The Truth Is My Guide

People have said that I sympathise with White nationalists – yet another cunning attempt to dismiss me rather than to try to understand and talk about my ideas. I sympathise, however, with the truth and nothing but the truth. If White nationalist individuals (I assess every individual on their own merit) happen to tell the truth, then I will freely interact and associate with them. I follow the truth wherever it leads because I am a truth-seeker who is on a difficult and lifelong journey. There may be many dark paths, but ultimately I am always seeking the light of the truth. I have been led away from the Chinese Communists, the Western liberals and the international Jews. It has been a painful journey for me because I have had to let go of everything I believed in.

As a member of the Communist Party I was expected to give my all for Communism and I expected to stay faithful to the Party for a lifetime. However, truth proved to be more important to me. The divorce was inevitable. I could not live in a lie. I had to make progress. I felt that life is too short to be standing still. Finding the truth is a journey. Lifelong learning means we never stand still. Over the years I have learned to develop an appreciation of racial interests since I broke free from Chinese Communism, Western liberalism and international Jewry which has a sinister grip on the Gentile human mind and consciousness, and this inevitably led me to develop an appreciation of racial purity as the most essential of all racial interests while racial purity is a necessary condition for racial continuity and survival. To appreciate racial purity as the epitome of racial interests means being able to wrap one’s mind around the fact that the race cannot exist without a custom of separation, which is to say a tradition of practising racial purity.


16 thoughts on “The Truth Is My Guide”

  1. I like to consider some alternative systems of government in China.

    1. Liberal democracy . Probably the worst system that can replace the CCP. If this were to happen, China would probably follow in Taiwan’s footsteps. Gradually the state department of the USG would plant NGOs that advocate feminism, LGBT nonsense and play the social justice card. A progressive party like the DPP would take power, we would have to apologize to the 55 minorities for oppression. Massive migration would also be allowed from the middle east, Africa and south east Asia. However, in the hinterland the population is still largely Han. We see that the coastal cosmopolitan elites vs the rural patriots like in the USA. I strongly dislike this scenario.

    2. Confucian autocracy. In this scenario reactionary oligarchs launch a coup to restore traditional values against the degeneracy of modernity. Strict gender roles and family formation are encouraged. People will divided into class lines. With Junzi (scholars who belong to the landed gentry) at the top of the hierarchy. Followed by warriors and farmers and priest. Merchants will belong to the lowest class and will have low status and be reviled. Gender segregation will be enforced by law and adulterers will have horrible punishment inflicted on them. The best advantage if that such a system can then be exported to other countries that have had a Confucian tradition like Japan, Korea and Vietnam. This might result in a union of east Asian countries, quite like the EU. But unlike the EU which liberalism is held i the highest regard, in east Asian union, patriarchy and Confucianism is held in the highest regard.

    3. Han National socialist republic.In this scenario China breaks up along ethnic lines. Tibet establishes and Buddhist theocracy with the Dalai lama as the head of state. XinJiang becomes part of the Isis caliphate. China then turns into a national socialist ethnostate. In this scenario, all mixed marriages will be banned and all foreigners will be asked to leave china. China turns away from globalization and instead shift the focus on to internal issues. All overseas Chinese will be given citizenship if they return to China but they have to take a DNA test to prove that they have at least 80 percent wei river valley phenotype and no one will be allowed to migrate overseas. Genetic engineering will be implemented to increase the IQ and physical abilities of all babies.

    4. The age of the warring states. In this scenario, not only does China’s periphery break up but the core as well. The Shanghai people declare the republic of Wu, they claim common descent with the Japanese and thus get Japanese support. The people of Fujian province declare the min nan heavenly kingdom with the god emperor as their leader. Similarly the cantonese and Hakka all establish independent countries. The entire country is in civil war with some foreign powers backing some countries. In this scenario i will support Hainanese independence since i’m Hainanese on my fathers line.

    Which scenario do you like CNM ? MY favorites are 2 and 3.


    1. I believe that the fall of the Communist Party is ultimately inevitable so we have to think about the future of the Chinese people – a post-CCP future. For what might happen we should look no further than Russia: China may become an illiberal democracy which is led by a charismatic right-leaning autocrat. This is a realisically very likely scenario while liberal democracy is an extremely unlikely scenario. China is more likely to follow the same historical path as Russia.

      As for my personal preferences, I would want China (or possible the different Chinas) to restore absolute monarchy and to become a racial state for Chinese/Asians as White nationalists want to create their racial state(s) for Whites. I do not mind multiple states because putting all of our eggs in one basket may not be wise. I have no ideological dedication to keeping China the way it is and I do not see the point either of keeping the status quo for its own sake because it has to be judged at all times based on the moral question of what is good for the race and its purity.

