Purity Is an Eternal Ideal Pursued by Humanity

Humans have practised purity as a behaviour since time immemorial. Without a single doubt, purity is a human ideal. This means that human behaviour is directed towards purity as a goal. After all, a human ideal is a timeless goal. Humans may not be perfectly honest, but that does not mean honesty is not worth pursuing as an ideal.

To me it seems that evolution has favoured human beings who have pursued such noble ideals. Honesty has proved valuable to the human race. I believe that the preference for purity has also been selected for by evolution, because that is how new life forms come into being and stay separate from others until they become species of their own. Those who fail to separate themselves will never achieve the status of species as they lose their genetic distinctness.

We may not get a 10/10 on an exam in school, but that does not mean it is not worth pursuing this ideal. When we have an ideal, we will work for it and we will achieve more. With this ideal, we may at least get an 8/10 or 9/10. I always get high marks on my exams because I have the highest ideal for myself. I want the best for myself, and that is why I pursue such an ideal. I am keeping my best interests in mind, and that is the same thing that humanity does with the ideal of purity. Humans want the best for themselves because that is good for their evolutionary survival.

The deepest concern for purity is found in the highest form of human philosophical and spiritual idealism. You will find the ideal of purity in human philosophy and spirituality because this ideal is ubiquitous. Westerners themselves are moral purists when they claim that racial purity is evil. They want to be morally pure from concern about racial purity because they do not want to be tainted with ‘fascist and Nazi ideas’.

I see Western morality as misguided because it is a historical aberration. Humanity has always pursued purity, and this is only moral. The ideal of purity did not start with ‘fascist and Nazi ideas’ nor is it unique to fascism and Nazism. The ideal of purity is practical for humanity and that is why it has always been stable throughout the ages and millenia.

Western morality is in essence seeking to be ‘pure from humanity’ but this is such an anti-human ideal that I cannot deem it as moral. I believe that humans are moral. Confucius also believed that humans are good and moral. As a traditional Chinese I see anti-human ‘morality’ as inherently against morality. This is not morality but anti-morality. Liberals merely believe they have morals. They think their hatred of purity makes them moral. Indeed it makes them unlike all humans before them, but it does not make them more human than their ancestors. Completely to the contary.


3 thoughts on “Purity Is an Eternal Ideal Pursued by Humanity”

  1. Thank you for another nice post. I was hoping you were still maintaining this blog, even if not writing anything new – I understand from our previous discussion many months ago that you had other engagements – but anyway, I’m glad you’re still here!

    I wanted to make you aware of the author at Counter Currents called Riki Rei, who teaches in China. His latest fascinating article is here:


    I believe it would be just the sort of thing you’d be interested by.

    I’ve been meaning to leave a comment there asking how he gets away with teaching such materials in China, what with its Communism. Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t criticise the CCP, China and any ruling officials – and does criticise democracy – it doesn’t get censured…


  2. I used to be a die hard advocate for racial purity just like you until I found out that all modern human races have mixed with neanderthals except for Sub Saharan Africans. Sub Saharan Africans are genetically the purest and most original breed of homo sapiens, yet they are one of the least intelligent. In fact out of all the races, East Asians have the highest percentage of Neanderthal genes. This is not evidence that mixing between human subspecies is either harmful or beneficial, but it does suggest that there is no overwhelming harm from mixing or any benefit from pursuing genetic purity for the sake of it alone. After discovering this fact I became an advocate for human genetic improvement based on objectively desirable traits rather than an advocate for racial purity. I have not become hostile to racial purity either. I still support racial purity for the sake of preservation itself but genetic improvement based on objective qualities has become the most important ideal for me. I do agree that under the current circumstances racial mixing between all racial groups is detrimental to the average iq of certain higher iq groups like asians whites and jews. But even in this scenario I regard racial purity of the higher iq races as a temporary means to an ideal rather than the ideal itself. And in any situation where preservation of racial purity and genetic improvement of humanity is in conflict with each other, I will support the latter over the former.


    I would like to know your thoughts on this.


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