On the Unequal Evolutionary Value of Purity and Beauty

I think it is fair to say everyone likes human beauty. Whether or not we can agree on what beauty means, we do all desire it. Beauty may have its evolutionary value. We feel that beautiful people are healthy, intelligent and generally good mates for reproduction. Our ability to spot human beauty seems to help us select the right individuals for our continued racial evolution.However, racial purity is racial survival whilst human beauty is merely an asset to it. I do acknowledge that beauty has its place, but the importance of beauty is not equal in rank to that of racial purity.

In a world of individualist values people may be confused about the importance of beauty relative to purity or they may not want to take a realistic stance for purely ideological reasons. Racial survival does not depend on human beauty and there is a real human interest in racial survival. At best, human beauty may be an indicator of desirable traits for the race moving forward but it is definitely not the end all and be all of human racial interests. Whereas racial purity means racial survival, human beauty is merely an aid to racial survival. Therefore, beauty is not as important as racial purity.


5 thoughts on “On the Unequal Evolutionary Value of Purity and Beauty”

  1. Actually, I’d have to agree with you on this one. If East Asian women were butt ugly as fuck we would not be the well behaved goody goody take it up the ass minorities we are today favoured by Jews and Whites alike who claim to be looking out for everybody’s ethnic interests in a multicultural dump. We would actually settle in quite well now that everyone would willingly leave us alone through disgust XD. We can even probably secede and start our own country and they’d willingly give it to us to stay away.

    “Yes the beauty of the Yellow Race must not be mongrelised into a Eurasian, Kalergi-Style, Mud Mutt future”


    1. I praise and recognise you are an excellent communicator so I would prefer the usage of sexually loaded words like ‘butt’, ‘fuck’ and ‘ass’ is refrained from. I do not use those words myself either. I am confident that you know how to get your message across very efficiently without the use of such words. I hope that you understand, because any views on this blog are welcome – it is about views, and I believe that all views can be expressed in a proper manner. If Confucius said ‘you gotta obey those fucking traditional rules and those asses who don’t do that deserve to be fucked in the butt’, I doubt he would ultimately have convinced China to adopt Confucianism. Therefore, please understand my concern and please refrain from using such words in future posts – I have seen you communicate your message excellently without it.

      Personally I do not believe beauty matters for racial purity, which is my point. Beautiful people are an asset to the race, but beauty is not the main point. I do not practise racial purity because I think all other races are ugly. For instance, I do actually recognise the beauty of Whites. I do not see the need to ignore the beauty of others. I do believe Asians have their beauty, and I do believe that not all Asians are equally beautiful. Nevertheless, all Asians share the ancient human tradition of racial purity. Beauty varies, but what we have in common is the most important: Racial purity as the epitome of racial interests. Whether or not we are beautiful will make no difference for whether I practise racial purity. I am an empathic person and the belief that others are inferior and subhuman is not a requirement for my practice of racial purity. I do not practise racial purity because I believe others are inferior and subhuman, but I practise racial purity because it is good for me, my family and my race.


      1. I don’t get why you let his comments into your blog, Ms. CNM. Someone who can’t control enough the language to express his opinions without seeming we are talking to some edgy 12 years old who just found the internet doesn’t deserve to be listened to. You either learn to talk, or don’t talk at all.


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