      All I care about is race, and all other matters are quite irrelevant to me because I do not care about ideology so much. Suffice to say that whatever happens, I am fine with it as long as it is good for the survival and growth of the East Asian race. If China becomes more like Europe looked in the pre-EU time (i.e. multiple nations for the same race), I am fine with that too. It seems to have worked in their favour. There was a healthy competition. European nations pushed each other to develop better weapon technology while they were a constant threat to each other. Eventually they used this advanced technology to conquer the world. Unification may have been a mistake on the basis that it has pacified us. I am open to all options, as long as it benefits the race and its purity. It is complex and there sure is not just one correct answer, but what is certain is that the CPC is definitely not the answer if we wish to pursue racial interests and racial purity.


  2. Putin is a civic nationalist and advocates for cheap migrant labor from former soviet republics. Russia is a multi ethnic country with a lot of minorities like the tartars, chechens, etc. The real ethnic nationalist are actually quite opposed to Putin.

    I actually think the best ideology for racial purity is North korea Juche. In North korea, miscegenation is a crime. It is a western centric view that communism and left wing ideas are bad for racial purity. The situation in east Asia is quite different. Even within the CPC, the hardcore marxist are the isolationist, they think that globalization is bad in the long run. National Bolshevism is quite an interesting idea, similar to Juche. It is egalitarian but it places race in high regard.

    I think that the most likely outcome for China in the future is the Singapore model (my country) where there are elections, but there is one party rule. The deep state works behind the scene to control the country. The problem with this system is that if the deep state thinks that there should be massive migration to increase the labor force, then we’re doomed. This is happening in Singapore where the deep state is letting a lot of foreigners in, though they are mostly educated type.


    1. Leftism has been bad everywhere. Leftism and racial ideas are not mutually exclusive. Liberal leftists do have racial ideas, but those are bad ideas. The ideas of the Communists are not good for the race either, which is exactly the point. There is such a thing as parasitical ideas. These are not good for the host, but the parasite lives on as long as it can find hosts. So for as long as the East Asian race can be the host of Communism, the latter can thrive.

      Swearing fealty to Communism is nothing but accepting that one is a host for a parasitical idea. The Jews themselves understand this very well, and that is why they promote parasitical ideas (i.e. leftism) for others while they promote rightism for themselves (see Israel). To conclude, Chinese are allowing themselves to be used by a foreign parasite. We did not decide ‘Is Marxism-Leninism good or bad for our race?’ but it was imposed on us from the outside. The Jews have their illiberal rightist ethnostate. Why should we believe leftism is good for us?

      I have no reason to care about leftist causes (e.g. revolution, global warming, class struggle, social equality, racial diversity, White privilege) because I am no ideological thinker. I have no Utopian ideas. All I care about is that our race is doing fine, and this makes me sympathise much more with rightist people. Leftism is usually about THINGS, while rightism is about PEOPLE. I do not want to get lost in the THINGS (economy, revolution, equality, the Party, and other nonsense).

      All I care about is the race, the people, and nothing else. That makes me a rightist. I am fascinated with the people, while things are utterly irrelevant to me. I know that things are only secondary and that it is a leftist mistake to prioritise the things over the people. The Jews never make this fundamental mistake in their thinking. In the end they are always thinking in a rightist way. Prioritising the things will always end in disaster, and that is why we will end up like the liberals if we do not kill leftism.

      Leftism has made itself an ideological enemy, because it has prioritised the things (e.g. Party, equality, revolution, economy, etc.) over the people. This has to end immediately if we are going to make progress with pursuing racial interests. Communism is simply the wrong mode of thinking: the things are too prominent. Monarchy has always emphasised the people and what connects them such as virtues, morals and traditions. Leftism is too ideological, and I reject ideology. People are more important.

      Confucianism is a rightist philosophy that suits absolute monarchy. Communism and true Confucianism are therefore irreconciliable. Communism can try to make use of Confucianism as a THING, but Confucianism ought to be understood by its fundamental assumption: human beings, not things, are the primary concern. Leftist ideology is something you have to ‘learn rationally’ whilst rightist philosophy is something you just have to feel, you only need your human instincts.

      We ought to make judgements based on what is good for the race and its purity rather than Utopian, ideological leftist musings. We must not become the slaves of parasitical ideas, but we must use all our resources to serve the people. We are wasting resources on ideas right now, and that is a shame. Communism is a trap. That strict leftist way of thinking is too inhibiting for anyone who seeks freedom to pursue racial interests. Communism emphasises THINGS too much, which is typical for leftism.


