestors. I would hate myself so much if I did that. I understand that it would cause me chronic acute pain. I feel that listening to my heart is the right thing to do. My heart says that race-mixing would always cause me to feel like I committed a mortal sin against my Chinese parents, relatives and ancestors. At the same time, I also know that race-mixing causes pain to White people. Race-mixing creates an uneasy situation. I do not want to get myself into trouble. It is nice to observe and interact with Whites, but race-mixing is an entirely different matter.

Love, respect and empathy are regenerative forces for me. They preserve life. I care about human traditional diversity, I care that Whites and Asians continue to exist. Political movements that are trying to destroy racial diversity are extremely frightening and shocking to me. I feel that I have ties with the history of humanity. I am a pure Chinese female myself, I feel connected with my ancestry, and I find Whites good, kind and beautiful people. I accept and support racial purity for Whites and Asians. My heart and conscience tell me that this is the moral thing to do.


12 thoughts on “I Find Whites Beautiful. So What?”

  1. “I like natural blonde hair and blue eyes. I enjoy spotting people with these features and I like their company because I find them particularly beautiful. However, this does not prevent me from practising racial purity. To the contrary, I recognise that for these people to continue exist, it is best to leave their gene pool undisturbed. ”

    – Ah! If only your noble and understanding attitude were shared by the rest of humanity. Enjoy the blue eyes and blonde hair while you can, for there are powerful people in the world who want our race to become a fading memory, and have the power to make this happen. I believe that many of us share your appreciation for our separate heritage in culture and genetic makeup and simply wish to leave nature undisturbed. Thank you for your lovely essay.

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  2. True diversity is about acknowledging the interesting differences which make each race beautiful in its own right. Miscegenation destroys diversity and it destroys ethnic and biological diversity. Why is it so hard for people throughout the West to comprehend this? There is a reason why nations exist and why people of similar heritage exist within those nations. Every country on this planet and every nation on this planet was created based on this alone. People will find commonalities whether it be language, race and culture. and form their own neighbourhoods voluntarily. The meaning of today’s ‘diversity’ is just another code word for Genocide. Diversity is Genocide for every race. And we must strive for a future that halts the genocidal agenda imposed by ((((kikes))).


    1. ” Miscegenation destroys diversity and it destroys ethnic and biological diversity. Why is it so hard for people throughout the West to comprehend this? ”

      There are multiple reasons for this phenomenon, and entire books have been written to explain how and why it is so (see professor Kevin McDonald’s writings, if you are interested). But to summarize;

      The public in the West has been “programmed” to acceptance of the narrative on multiple levels.
      A) The programming mentioned above was accomplished via the “long march through the institutions of culture” by the minions of the Frankfurt School beginning, I believe in the 1930’s at Columbia University.
      B) Dissemination of the miscegenation and globalist ideology via the MSM through the consolidation of the MSM outlets by a few well healed ideologues.
      C) Co-opting schools away from their mission of educating youth into centers for indoctrination.
      D) The constant repetition of memes which are obviously false (“race is a social construct”, for example) and repeated endlessly, which the gullible accept at face value although biology cannot find DNA markers for social constructs, but of course it can for racial characteristics.
      E) Forcing compliance through economic punishment of those who disagree with the narrative, i.e.; if you don’t agree with Obama’s program of Refugee Resettlement and are vocal about it, you stand to loose your employment.
      F) Critical reasoning has been stifled and substituted with “feel good” fluff (see “C” above).

      To summarize; Westerners have been slowly induced to disregard what their senses and reason tell them.
      Colloquially expressed; “who are you gonna believe me, or your lying eyes?”

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      1. No other system on this planet has guilt riddled altruism as the West. The Africans and Arabs don’t have a culture of shame or guilt and this tends to make their ethnic tribe(s) a lot more aggressively protective and even expansive. E Asians have a culture of shame and a culture of never challenging the status quo and being raised by over bearing parents with a parrot minded, repetition mentality. This breeds subservient, good sheep to be indoctrinated by the Marxist education system in the West. The end result are well behaved Yellow Toms who bend over to the race mixing agenda. Now the West is one massive Thai brothel.


        1. I am sure communism has done its number.
          The environment and ecology in China is heartbreaking.
          Watched videos on YouTube on how bad it gets in certain areas.’

          Communism is just plain evil. An alien religion to your society.


  3. I know, this whole “diversity” thing is crazy. What they really mean is diversion…than into the blender! Chop chop…..No thanks!

    I used to want raven hair charcoal black eyes and olive skin. People tend to want what they don’t have!

    I have grown to love my pale white skin, grey eyes and reddish-blonde hair. Now, I think it’s cool that White people can be both a blonde and a redhead!

    I used to hate my long squarish-shaped face and high forgeas but now I love my distinct Nordic features and as I hit my late 20s I have ages gracefully and have never looked better! That’s what you get for living clean and keeping degeneracy out.

    Whites are the true “people of colour.”

    My skin is transparent and is always changing in blues, purples, reds, yellows and all sorts of shades depending on room temperature or how I am feeling.

    White propel are evil….how can I be evil when my face blushes and turns weird colours when I would lie and plot to my mother as a kid? I can always tell a Nordic is lying when part of their face go red and can see right through the light eyes. You can tell how whites are feeling by looking at their face.

    I always found Asian culture fascinating, and like the ideas of Confucianism and historical figure like Sun Tzu.
    Asians, like whites are also civilization buildings. Though they are not as creative and innovative as whites, Asians are more techincal, patient, make better students, and are able to hold onto whatever the whites invented and even tweak and improve it. I’m always to not to over-generlsize by college professors and leftists……all while the the math and engineering faculties are FULL of North East Asians!
    I know that, generally the math thing is true. Of course there are white math nerds, and Chinese innovators and exporters (compass) but generalizations and stereotypes exist for a reason even though their are exeptions.

    I hate the “diversity” agenda. It just boils my blood! It keeps me up at night!

    Looking forward to more posts,


  4. I respect your stance. But admixture between Nordic Europeans and East Asians, especially Nordic males and East-Asian females, has naturally occured centuries ago, without any enforced (((diversity))). You can find the evidence in archeological discoveries, in the Tarim mummies, in the blue eyes of Chinese villagers. Nordics have long ago contributed to the rise of the Indian and Chinese cultures.
    Now our White gene pool is destroyed not by Chinese women falling in love with European men, but by our women being brainwashed by Jews and traitors, and being raped by Muslims and Blacks.


    1. There has been some historical admixture here and there between the races, but overall this phenomenon has been rare. The general trend, as I have demonstrated on this blog, is separate biological evolution of the races and a lack of mixing. The majority of people throughout history have not mixed, and many mixed peoples were pushed out by pure peoples. This is no ideological statement, but this is a fact that is the result of ethnic conflict. There has been some admixture (take Neanderthal admixture for instance), but as I said, this has not been the overall trend. Mixing is not the norm in human history.


    2. And btw. Nords have nothing to do with Chinese civilization. Chinese culture has already been long established centuries before the Emperor Qin came to power. In fact we had more culture before he came to power. Anyway can all of us agree to stop following the WEWUZKANGZ narrative? (for both Nords and East Asians) and focus 100% on saving both of our races and maintain the racial purity and biodiversity of this planet? Xie xie.


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