    2. I took Russia as example because it is an illiberal democracy which used to be a Communist state. Marxism-Leninism came from the Soviet Union so it is significant to draw comparisons with Russia for historical reasons. Communism already died in Russia, it has not yet died in China. Communism cannot survive forever because it is a thing-based (leftist) worldview rather than a people-based (rightist) one. Communism goes against nature, and eventually nature will correct itself. Communism cannot conquer evolution because eventually evolution will conquer Communism. I have always just felt the people are destined to outlive the Party.

      As an example of an illiberal democracy, we might also take Israel. The Israeli Jews are deeply concerned about racial purity. They have taken whatever actions they can to ensure the racial continuity of the Jews. Russia, Singapore and Israel have political models we can learn from. I am also deeply interested in what is happening with Trump in America because it appears that this may be the the beginning of the end for liberal democracy over there. Meanwhile, China remains committed to globalism and fighting isolationism. Jews would never be committed to these causes for themselves. To think that globalism can save East Asia or the world is an ideological mode of thinking.

      Illiberal democracy is a realistic possibility for the future of China (regardless of my preferences), and illiberal democracy may transition into absolute monarchy as it did with Rome.


    3. North Korea merits its own series of articles. Suffice to say that whilst North Korea practises isolationism (i.e. radical national independence), their system is positive for the practice of racial purity. However, their Communist lingo and rhertoric is cause for concern in the long run. As long as North Korea does not want to interact too much with the rest of the world, it does not matter whether it has a leftist ideology or not. But that matters the moment it starts opening up.

      To deal with a world that is becoming increasingly connected you need to be clear about what you want, because there will be enough temptations to fight against. Rightism is the natural response to globalisation, but Communism is inhibiting this response and it is even suppressing it with violence. After all, the People’s Liberation Army (hereafter PLA) is even today primarily meant to suppress domestic revolt. The PLA represents the Communists’ objective to undermine rightism (traditionalism and ethnic nationalism which the Communists see as extremism and isolationism respectively).

      Whilst the evolutionary response is being inhibited, I fear for the future of China. At the same time, I know rightism will ultimaly prevail. But after how much leftist destruction?


      1. I find your position, constructed truth, simply fascinating! I think one area you are a little out of touch with as far as “The Rightist of the West” is the movement is heavily steeped in monotheistic religion!!!! A far greater threat than any form of Liberalism can fashion. That is what Trump was able to do, he made people choose between religion (Christianity) and the practical accountability of a person in a position of authority. Though I find many faults in the Liberal agenda, the totally disdain for the betterment of people by the Trump crones is nauseating at the least. Sure he tapped into the Christian White Right, but monotheism is a far bigger threat to a racially pure China than any thing out there.

        I have to say you have constructed a very well conceived vision for a better China, one, that in reality, is not that far fetched, but the pesky parasite of monotheism will have to be eradicated for that is the fissure in your quest that will lay silently hidden that could crumble any sort of “Pure China”.

        I find nothing wrong in your thought process, actually, I am quite impressed at the true love you are showing the Chinese People. I mean, it is unheard of, as people do not see what your overall perspective is because of these decisive Western bastardizations – both Left in Right – truly are the biggest threat to any thoughts of racially pure sanctuaries…and I do use the term sanctuary because the climate of the World today is muddled in ignorance and the inability to realize and institute accountability. I think what you are professing is a viable solution to reign in ignorance, but as nature has proven…the pupa you have gestated will reveal something far different in scope than initially perceived.

        I am a visitor here, spanning many life cycles, but of all the things I have read and observed, I truly believe what you are extolling is really quite an amazing amount of love and caring for a people and a race, why not a racially pure China??? The more things change, the more they stay the same…another person who has left some very prudent remarks to your beliefs spoke of the “Wheel” and and anytime in your journey you may return to the sea of life, but I feel you are embedded in this wheel, and i truly think you have a compassionate, realistic love for China…I have no problem with this vision you speak of.

        And yet I digress


        1. Christianity is left-leaning in my mind because it promotes equality and universal values. Communism and Christianity have many common traits, and I think that in many ways Communism was inspired by Judeo-Christianity. I am a polytheist so I have no monotheist sympathies. What ought to be noted, however, is that Communism and Judeo-Christianity can only be distinct because they manage to keep themselves pure. Communists and Christians care their fellow adherents are pure. This is no racial purity but ideological purity. Nevertheless, it is purity and we can learn something from this.

          Christians have managed to stay distinct for over two millenia. The Communists have successfully copied them and have created a secular Christianity of sorts. I think the Christian criticism of Communism as a mere imitation of Judeo-Christianity is very interesting and their perception of the many similarities seems accurate. Christians seem to have an accurate insight into Communists because they are so similar to them. Of course, both are bad. Christians are the religious leftists of yore and the Communists are the secular leftists of today who happen to worship figures such as Marx, Mao, etc.


          1. Christianity is supremely concerned with “pure doctrine.” Thus it is ideological in nature. In these times of ascendant leftism in the West, Christianity has proved useless in defense of racial and ethnic interests. What you say is true: the vast majority of Christians value ideological purity and are easily convinced that “racism” is a huge “sin.” Yet I cannot but wonder if this has deeper roots — namely, selfishness and egoism?

            From its beginning, Christianity was an apocalyptic religion. It did not address race and nation because the “end of history” was imminent. It was neither for nor against national identities. It has largely retained this outlook. Also, the worship of a very Jewish Saviour as a god, and of biblical saints and heroes, all of whom are Jewish, places gentiles of any race at a severe disadvantage — including East Asians who adopt Christianity.

            I can confirm what you say, since many a white Christian has said to me, “As a Christian, I cannot support ideals of racial purity.” Christianity will not preserve historical nations.

            As for China, I think that a return to traditional ways of social organization — i.e., a pre-communist China — in which local communities have very strong cohesion and in which life and customs are rooted in the local social organization, be it the village or principality or what-not, may best serve the racial purity of the people. I want the same natural way of life and community for East Asians as I want for Europeans. To know what I’m talking about (since, obviously, I’m no authority on China and Chinese life, though I would like to learn more about it.), there’s a documentary from 1977 on YouTube about life in Taiwan. It is called “A Question of Balance – China.”

            The monotheistic religions all aspire to world power. They all promise Utopia. They all preach that a chosen few shall one day govern the planet and all human beings. They all demand rigid thinking that conforms to dogma. They all promise the impossible.

            There can be no Utopia. Ideology is the opposite of wisdom. Ideology is indoctrination, not true thinking. This is my belief. When people are set free from the dictates of theoretical, artificial ways of thinking, they have a better chance to live natural, happy lives.

            I do not know the remedy. But East Asian nationalists and European nationalists are both facing a common enemy. Therefore, we can understand each other.


          2. The only thing pure about Christianity is that is the truest form of “EVIL”! Let’s not kid ourselves, they (If you don’t know who they are, you might as well quit now) changed the words of this Jewish carpenter, this simpleton who simply stated, “Don’t be a douche bag”…is actually insulting to every culture that can maintain it’s history! This is where it get’s tricky. The Color of Flesh, in the end, always ends the same,. I believe the preservation of a culture is adherent to an “Acknowledged Point of Reference” and is absolutely worthy of preservation. And you might ask what “APR” is???? It is an actual happening that is cross-referenced historically by indisputable Archaeology findings that validate the cultures existence! It is the simplest formula in the world: WORDS – ACTION = NOTHING That’s it, Truly that simple…..Action….defines your purpose through the process that needs no words… but must be documented.

            Let me ask you this, in reality, under the design of your “Pure China”…I gather you live in the West???? Thunder in the East, Surrender in the West???? Oh, I kid I kid I kid a “Pure China”…the point to beg with you is that any thing deemed pure, is desecrated by explanation….do you feel me? Purity in and of it self cannot be recorded…it is Shambhala !!!! Do you know what enlightenment is??? The ability to overcome ignorance! Purity is in constant flux, for it is devoid of explanation, that is why you feel oppressed, and you selfishly publish your thoughts and insecurity by professing the belief of a “racially pure China” behind the guise of a Blog??? Where are you in this equation I shared with you that is timeless and with out flaw???? Are you going to pass the test???? Your dissertations reek of surrender and disbelief? A professed belief is incomplete with out definitive action…I have read almost all of your words…yet…I do not see an answer to the one true integer of the equation??? You profess Chinese Racial Purity…but it lacks a depth I have yet to see..(I assumed as you have purported that you want interaction with anyone who gives a shit??? Am I correct? You want to validate these beliefs that are your sole reason for being??? Correct?) So if you want to clarify what your “Plan Of Action” is to start the process of a racially PURE China is???? How it will be maintained….or is this just wishful thinking to forgive your cowardliness for actually NOT acting on your most truest of feelings???? As a person who is not offended by forward thinking, I am not condemning you, I just want clarity. I honestly see the vision, i just do not see a clear path in your words to a true China, I like truth over purity, because purity is not an established absolute, truth is…just an interested spectator…


              1. “The truth is that if purity cannot be absolute, it can still be pursued. Perfection can be pursued even if there is no absolute perfection in this world, and this pursuit of perfection can be good for humanity.” Wow, just wow, where did you pull that “Unicorn” bit of information from???? I mean really, read what you just spewed…and you are good with that???? Seriously, that is just staggering…you are just compulsively verbalizing such utter nonsense that I am truly amazed you crafted such a response to justify you have no idea or comprehension of what purity is (personally, I cannot put that in words or say i understand because I do not) it is like saying, “I can rationalize infinity”…because in finite terms your thoughts on purity is like saying I have found the end of the beginning … Your words are pointless…enlightenment is not the ability to comprehend, it is an understanding that cannot be expressed on this current level or plane of existence. Think about what you just said…and organic shell that encompasses your being is finite, so any attempt to ascertain purity or perfection is rendered “moot’ for there is no fathomable explanation in spoken word that can even remotely explain this state of existence…..humanity can only find bliss through action, not words, so it is something that is expressed at a level of conscientiousness that cannot be found in words., but only in action… you feel me??? and that is an individual journey….but I feel you, and I understand to a point, but your formulation… racial purity…it is a path to a means with out an end…but these words you speak seem fruitless and a way to exonerate you from some sort of hidden ignorance that obviously you feel a need to exonerate…I am not here to judge, but to understand, this manifesto of sorts, seems just some way for you to find forgiveness to an ancient sin that you need absolution from…otherwise, why do you feel racial purity would benefit any inhabitants on this island Earth? Just a curious spectator….


  3. I like the primordial way of thinking. But for most of our existence we have lived as egalitarian/tribal hunter gatherers. That is why both tribalism or the modern version of it ethnic nationalism is the natural way of government. But hunter gatherer’s were quite egalitarian in the sense that the most able did not have that much more then the least able. Even within Confucian society the merchant is low status despite his wealth. That is why i think national socialism is probably the best ideology for a government in terms of evolutionary thought, because it blends in both tribalism and material equality.

    Join Matthew Moore’s Nat soc site for Chinese patriots.


  4. “I have been led away from the Chinese Communists, the Western liberals and the international Jews. It has been a painful journey for me because I have had to let go of everything I believed in.”

    The great traditional sages of China, Lao-Tzu and Confucius, etc., predate these foreign pernicious influences and so, in your truth-seeking, you have deep roots to return to.

    I believe that Taoism (Daoism) is entirely compatible with evolutionary thinking. It is about a simple way of life in perfect harmony with Natural Law (the Way of Nature). Material wants are few and the value of people is emphasized. When people lead quiet lives in the country and in relative isolation, they will naturally value one another, and racial purity will not be endangered. There is no ideology or dogma in this, as Nature takes over and artificial living is dispensed with. International Jews cannot possibly live in this pattern. In the United States, worldly-minded Jews (which accounts for most of them) have despised and derided the rural communities and small towns which were the bread-basket of the country. No doubt, life wasn’t easy — human life never is — and the people were often superstitious, but I suspect that racial purity was not endangered as it now is.

    The role of television and movies and entertainment in changing Western culture in relatively recent years is mind-boggling. As in China, the International Jews have taken control of education and entertainment and media and used these processes to profoundly influence how people think. The agenda is clear: the diverse populations must mix and blend into a raceless, cultureless, almost soulless post-racial human creature, with no past and no future. The future people will have no shared identity and may easily develop a slave mentality. If a human being lacks deep roots and natural community, he or she is lost and the meaning of life is obscured.

    I want the races and nations to live in peace with one another, and I think that Lao-Tzu tells us how this can be achieved. He says : “If a nation is centered in the Tao, if it nourishes its own people and doesn’t meddle in the affairs of others, it will be a light to all nations in the world.” And also this :

    “Practice cultivation through your own life and your character will be true.
    Practice cultivation through your family and virtue will be overflowing.
    Practice cultivation through your community and virtue will be long-lasting.
    Practice cultivation n your nation and it will prosper.
    Practice cultivation in the world and virtue will be endless.”

    This is the opposite of the contrived confusion which communism, modern Western liberalism, and International Jewry are fostering.


  5. It is good you Chinese people are becoming Jew-wise. The west is getting crazier everyday, since Trump won the US elections and the left is going INSANE. Leftists groups like Antifa are violently threatening white people in the west. The left in the west is losing and they are acting out in the most foolish, yet dangerous ways.

    The Jews are using the Chinese as their nest egg and safety spot for when us white people start getting our revenge on them. The Jews know the day is coming and they will run to China begging for your races sympathy.

    Down with the CPC! Down with Western Liberalism! Down with parasitic ideas!

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